Warby Parker pioneered the try-at-home optical industry, but the well-known startup’s frames are increasingly common. If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Warby Parker, try these seven entrepreneurial companies who also offer try-at-home programs for their eyeglass offerings. 

Cooper Crwn

New York and New Jersey-based Cooper Crwn produces classy frames from $89. The company offers a Pick n’ Match service, which enables customers to select 3 frames for five days. They will add 2 additional pairs to the box – “one that matches your style + one that is having its fashion moment” – and ship it out. You have 5 days to return the glasses.

Felix and Iris

Indiana-based Felix and Iris offers a straightforward try-at-home “Fit Kit” to show off their understated frames. Modern Fellows fell in love with one of the frames we received during our Felix and Iris trial.


London-based Archibald isn’t just about eye wear. They sell everything from Goodyear-welted men’s shoes to selvedge denim.  They also offer a try-at-home option for their made-in-Japan eyeglass frames. Their luxury frames are $225.


Seattle-founded startup Leotony has an under-the-radar Free Home Try-On program buried in their FAQs. If you follow the instructions (“Find the frame you like and place an unpaid order online with all the information needed, including prescription, lens, shipping address etc. Then tell us the unpaid order number via email or online chat. We will send the glasses out as soon as possible”) they will send the glasses out for a 7 day trial.

See Saw Seen Eyewear

San Francisco-based See Saw Seen Eyewear offers a home try on progarm for up to 5 pairs of glasses (many of which hover around $100). If you live in the San Francisco area, they also offer a unique “in person try on program.” Select up to 10 pairs of frames and the company will come to you to try them on.

David Kind

David Kind charges “a nominal” $20 fee in exchange for the chance to try six frames at home for six days and a consultation with a “personal optician” to help you find the right pair of specs. The $20 can be applied to a purchase within 3 months.  Most glasses run $295 and up.

And then there’s this…

Quattrocento Eyewear

Milan, Italy-based Quattrocento Eyewear offers a unique try-at-home method.  Choose up to 5 pairs of frames you want to try, and the startup will send you paper versions of the frames to try at home.  The actual glasses go for around 125 Euros. (We have to try this.)