Modern Fellows is dedicated to covering the entrepreneurs who are helping men dress sharp in the digital age.

Men’s style has come a long way since “the disheveled mess that was men’s wear in the aftermath of business casual” in the early 2000s.  Today, walking around Washington, DC — long-disparaged as Hollywood for ugly people — you get the sense that men are dressing better and taking more care with their appearance.  In a world made more anxious by economic uncertainty and at times overwhelming amounts of information and stuff to do, there is comfort and control in looking your best every day.

A new generation of American entrepreneurs is emerging to help guys dress their best.  From online custom suit-makers to Made-in-America necktie companies to start-up flash sale sites, entrepreneurs and innovators are taking advantage of new technologies and making it easier and more enjoyable to look sharp.

Modern Fellows is written by a Washington, DC-based professional who has spent years surfing message boards, wandering around department stores, getting to know online brands, talking with tailors, and reading books and magazines in an attempt to develop a professional wardrobe and a confident sense of style without going broke.  Coverage focuses on the creative individuals behind:

  1. The Made-in-America movement: emphasizing craft clothing designers and American-made products;
  2. Affordable, accessible custom clothing: getting to know a growing community of innovators making custom dress shirts and suits more affordable and broadly accessible to American men;
  3. Washington, DC style: highlighting professional style-makers in the greater Washington, DC and Baltimore areas; and
  4. Retail, blogs and media: spotlighting the writers, retailers, and other resources helping men put it all together.

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