Everyone has their go-to sites for style advice.  Modern Fellows is no exception, and has compiled a resource of what we consider the best resources for professional mens’ style — from A Continuous Lean to Putthison to WWD.

Yogi Berra once said, “you can observe a lot just by watching.”In the course of seeking out advice on mens’ fashion and style and then jumping into publishing Modern Fellows, I watched a number of men’s blogs and forums over the past several years. The quality and quantity of sites dedicated to making sure modern men are informed, well-dressed and confident continues to rise.

There is a symbiotic process underway where men are demanding more from designers and retailers in terms of quality and fit while brands, writers and bloggers are supplying the products, services and tools to make the whole process of dressing well more accessible and enjoyable.

The list contains the online forums and blogs dedicated to improving men’s style and professional wardrobe that have inspired and helped to inform the design and content you see here. Like this website, it focuses on those resources that highlight the entrepreneurs and businesses behind men’s fashion, spotlight affordable custom tailoring, emphasize American-made products, or cover style in the Washington, DC area.

This is not an effort to put together an exhaustive or definitive product. It’s a first cut at a directory that is hopefully long enough to be representative but short enough to avoid overwhelming anyone. That said, you don’t know what you don’t know, so while this particular post is static, the list is dynamic.  Drop a line to suggest an omission from Modern Fellows’ list of the best menswear blogs of the moment.

Photo credit: flickr/shordzi