Get a glimpse inside the most recent guideshop from menswear startup retailer Bonobos in Washington, DC’s Shaw neighborhood.

Menswear startup retailer Bonobos has invested heavily in the DMV, starting with a temporary pop up on Bethesda row, followed by permanent outposts in Georgetown and Bethesda.

Its newest investment comes via a modern storefront in DC’s booming Shaw neighborhood amid fellow retail entrepreneurs Frank and Oak, Warby Parker and Bucketfeet.

(Look inside Frank and Oak’s store in Shaw.)

Like their other neighborhood and national options, the Shaw guideshop offers a range of merchandise to touch and try on.  Unlike traditional retailers, however, Bonobos doesn’t stock inventory onsite. Customers get to feel the merchandise. When you find something you like, you can order it in the shop and have it sent directly (and quickly) to you home.

Expect a range of the company’s signature washed chinos, along with a heavy selection of button-down shirts, suits and neckwear and a rotating cast of seasonal wear and accessories.

The staff is accommodating but not overly solicitous — ready to help but also willing to leave you alone if you just want to look.

Photos taken with permission.