Opened in the fall of 2011, Brooks Brothers’ Georgetown digs and staff are leading a younger, hipper refresh of the iconic American brand, featuring slim silhouettes and Thom Brown-designed, Made in America Black Fleece suits.  Here’s a look inside and outside.

For years I shied away from Brooks Brothers, which was a little too preppy and whose dress shirts and suits were much too baggy for my tastes. The preppy is still there, as you can see from the pictures below, but the Georgetown store is a terrific spotlight on the slimmer silhouettes and refined style that Brooks Brothers has embraced in recent years.

According to staff at the Dupont Circle outpost, the bulk of Brooks’ slim-fit styles from stores in the DC-metro area were sent to Georgetown, including the entire Black Fleece collection.  They have crafted an inviting space, complete with a basement pool table and bar, an outdoor patio and fountain, and a full kitchen (not pictured).  While Brooks has no plans to open a cafe a la Ralph Lauren’s Rugby around the corner, it must make catering special events easy.  I appreciate the hospitality from the staff there, who are clearly enthusiastic about the Georgetown concept.

Photos taken with permission.

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