Yes, Twillory is a startup, though their founding dates back Germany circa 1892. More than a century later, a new generation is using technology to innovate and reach men in America and beyond.

Now based in Long Island’s Nassau County, the company has existed in its current form since June 2014 under the leadership of Ricardo Goldschmidt (pictured below right), Harry Cedarbaum, Asher Weinberger (pictured below left) and Eli Blumstein, though it is an extension of a shirting business founded by Goldschmidt’s great-grandfather in Germany in the 19th Century.


Its multi-generational leadership preaches a “trifecta of manufacturing expertise + ambitious philanthropy + transformative technology” to adapt to the new digital age of retail. That ambitious philanthropy includes a program called Re Purpose, which encourages and facilitates the ability of customers to donate their gently-worn shirts to charity as they buy new shirts from Twillory.

While their focus is on fair-deal shirting (4 dress shirts for $199 with code STOCKUP), Twillory has also launched an attractive collection of ties. The impressive-if-so-far small selection includes several knitted ties and a diverse selection of stripes, dots and designs, including this bold Blue Polka Dot number that — at 2.75 inches across — is, in our opinion, the perfect width.

Shop Ties at Twillory.

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