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We are living in a golden age of men’s fashion, driven by the internet’s democratization of access to affordable and stylish tailored and casual menswear. Bloggers are increasingly important in helping to guide men through an onslaught of e-commerce and high-street options and in shaping approaches to personal style.  Here are Modern Fellows’ picks for the best menswear bloggers for 2017.

Our Criteria for the Best Menswear Bloggers

The writers below aren’t covering avant garde runway fashion, collecting Instagram street shots or posting Tumblr selfies; they are simply among the best and most thoughtful modern arbiters of style who are helping men dress sharp in the digital age.

1. Putthison

Jesse Thorn’s background as a radio host and producer — and the fact that he read Alan Flusser as a teenager — helps explain how he can convey such warmth and passion though Putthison, a wonderful combination video series and musings about “dressing like a grownup.” Barney’s blog/advertorial The Window captured well what is easy to love about Jesse: “We love the humane touch with which he approaches his subject matter. Jesse’s always appreciative of quality and craftsmanship, conscious of budget and never without a sense of humor.” Check out Putthison.

2. Primer Magazine

This “guy’s guide to growing up” is focused on Millennials but is a solid bet for men of any age.  Primer eschews runway fashion for articles about everyday men’s style and lifestyle.  Most impressive is that the site is largely the product of founder and editor-in-chief Andrew Snavely, a wizard behind the curtain who humbly runs a small operation that is polished and punches way above its weight in its design and content.

3. Valet

Wow. Whoever designs Valet’s website deserves a raise. Their design and accompanying photos make you want to keep clicking, and their blend of menswear and lifestyle articles (e.g. “Spend less time on your phone”) will keep you reading.  This has been a Flipboard-Pocket-worthy site for the better part of a decade, and feels fresh everyday under editor Cory Ohlendorf.

4. Die Workwear!

San Francisco-based writer Derek Guy maintains a thoughtful online effort focused on men’s tailored and semi-casual attire in the form of Die Workwear! Sometimes the nods to streetwear trends and analogies (“The #menswear stuff a few years ago looked awful because men bought into cheap, trendy suits that made them look like open browser tabs“) are a little hard to decipher, but Derek consistently puts thought and care into his writing. While many blogs these days look like they were written with SEO rankings in mind, Derek writes meaty and insightful posts spanning the history of fashion, fabrics, and sales. He also contributes to Putthison.

5. George Hahn

George is a “writer, actor and thousandaire” who maintains an eclectic and always interesting blog focused on menswear, grooming and music.  His conversational style, detailed suit and product reviews, and clean and minimal site design make it well worth a man’s time.

6. Fine Young Gentleman

Justin Jeffers began Fine Young Gentleman as a creative outlet when he was employed full time as a consultant in New York.  FYG is a mix of product reviews — Justin is particularly strong on suspenders, custom suiting and shoes — and articles about improving your personal style.  He has strongly held views that, whether you agree with him or not, make for interesting reads.  He left his NYC job and founded Jay Butler, an e-commerce site featuring men’s shoes and leather accessories (check out Modern Fellows’ interview with Justin on founding Jay Butler).

7. Easy and Elegant Life

Chris Cox maintains Easy and Elegant Life, an excellent compendium of advice and style resources (including a great blogroll) from central Virginia. The site recently celebrated 10 years, making Chris among the deans of online menswear resources.   While he doesn’t post as frequently as others, his “elegantologist” approach to living well and at your own pace resonates with us.

8. Cool Material

Mike Newman, Managing Editor at Cool Material, does a great job of organizing a ton of interesting content on a range of subjects — from book and app reviews to menswear brand profiles — into an accessible catalog for men.

9. Modest Man

Standing 5’6″ tall, the formerly DC-based Brock McGoff is the force behind Modest Man, a platform aimed at helping men of modest height look their best, but men of all statures would benefit from reading his site, which ranges from basic tips (“dress better by avoiding these 10 rookie errors”) to more in-depth profiles. He also takes readers inside the business side of his business, detailing the money he makes from his blog and related efforts.

10. Gentlemen’s Gazette

Founded by Raphael Schneider in 2010, Gentlemen’s Gazette is focused on going beyond the superficial to help men dress better. The site is strong on reviews of up-and-coming menswear brand and has developed a series of guides on dressing well.  More recently, Raphael launched Fort Belvedere ties and menswear accessories, and does a great job integrating his e-commerce platform into his site.

11. Effortless Gent

Aimed at young professionals, Barron Cuadro’s Effortless Gent is strong on answering everyday style questions from men.  Through articles and “e-courses,” he focuses on developing a lean wardrobe, emphasizing that men don’t need big bucks or a huge closet to dress well.

12. Mens Style Pro

Based in Philadelphia, Sabir Peele had a passion for mens’ style from an early age. One of his claims to fame is that he was named one of Esquire’s five best-dressed real men. He has used that acclaim to bolster Mens Style Pro (MSP), an eye-catching site focusing on product reviews, style upgrades and Philadelphia menswear news.

13. DC Fashion Fool and Men’s Life DC

DC’s Barnette Holston is the editor of Men’s Life DC, an excellent lifestyle blog focusing on all of the good the District has to offer, that is a particularly good resource for fashion and food events.  DC Fashion Fool is his personal style website, setting out to prove that DC men can be quite stylish.

14. This Fits

Aliotsy Andrianarivo began This Fits on 2010 “as a personal set of visual bookmarks.” The site has morphed substantially into a visually-appealing collection of tips and tricks for stylish men, with a particularly heavy focus on tailored and business casual sales, deals and vintage finds.

….Also, Modern Fellows

Modern Fellows may not be as well-known as some of the other sites mentioned here, but we’re dedicated to getting to know the entrepreneurs and innovative brands who are helping men dress sharp in the digital age. We hope you’ll put us on your list of menswear bloggers to read.

About Jake

Jake is an expert on men’s style and fashion based in Washington, DC. He founded Modern Fellows in 2012 to get to know the entrepreneurs and innovative clothing and lifestyle brands helping men dress sharp in the digital age. He has published hundreds of articles on style and apparel, and regularly interviews small business CEOs and startup founders about industry trends. Jake has written about entrepreneurship, international business and fashion for outlets including Business Week, Forbes, Inc., Details Style Syndicate and Primer Magazine.

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