11 Amazing Sites to Shop for Menswear (and counting)

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Information overload is a constant challenge in the digital age.  Blogs — including this one — review product after product, store after store, and the posts just keep coming.  So who are our favorites? Here’s a list of 13 of the best sites we’ve found to shop for menswear. 

1. Ledbury

Richmond-based Ledbury offers an amazing selection of off-the-rack dress and business casual shirts.  While their basic whites and blues are terrific, their bolder patterns and colors — oranges, yellows, greens and purples in glen plaids, checks and stripes — really stand out and help men stand out from the everyday.

2. Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth offers made-to-measure shirting online and via a showroom in New York.  Their photos pull you in, and the fabrics, customer service and enthusiasm and execution should make you stick around.  The photos, descriptions, and online community that the company has built up help to convey a ton of useful information about Proper Cloth’s shirts and help diminish the uncertainty of buying online.  Most importantly, it’s easy to perfect the fit, the fabrics are amazing, and their customer service guarantee is solid.

3. Black Lapel

The great promise is that there is a company out there who can nail it, crafting a suit that – with a few adjustments here and there – fits better and is less costly than marked-up off-the-rack fashion labels.  Online custom tailor Black Lapel produces suits that feel complete, personal, and like a suit ought to fit — much more than the sum of its parts. For $500, these suits are a tremendous value.

4. Knot Standard

Knot Standard feels like a classic tailor updated for the digital age.  While you’d have to pay multiple thousands of dollars for a bespoke experience on Savile Row, the style consultants at Knot Standard’s showrooms around the United States make you feel like million bucks while translating your measurements into an online digital profile that offers as close to a true bespoke experience as is possible at a price point that begins well below $1,000.

5. Proper Suit

PROPERSUIT offers an impressive combination of fabrics, finishes and customization via their showrooms in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland and San Francisco, and their fully-canvassed, soft-shoulder suit feels and looks remarkable and fit extremely well following a couple of minor touch ups.  At $850 and up, these aren’t entry-level prices, but if you have the means, these suits compete with off-the-rack offerings that can run much higher.

6. Sam Hober

In an era where U.S. consumers have been spoiled by free shipping and unconditional satisfaction guaranteed promises on e-commerce purchases, Sam Hober’s policies and approach are old-school, but their ties are amazing. Their grenadine ties — in a variety of weaves and colors — are particularly impressive, and it’s nice to be able to custom order a tie in your preferred width and length.

7. Unsimply Stitched

LA-based Unsimply Stitched offers customers a wide range of design options, some of which — like plaids, windowpanes and the purple zig-zags — are daring even among a growing crowd of bold sock-makers. The socks, a blend of combed cotton, elastane and polyamide fibers that retail for between $10-$12 on their website and at select retailers, are soft, thin enough to be worn with dress shoes, but thick and durable enough to stand up to repeated washings and life.

8. Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry’s socks are among the strongest combination of looks, comfort, fit and durability around.  The colors are bright but well-balanced, the cotton is medium weight and comfortable, and the socks stay up around mid-calf all day.

9. RibbedTee 

Despite initial misgivings about wearing a textured undershirt, these t-shirts are super comfortable.  The shirt is a little stretchy, fits snugly and stays put, and the v-neck is deep enough to disappear under a dress shirt. Great value.

10. Bonobos

Bonobos is emerging as a strong contender for a range of menswear staples from neckties to sweaters.  While the innovative retailer began with an e-commerce only model direct-to-consumers, it now also sells through outfits like Nordstrom and via “e-commerce showrooms” scattered throughout the United States where men can make an appointment to get to know Bonobos and understand how their clothes fit.

11. Nordstrom

Nordstrom has embraced modern fashion and digital retail — no small feat for a retailer founded in 1901 — while exemplifying important old-fashioned values. Of all of the major retailers, it feels like Nordstrom delivers on a well-integrated bricks-and-clicks shopping experience with free shipping, flexible returns and uniform pricing across e-commerce, telephone sales and stores, while carrying up-and-coming brands.

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