12 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Modern Dad

What to get dad for Father’s Day, his birthday or Christmas? While a lot has changed in the fifty years since President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a proclamation urging the official observance of Father’s Day, some advertisers, books and pundits still play to the outdated stereotype of a dad as a bumbling caretaker or hapless cook.  Here are several unique gift ideas for dads to celebrate the kind of man who parents actively, cooks enthusiastically, and dresses with a sense of style, written by a father who has received or who covets many of the gifts below.

Affordable Alternatives to Warby Parker: The Ultimate Guide to Buying Prescription Eyeglasses Online

Warby Parker has transformed how people think about buying glasses, but affordable alternatives exist for buying prescription eyeglasses online.

Bypass expensive, traditional eyeglass retailers and discover unique and affordable alternatives to Warby Parker with this guide, which reviews more than a dozen online options for prescription eyeglasses. From Brooklyn-based Classic Specs to Japan’s industry leader JINS to six dollar frames from Zenni Optical, compare startups and small businesses that make it easy for men and women to look sharp for less.

The Best Menswear Bloggers

We are living in a golden age of men’s fashion, driven by the internet’s democratization of access to affordable and stylish tailored and casual menswear. Bloggers are increasingly important in helping to guide men through an onslaught of e-commerce and high-street options and in shaping approaches to personal style.  Here are Modern Fellows’ picks for the best menswear bloggers for 2017.

3 Steps to Finding a Good Local Tailor

You don’t think much about a tailor until you need one. When that moment comes, it can be a little anxiety-inducing.  Can the dry cleaner down the street do it? Would it be better to search Yelp reviews and blog posts for a dedicated tailor? How do I know if they are ripping me off?