Where to Buy the Best Socks Online: Power Socks

Power-socks-OW-socksFor entrepreneurs, feet are big business. An explosion in recent years of startups focused on men’s accessories has flooded the digital marketplace with easily-accessible, sometimes-affordable and often-colorful sock options.  Modern Fellows tested out a variety of sizes, blends, and designs from several entrepreneurial sock outfits during a prolonged, record-setting heatwave affecting the east coast.

Slate.com on Superlative Socks

Happy-socksSunday’s Washington Post business section included an article by Seth Stevenson of Slate.com who went, tongue-in-cheek, in search of “the world’s most exquisite dress sock.” Since so few people can afford $200 cashmere Zimmerli’s, let’s look at a few more affordable choices for everyday wear.

Farewell CLAD Men

Clad MenThe brief, bumpy journey for the Esquire-backed online men’s shopping destination CLAD has ended as the company halted sales of its deeply discounted inventory. Too bad. The site had potential and the liquidation sale was fun while it lasted.