Reviewing Kashiyama, the Super-Affordable “Smart Tailor” from Japan About Take the United States by Storm

While you may have not heard much about affordable custom suit brand Kashiyama the Smart Tailor before, you’re likely to hear a lot more in the coming months thanks to a major push by the Japanese brand into the U.S. market. Keep reading for Modern Fellows’ review of Kashiyama, which offers made-to-measure suits for men as low as $300, and take a glimpse inside their WeWork studio in Washington, DC.

3 Steps to Finding a Good Local Tailor

You don’t think much about a tailor until you need one. When that moment comes, it can be a little anxiety-inducing.  Can the dry cleaner down the street do it? Would it be better to search Yelp reviews and blog posts for a dedicated tailor? How do I know if they are ripping me off? 

Review: The Knot Standard Custom Suit Experience in Washington, DC

Knot-Standard-showroom-Washington-DCWhile Knot Standard has already earned a solid reputation as an online custom tailor, the company is building out a network of premium in-person showrooms around the United States. These showrooms, including one in the U Street corridor in Washington, DC, offer an expanded range of men’s suiting options, where staff excel at making you feel comfortable while still helping you branch out. Read on to find out why we think their showrooms provide the quintessential tailoring experience for the digital age.