For the 26 Cheapest and Best Dress Shirts for Men in 2022, Try These Stylish Options

Who makes the cheapest and best dress shirts for men? As you refresh your 2021 back-to-work or work-from-home wardrobe, compare more than two dozen options from the cheapest dress shirts to affordable-luxury slim fit dress shirts to “workleisure” button-downs made from stretchy performance fabrics that are perfect for working from home.

Reviewing Kashiyama, the Super-Affordable “Smart Tailor” from Japan About Take the United States by Storm

While you may have not heard much about affordable custom suit brand Kashiyama the Smart Tailor before, you’re likely to hear a lot more in the coming months thanks to a major push by the Japanese brand into the U.S. market. Keep reading for Modern Fellows’ review of Kashiyama, which offers made-to-measure suits for men as low as $300, and take a glimpse inside their WeWork studio in Washington, DC.

Affordable Luxury Dress Shoe Startup Paul Evans Hits Its Stride

Affordable-luxury dress shoe startup Paul Evans has “come along way since launching 4 years ago,” according to co-founder Evan Fript. Modern Fellows first profiled Fript’s fledgling brand in 2014, when the company was working to expand an initially limited selection and sizes. Fript reflects on how the brand has evolved and signals the arrival of bespoke footwear and design upgrades in the fall in a new interview with Modern Fellows.