Affordable Luxury Dress Shoe Startup Paul Evans Hits Its Stride

Affordable-luxury dress shoe startup Paul Evans has “come along way since launching 4 years ago,” according to co-founder Evan Fript. Modern Fellows first profiled Fript’s fledgling brand in 2014, when the company was working to expand an initially limited selection and sizes. Fript reflects on how the brand has evolved and signals the arrival of bespoke footwear and design upgrades in the fall in a new interview with Modern Fellows.

Compare Black Lapel Custom Suit Reviews

Looking for trusted reviews of Black Lapel’s online custom suiting? Modern Fellows has compiled Black Lapel suit reviews from across the Internet alongside some thoughts from our long history with the innovative online menswear tailor, updated for 2017.

In Praise of the Essential Gray Suit

Writing a menswear blog encourages exploration of bold patterns and colors, but when I need to look my best for a big day, I turn to an essential staple — a sharp, cool gray suit. At least I did, until it ripped — badly — at a conference.  Thank goodness for online custom tailor Black Lapel.

3 Steps to Finding a Good Local Tailor

You don’t think much about a tailor until you need one. When that moment comes, it can be a little anxiety-inducing.  Can the dry cleaner down the street do it? Would it be better to search Yelp reviews and blog posts for a dedicated tailor? How do I know if they are ripping me off? 

11 Amazing Sites to Shop for Menswear (and counting)

Information overload is a constant challenge in the digital age.  Blogs — including this one — review product after product, store after store, and the posts just keep coming.  So who are our favorites? Here’s a list of 13 of the best sites we’ve found to shop for menswear.