Bucking the Trend, Zkano’s Gina Locklear Carves Out an Organic Niche for Alabama Socks

Gina-Locklear-Zkano-SocksMeeting entrepreneurs is often inspirational, especially when they fly cheerfully in the face of conventional wisdom.  Gina Locklear launched Zkano socks in 2009 in Fort Payne, Alabama after much of the South’s once-booming textile and apparel production moved off-shore.  Zkano’s story suggests opportunities remain for American manufacturing in an age of global competition.

Introducing American Trench

American Trench blue trench coatIt is an exciting time for entrepreneurs Jacob Hurwitz and David Neill, who are in the midst of starting up American Trench, a fledgling Philadelphia-area company dedicated to making quality American-made outerwear and apparel. Modern Fellows is pleased to offer the following introduction to the men behind an intriguing new brand

What is the Future of Manufacturing in America? Perspective from Brooks Brothers’ CEO

Claudio del Vecchio speaks at FITWhat is the role of American manufacturing in modern men’s fashion? The answer depends less on individuals discovering a new sense of patriotic consumerism and more on the ability of American workers and factories to compete globally.  Claudio del Vecchio, chairman and chief executive officer of the Brooks Brothers Group, provided a window into the current state of American manufacturing