Explore Ledbury’s Summer Collection, Which Brings the Promise of Better Days Ahead.

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Ledbury’s new collection, featuring summer-weight fabrics, bright colors and southern-style-meets-British-tailoring, offers unique options to refresh your wardrobe.

Emerging from hibernation

For several months in a row, I wore a tight rotation of familiar clothing.

Hunkered down in my house, working from home, I didn’t have much of a desire to branch out. While I didn’t wear the same Zoom shirt 70 times in a row for videoconferences, I didn’t change things up much.

Now the sun is shining, and I’m getting out of the house more. I’m looking forward to better days ahead, and to sporting some new clothes.

I’ve long-admired Ledbury for their fresh, southern-inspired updates to classic styles. The Richmond-based menswear startup is one of my favorite men’s clothing companies and is an outstanding choice for colorful men’s dress shirts. Ledbury is also an excellent alternative to Brooks Brothers, which recently filed for bankruptcy protection.

Back in March, Ledbury’s founders Paul Trible and Paul Watson penned a letter to their network, writing that, “we realize that your wardrobe might not be a top priority, but we hope that … new summer product will be a reminder that brighter days are to come.”

I wrote at the time that, “at that moment, having digested a steady stream of bad news, Ledbury’s email was a nice distraction.”

Explore Ledbury’s impressive recent collections

When I read that note back in March, I knew I wanted to start with Ledbury’s summer collection when I came out of hibernation.

Disclosure: Ledbury provided a shirt and chinos for review at no cost.

While all of their product lines are thoughtful, their shirts really stand out.

For example, their Sherbourne shirt is a modern, summery take on the iconic two-pocket western shirt, constructed of chambray fabric made breathable from a blend of cotton and linen and in a deep indigo color that will fade as you wear it.

For summer, Ledbury also specializes in short-sleeve button-down shirts. Their Wysall Stripe shirt is a standout. It relies on lightweight fabric from Somelos in Portugal. The horizontal-stripes are a nice change from the traditional vertical ones.

But my favorite piece from Ledbury’s summer collection is the Cadet Blue Rawls Plaid Casual Shirt, which is featured in the photos sprinkled throughout this article.

It’s a bright plaid of light and navy blue lined with orange-pink accents. The fabric is 100% cotton, and the mesh is so gauzy and breathable I’d swear there was linen involved. The fabric comes from luxury Japanese fabric mill Kuwamara Co.

The shirt is an excellent example of the British-inspired tailoring characteristic of Ledbury. The collar is Ledbury’s signature “Alden collar,” which is canvassed to add structure and prevent a wrinkly, sloppy collar. I like the classic double button barrel cuffs, and that the length is short-but-not-too-short, allowing me to wear it tucked or untucked.

I paired the Rawls shirt with a pair of Ledbury’s Richmond Chino Pant in granite. The light grey pants is a perfect complement to the blue-and-pink-plaid shirt.

Support small and independent businesses like Ledbury

Co-Founder Paul Trible told me that COVID-19 significantly impacted Ledbury’s sales and supply chain, but that they were lucky to be “supported by an amazing group of longtime customers.

He added that he knows “it’s been hard to justify purchase outside of critical necessities over the last few months. There have been just more important things to focus on.” But he suggested that, “if you really love a brand, its product and mission, and have the means to support them, please do.”

Now’s a great time to refresh your wardrobe and feel good about supporting an innovative brand like Ledbury who is also stepping up to support its local community in Virginia and is a great option for buying a washable, reusable face mask.

Paul noted that, “the support of customers in this challenging time will have a bigger impact on a business than you can imagine.”

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Coupon: 20% off Ledbury

Ledbury is offering a limited-time coupon for Modern Fellows readers: Use code MOD20 to receive 20% off Ledbury through 7/31/20 and shop in anticipation of brighter days ahead.

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