17 Luxury Men’s Designer Suits and High-End Dress Clothes for 2024

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Discover the most exclusive luxury designer suits and high-end dressy clothing for men from Armani to Zegna.

In Search of Luxury Designer Suits

If the old adage holds that “the suit makes the man,” then choosing the right suit is an important imperative for anyone aiming to make the best possible impression. Enter today’s high-quality designer suits for men. 

While there are many options for modern men, luxury suits have an inimitable look and feel that speak directly to the wearer and his unique sense of style and personality. Add in the right dress clothing and accessories, and the end result is a polished look that can’t be replicated by lower-quality alternatives. 

But all designer suits aren’t created equal. Which begs the question: Which brand is right for you? Here, we’ll take a closer look at a selection of the most celebrated and exclusive brands for men’s suits and dress clothes. 

The Benefits of a Designer Suit

When you consider the many benefits of owning a high-quality men’s suit, its value as an investment starts to become clear. To begin with, whether you’re attending a special event or interviewing for a job, wearing a designer suit conveys class and exclusivity. In addition to getting you noticed, it also gives you a self-esteem boost guaranteed to help you look and feel your best. 

(Most) expensive suits are made with the finest fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship with above-and-beyond attention to detail. Luxury suits tend to be more durable thanks to their elevated design, solid construction, and attention to details.

If you’re looking for a suit that will stand the dual tests of time and taste, a designer suit is a truly timeless addition to your wardrobe.

The Most Exclusive Designer Men’s Suits and Dress Clothes

Here are the best options on the planet for luxury men’s suits and other high-end attire for men:


This Neopolitan label “exists in a rarefied space” for the most distinctive handmade clothing and accessories, including men’s suits, jackets, outerwear, shirts, shoes, and more.  

Founded by Ciro Paone more than 50 years ago and rooted in Naples’ centuries-old tradition of tailoring, Kiton is known for its use of exclusive fabrics sourced from its own woolen mill, highly-skilled tailors, and a scrupulous commitment to perfection across every detail.

Kiton suits are the embodiment of luxury—with pricing to match. A men’s cashmere pinstripe suit from Kiton will set you back upwards of $12,000 at Bergdorf Goodman.   

Loro Piana

Boasting a rich tradition of craftsmanship combined with a relentless obsession with innovation, Loro Piana is known for finding and transforming the planet’s most precious raw materials into truly exquisite textiles and luxury goods, including suits and other men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

This northern Italian company—once hailed as “the worst-kept secret in the world of luxury”—  has grown from humble origins into venerated status as the world’s largest cashmere manufacturer. It’s also a favorite among power players with even its casual Summer Walk slip-on moccasins and loafers becoming “low-key status symbol(s).”  

While Loro Piana’s website has a decent selection of men’s ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and shoes, Mr. Porter is also an excellent destination for finding corduroy blazers, suit jackets, linen trousers, and more. Loro Piana’s high quality comes at an equally lofty price point. Take its impeccably tailored Double-Breasted Rain System Linen Suit Jacket  featuring the brand’s signature water-repellent Rain System® technology, for example—priced at  $3,395. 

Thom Browne

It’s not for nothing that Thom Browne has won the CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award three times and counting. The American fashion designer is widely heralded for his pivotal role in redefining the modern American man’s “uniform.” “His pants are too high, his jackets are too tight. So how did Thom Browne become the most influential menswear designer in America?” GQ pondered in 2008

More than 15 years later, what started with one singular grey suit now encompasses ready-to-wear, eyewear, accessories, and a fragrance collection at more than 50 stores all over the globe. The logo-free line is a cult favorite among lovers of exquisite fabrics, tailoring, and a stripped down aesthetic consisting primarily of a two-hued color palette of grey and navy. 

Discover quintessential Thom Browne pieces like the Medium Grey Wool Pique Suiting Single Vent Jacket ($1,950) and coordinating Single Pleat Trouser ($1,150) at the official Thom Browne website


A century after its founding, venerable Rome-based Italian menswear luxury house Brioni still “bespeaks money, power, and success, having won a passionate following among CEOs, movie stars, and assorted world leaders.” 

Specializing in refined ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, eyewear and fragrance, Brioni—perhaps best known for outfitting the one and only 007—is revered for its precision tailoring, use of innovative materials, and physique-framing silhouettes. Just how painstaking is the masterful in-house construction process? Insiders say it takes a staggering 22 hours to make just one Brioni suit. 

To peruse an extensive selection of exquisite Brioni suits—priced between $4,500 and $11,500—at the brand’s website

Brunello Cucinelli

Italian entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli grew up in a home with no running water or electricity. Today, the “King of Cashmere” heads up one of the world’s preeminent luxury fashion houses. 

Comprising menswear, women’s wear, and accessories, Brunello Cucinelli is known as much for its timeless garments as it is for its sustainable and humanist business practices. The result? Clothing you can feel good about wearing—in more ways than one. Sumptuous materials, a subdued natural color palette, and exacting tailoring are additional hallmarks of this renowned brand.

Shop Brunello Cucinelli’s Winter Edit online to discover its apres-ski-chic Mountain Down Jacket ($5,795), Deconstructed Cavallo blazer ($4,595), cozy Cashmere English rib knit hooded sweatshirt ($3,495), and other pieces.  


While Givenchy may have made its name dressing the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Meghan Markle since its 1952 founding, the iconic French luxury fashion and perfume house has also made its mark in menswear and accessories. 

Popular with music and sports indusfrom With a huge following in the worlds of music and sports and with devotees including everyone from Jay Z to LeBrown James, Givenchy is the embodiment of hip haute couture. 

To see what all the fuss is about, check out the Givenchy menswear collection online. Just know that chic doesn’t come cheap. Offerings include the Slim Fit Wool Blazer ($2,795), Double-Breasted U-Lock-Detailed Wool-Twill Blazer ($3,000), and Embellished Wool Coat ($5,200).  


One of Italy’s most prominent family-run enterprises, Zegna is known for its luxurious and sustainable menswear, womenswear, and accessories. 

Featuring sleek, modern, and sophisticated silhouettes and made with the most rare and exquisite raw materials such as vicuna and cashmere wool, the line’s suits and tuxedos are favored by men seeking elegance with an edge. Other qualities embodied by the Zegma brand include consummate craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and smart style. 

Shop Zegna’s online boutique for a striking selection of men’s suits ranging from the Black Trofeo™ Wool Tuxedo ($3,495) to the Dark Grey Prince of Wales Centoquarantamila Wool and Silk Suit ($5,995). 

Ralph Lauren Purple Label

For anyone who knows anything about fashion, Ralph Lauren requires no introduction. Of all of this legendary fashion designer’s labels, one stands above the rest for its premium products:  Purple Label

Ralph Lauren’s highest-end menswear label, Purple Label’s uber-luxurious, tailored apparel draws inspiration from London’s esteemed Savile Row. In addition to effortlessly elegant suits and other mens dress clothes made by Italy’s finest suit makers and tailors, Purple Label also produces exclusive editions of classic Ralph Lauren styles, such as its iconic button down and polo shirts. (Just don’t expect the usual Polo Horse motif; the Purple Label leans toward minimal to no branding.)

Shop online at Purple Label to discover inimitable offerings like the Gregory Wool Twill Suit ($1,995.00) and Gregory Handmade Tailcoat Tuxedo ($9,995). 

Saint Laurent

Another household name, Saint Laurent is known for producing iconic menswear ranging from casual to outlandish. Offering everyday staples like tapered jeans, bomber jackets, perfect white tees, and luxe knitwear alongside designer suits and other dress clothing for men, Saint Laurent is a mecca for stylish men. 

Shop Saint Laurent’s online boutique for everything from timeless single-and double-breasted jackets in materials like pinstripe wool and gabardine to the statement-making Double-Breasted Jacket in Sequined Tweed ($3,690) and matching Carrot-Fit Pants in Sequined Tweed ($1,790). 


When it comes to high-end cult fashion favorites for men, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more influential brand than Burberry. Since its 1856 founding, this London-based luxury fashion house has grown into one of the world’s most well-known clothing, fragrances, eyewear, cosmetics, and accessories brands. 

Mention of the word “Burberry” may bring to mind thoughts of the classic beige trench coat, monogrammed t-shirts, and tartan plaid wool scarves, but Burberry is also a master of modern men’s tailoring thanks to its prioritization of extraordinary materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and avant-garde ethos.

Burberry is the embodiment of the “pay for what you get” sentiment when it comes to designer dress clothes for men. While its Yorkshire-woven wool suits and other designer men’s suits and dresswear aren’t cheap, they’re certain to stand the dual tests of time and taste. Prices range from $200 ties to more than $3,000 for a wool tuxedo. 


The pinnacle of fine Italian menswear for just shy of a century, Canali is the epitome of “Made in Italy” excellence. Striking a remarkable balance between luxury and comfort, Canali suits are more than wardrobe pieces; they’re wearable masterpieces for the modern man. 

Given that it exclusively deals in men’s clothing, it’s not surprising that Canali is a premier name in the fashion world. Clean lines, a contemporary aesthetic, and the pursuit of innovation are just a few of the characteristics for which Canali is known. And then there’s the fact that its ready-to-rare suits have the rare distinction of being fully canvassed. As such, they’re the next-best thing to bespoke in terms of construction and craftsmanship.  

The Canali website is a one-stop shop for everything from shoes and shirts to men’s dress clothing comprising an excellent selection of blazers, coats, formal wear, jackets, casual and dress pants, shirts, and suits—including the elegant Grey Wool Microcheck Suit ($2,295) exclusive Anthracite Pinstriped Wool and Cashmere Suit ($3,650). 


Perhaps no fashion brand brings to mind visions of the well-dressed modern man like Prada.  Founded in 1913 in Milan, this Italian luxury fashion house got its start in leather goods before expanding to offer ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. Today, it holds an uncontestable place as one of the fashion industry’s most iconic brands.  

When it comes to style and prestige, you can’t go wrong with Prada….and its unmistakable triangle logo plaque. In addition to everything from game-changing Re-Nylon messenger bags and backpacks to signature puffer jackets, you’ll find a small but sublime selection of ready-to-wear suits—all in the $4,000-$5,000 range—online at Prada.  


Founded in Naples a century ago, ISAIA stands alongside Kiton and Attolini as one of the region’s most respected menswear brands. A word often used to describe ISAIA’s ready-to-wear suits and jackets? Sprezzatura, aka the art of looking effortlessly amazing. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, you’ll find it in ISAIA’s distinctly Mediterranean-inspired offerings, which strike the perfect balance between casual and sophisticated. 

Shop online at ISAIA for suits, sports jackets, and other men’s dress clothing, such as the subtly assertive Gregorio Peak Lapel Suit ($6,295) and the chic yet carefree Capri Suit ($3,495). 

Dolce & Gabbana

Also known by its initials D&G, this Italian luxury fashion house specializes in ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and more. Not for shrinking violets, Dolce & Gabbana menswear combines irrepressible exuberance and an unapologetically bold aesthetic while  also honoring time-honored Italian traditions and style.     

While words like “restraint,” “relaxed,” and “minimalistic” may not be in D&G’s vocabulary, words like “resplendent,” “unforgettable,” and “unabashed” are. Shop Dolce & Gabbana’s online store for luxury suits like the sleek Stretch wool Martini-fit suit ($2,395) and the dazzling Stretch wool Sicilia-fit suit with rhinestones ($10,200). 

Giorgio Armani

Living legend Giorgio Armani is beloved for his refined yet relaxed approach to modern menswear. Best known in the US for his crisp and clean-lined aesthetic, this iconic Italian fashion designer has dressed countless Hollywood stars since debuting his label in 1975. (Remember Richard Gere in American Gigolo? Then you almost certainly remember his distinguished Giorgio Armani wardrobe.) 

Today, Giorgio Armani Fashion House’s massive global fashion empire—comprising apparel, swimwear, bags and accessories, perfume, cosmetics, watches, eyewear,  and shoes for men, women and kids— is known the world over.  Its top-level brand? Giorgio Armani. 

Expensive but not outrageous, Giorgio Armani enduring suits and tuxedos range from $2,700 to $4,000.

Emporio Armani

What do you get when you take everything you know and love about Georgio Armani and target it to the 25-to-35-year-old age group? Emporio Armani

Featuring a more trend-forward perspective and cutting-edge designers, Emporio Armani, which includes everything from casual pieces to formal wear, offers high fashion luxury at a more affordable price point. Another thing to love about Emporio Armani? Its matching commitment to high-performance and sustainability. 

If you’re looking for designer menswear with serious style but you can’t afford to drop $10,000 or more on a luxury suit, then Emporio Armani may be your sartorial solution. Check out the brand’s official online store for sleek, modern-fitting suits priced below $2,000.

Paul Smith

One of the UK’s most successful and celebrated designers, Paul Smith got his start in Nottingham in 1976. Since that time, his charming and creative collections of clothing, accessories, and shoes for men, women, and children have won the hearts of countless fashion-savvy admirers.  

Combining a love of pattern and color with an understanding of understatement and paramount prioritization of tailoring above all else, Paul Smith designer dress clothes for men encapsulates eclectic elegance. “Easy to wear with a charismatic edge,” this is not your granddad’s suiting.  

Speaking of suiting, Paul Smith offers a variety of sharp single- and double-breasted options for the office, evening, special occasions, and beyond. Shop its online store for eye-catching offerings like the Tailored-Fit Sharkskin Suit ($1,695) and jaunty Ecru Check Wool-Silk Suit ($1,890). 

What is Your Favorite Luxury Men’s Suit or High-End Clothing Label?

Do you have a go-to for men’s designer suits or other luxury dress clothing for men? Whether we’ve featured your favorite here or we missed one that matters to you, let us know in the comments. 

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