The 37 Best Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts for Men in 2024 for Business Casual, Golf and More

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Discover the best options for long-sleeve polo shirts for men for the office, golf, casual ruby-inspired preppy looks and more.

Like their short-sleeve counterparts, long-sleeve polo shirts are versatile, an excellent fashion choice for many settings. Whether you need one for outdoor recreation or for the office, this article dives deep into where to buy the best long-sleeve polos.

The History of Polo Shirts

The modern-day polo shirt has its origins in tennis and dates back to the early 20th Century.

(Mr.) Rene Lacoste, a star player in the 1920s and early ’30s, rejected the typical tennis uniform of that era, which was a button-down shirt with a tie. Instead, he introduced a lightweight, short-sleeve shirt made of pique cotton and designed with three buttons.

In the early ’50s, Izod began to manufacture and sell Lacoste’s shirts in the U.S., helping them gain popularity for nonathletic use.

However, it was Ralph Lauren’s brand that made polo shirts a true sensation. In the early ’70s, Ralph Lauren modified the shirt’s design, including by allowing the collar to stand up, and it became a fashion staple forever associated with the brand and its polo-player logo.

Alongside the development of the traditional polo shirt, the sport of rugby helped develop a similar long-sleeve garment from the late 19th century into the mid-20th Century, which often featured team-color stripes combined with a white contrasting collar.

While many traditional polo shirts are short-sleeved, long-sleeve polo shirts can add a dressier element to a guy’s outfit while allowing for a wider spectrum of climates.

Where to Buy Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Where is the best place to buy long-sleeve polo shirts?

Where to buy a long-sleeve polo shirt depends upon what you’re using it for. Today, there are at least three use-cases for long sleeve polo shirts — for the office, golf, or a casual rugby-inspired look:

  1. Long-sleeve polos for professional settings or a business casual look. Some are made of luxurious materials, and they all go well with jackets, chinos, or other components of a workplace outfit.
  2. Long-sleeve performance polos for golf or athleisure. These are typically engineered with moisture-wicking fabric and other properties that make outdoor activity more comfortable.
  3. Long-sleeve rugby polo shirts. Because they originate from rugby uniforms, these shirts don’t have the same history as polos, and they’re usually made of a heavyweight fabric featuring stripes or color blocks. However, they share some similarities with polos, including their use of knit cotton and buttoned collars, and are a more casual staple of preppy closets everywhere.

Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts for Dress and Business Casual

Are long-sleeve polos appropriate for the office?

One of the most common uses for long-sleeve polo shirts is for business casual office settings. Long-sleeve polos are an excellent collared-shirt option for for business casual outfits.

Here are some of the best options for business casual long-sleeve polos:

  1. Lacoste – Rene Lacoste wore the original modern-day polo as a tennis shirt, but the brand that he founded with Andre Gillier produces polos that look great in any setting, including the workplace. Crafted with softness and durability, long-sleeve polos from this French brand use thick or stretch pique cotton, Pima cotton interlock, or cotton marl knit. All of the shirts display the famous green crocodile logo.
  2. Ralph Lauren – In the 1960s, Ralph Lauren launched his brand from a small office in the Empire State Building, and his immensely popular and influential polo shirt helped make the brand a fashion empire. You can enjoy the long-sleeve version of the iconic mesh polo, which has a breathable fabric and displays the signature polo-player logo. Among the other designs for polo shirts, you’ll find a cotton-cashmere polo from the luxurious Purple Label, which may further elevate your professional look.
  3. Brooks Brothers – Founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers is the oldest American apparel brand in continuous operation, and it revolutionized shirt design with its button-down collar. Long-sleeve polo shirts from Brooks Brothers, which are generally made of high-quality Supima cotton, can become a staple of your business casual look. One standout is the Golden Fleece polo shirt, which features pearl buttons and the brand’s famous fleece logo.
  4. Faherty Brand – Although Alex and Mike Faherty launched their eponymous brand with an outdoorsy, laid-back vibe, many of the items work well for a professional setting. The men’s long-sleeve polos are available mostly in different shades of blue and with various pleasing design elements, including chambray detailing. Make sure to check out the Movement polo, which has a softness and stretchiness that will keep you comfortable throughout the workday.
  5. Bonobos – Launched in 2007 by two students at Stanford Business School, this premium brand (now owned by Walmart) first became popular with its well-fitted men’s pants, and it offers many other items that can complete your office look. Choose from a variety of long-sleeve stretch pique polos, which have wrinkle resistance and antibacterial properties, or sweater polos made with soft yarn. Another one to check out is the Luxe model, which comes in either a herringbone or puppytooth design.
  6. Suitsupply – Referred to as the “JetBlue of Suits” by GQ magazine, this Dutch brand can provide you with well-tailored business attire, including exquisite long-sleeve polo shirts. Suitsupply uses top materials for its polos, such as pure Australian Merino wool or a combination of Californian cotton and mulberry silk. Through carbon neutrality, waste reduction, and other environmentally friendly measures, the brand aims to manufacture clothes sustainably. (I love wandering through Suit Supply’s well-appointed stores.)
  7. Todd Snyder – Considered one of the most influential designers of men’s clothing in recent decades, Todd Snyder worked for Ralph Lauren, Gap, and J. Crew before launching his own brand in 2011. His casual menswear, which is notable for its stylishness and high quality, includes long-sleeve polos in both solid colors and patterns. One excellent example is the dash-pattern polo, which is made of Merino wool.
  8. J. Crew – In the 1980s and ’90s, J. Crew revolutionized fashion with its iconic preppy style, and it continues to design clothes, such as long-sleeve polos, that will spruce up your business look. Pick an elegant and cozy sweater polo made of 100% cashmere. Or choose a standard long-sleeve polo made of pique cotton, available in stripes or in solid colors, including navy blue, forest green, and a rich yellow.
  9. Quince – Along with keeping prices down by using a factory-to-consumer business model, this California brand has become known for its commitment to ethical labor practices and environmental sustainability. Among the high-quality items for your office wardrobe are long-sleeve polos with anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties. One model uses certified organic cotton in its four-way stretch fabric, while another is made of the brand’s Flowknit fabric, which is exceptionally soft and doesn’t shrink.
  10. Charles Tyrwhitt – This London brand specializes in dapper menswear, especially shirts, and it confidently grants customers a six-month window to return purchases. The long-sleeve polo shirts come in a variety of solid colors, such as forest green, silver gray, or indigo, and they’re made of either 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and Tencel. The yarn for these shirts has been mercerised to give them more luster and a silkier feel.
  11. Paul James – Operating out of two factories, one in England and the other in India, this U.K. knitwear brand uses entirely natural yarn fibers and luxurious, carefully sourced materials. The men’s long-sleeve polo shirts are made of 100% cotton, and you can select buttoned, buttonless, or zip-neck collars. The shirts are available in a solid color or in Breton stripes.
  12. Criquet Shirts – Based in Austin, Texas, Criquet Shirts designs classy, comfortable clothes for businessmen to wear at the 19th hole, which means a bar or any other place to unwind after work or a game of golf. Check out the long-sleeve Players shirt, the brand’s highly rated signature polo shirt, which is made entirely of Peruvian Pima cotton and uses removable stays to keep the collar in shape. Another option is the Range polo, a sleek, pocketless shirt made of polyester jacquard and cotton.
  13. L.L. Bean – Founded in Maine over a century ago, L.L. Bean became famous for its boots and outerwear, but it also has much to offer for business casual outfits. The brand’s long-sleeve polo shirt gets high reviews for its incredibly soft pique cotton and its resistance to shrinking or wrinkling. You can choose from a variety of colors, such as classic navy, deep wine, juniper, and white.
  14. Banana Republic and Banana Republic Factory – Owned by the same parent company as Gap, Banana Republic is a trendy, upscale brand with clothes that have quality construction, while Banana Republic Factory offers similar items at lower prices. For a long-sleeve polo that would look great at the office, check out the Luxury-Touch performance polo, which is 100% cotton and has a chest pocket. The dark maroon fabric resists fading and odors.
  15. Gap – Founded in 1969, this San Francisco company became an iconic American fashion brand known best for its jeans. For business casual attire, you can choose long-sleeve pique polo shirts made with soft cotton or slub-knit polos that have a spread collar and a patch pocket.
  16. Jos. A. Bank – Since the early 20th century, Jos. A. Bank has excelled at suits and other types of menswear, producing each garment with admirable workmanship. The brand’s long-sleeve polo shirts come in a variety of designs, including floret, fit-dot, or diamond print. Along with giving you a classy look for any office setting, these shirts provide the benefit of stain resistance.

Long-Sleeve Performance Polo Shirts for Golf and Athleisure

Can you wear a long sleeve polo shirt to play golf?

Absolutely. In fact, the right long-sleeve polo shirt can protect you from the sun, wick sweat away and add a dressier element to your outfit. Just make sure you wear a long-sleeve polo for golf made from a performance fabric or lightweight cotton, and think about choosing a lighter color that doesn’t attract the sun.

  1. Nike – As a leading global sportswear brand, Nike is known best for revolutionizing sneaker culture, but it’s also worth checking out for many other kinds of athletic apparel. Its long-sleeve golf polo, the Dri-Fit Victory, is made of 100% recycled polyester fibers and comes in red, blue, light gray, black, or white. The material is breathable and prevents excessive sweat buildup.
  2. Adidas – When searching for long-sleeve golf shirts, don’t overlook this German brand, which is one of the best resources for sports apparel. Pick out a hemp-colored or vivid blue golf polo with a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric made entirely of organic cotton. Other long-sleeve performance polos include a sleek, dark shirt produced with mostly recycled materials.
  3. Lululemon – This Canadian brand launched in 1998 with women’s yoga apparel, and it has since expanded to a variety of high-performing athletic wear for men and women. Check out the brand’s Evolution long-sleeve polo shirts, including one model made mostly of recycled polyester. These are slim-fitted, sweat-wicking shirts that are designed with a four-way stretch and a resistance to odor buildup.
  4. RhoneRhone’s long-sleeve golf shirts and other men’s clothes are notable for their innovative, world-class technical fabric, allowing you to look and feel comfortable in a boardroom or during a few rounds on the links. Check out the sleek Tech polo, which is made of a lightweight Italian fabric and protects against sun exposure and odor buildup. Another option is the Delta model, which is designed with the brand’s anti-odor technology and a pique mesh fabric that helps keep you cool.
  5. State and Liberty – Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, State and Liberty specializes in creating clothes that fit well on men who have an athletic build. Among the brand’s casual shirts are comfortable and stretchy long-sleeve polos made from a cotton-spandex fabric. These polos, which include the oatmeal-colored Benjamin and navy blue Newton, have the brand’s signature under-the-collar buttons, giving you the option of making the collar stand up more instead of spreading.
  6. Johnnie-O – When John O’Donnell launched his brand in Santa Monica, California, he aimed to combine East Coast preppiness with a laid-back Southern California vibe. For leisurely days of golf and sunshine, you’ll find long-sleeve polo shirts with a marine color palette. One of the standouts is the Swing polo, which is made of a featherweight jersey fabric with wrinkle resistance, sun protection, heat and sweat regulation, and a four-way stretch.
  7. Rhoback – The founders of this golf apparel and activewear brand named it after the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a highly active and athletic dog. Launched in 2016, Rhoback specializes in performance polos, including long-sleeve varieties in solid colors or stripes, and each one displays the company’s dog logo. As seen in the Whaler long-sleeve polo, these shirts offer sun protection, moisture-wicking fabric, and a collar that retains its shape.
  8. Vuori – This California activewear brand has a coastal vibe of sea and sunshine, and its men’s polo shirts are designed for softness and functionality. The long-sleeve Strato Tech polo is mostly polyester but has a cotton-like feel. The lightweight fabric comes in shades of gray, charcoal, or blue, and it has both a four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties.

Long-Sleeve Rugby Polo Shirts

Long-sleeve rugby shirts are a staple of preppy-focused brands, though the modern garment grew up separate from the modern tennis polo shirt.

Rugged rugby polo shirts are a piece of “sartorial goodness that emerged from the bloodshed” of the violent sport, observes Albert Muzquiz writing in Heddel’s. Often, long-sleeve rugby shirts feature a striped torso and sleeves paired with a solid white or otherwise contrasting collar.

  1. Barbarian – One of the best suppliers of rugby shirts is this Canadian company, which knits its traditional cotton fabric and manufactures its world-class shirts entirely in Canada. At Barbarian, you’ll find rugby shirts with a variety of stripe configurations, and the classic choice is a shirt with 12-ounce fabric and 4-inch stripes. It’s also possible to choose lightweight shirts with 8-ounce fabric and to customize the designs.
  2. Charles River Apparel – Since 1983, this family-owned Massachusetts brand has been producing outerwear and athleisure for universities, sports clubs, and corporations. One of the brand’s stylish items is a classically styled unisex rugby shirt with 4-inch yarn-dyed stripes. Made completely of cotton jersey, it’s both soft and sturdy, and it comes in several color combinations, including maroon and white or black and red.
  3. Withernot – For its heritage rugby polos, this North Carolina brand has drawn inspiration from rugby shirts worn by rock climbers in the 1970s. Featuring bold vintage color combinations and stripes, Withernot’s designs evoke a spirit of outdoor recreation and adventure. Whether you’re buying the Shenandoah model or selecting another variety, you’ll enjoy a heavyweight rugby shirt made with 14-ounce cotton and a 12-gauge knit.
  4. Ralph Lauren – After you’ve enhanced your business casual look with a Ralph Lauren polo, check out the brand’s iconic rugby shirt, which has a twill white-point collar, a three-button placket, and an embroidered polo-player logo. Other options include a rugby polo with a colorful patchwork design and another that sports the brand’s signature crest from 1986.
  5. J. Crew – While J. Crew also makes exceptional business casual polo shirts, you should also browse the collection of long-sleeve rugby polos from this preppy American brand. You’ll find relaxed-fit rugby shirts in solid colors or stripes, produced with 11-ounce cotton jersey and with reinforced elbow patches. J. Crew manufactures these shirts in a Fair Trade Certified facility.
  6. Eden Park Paris – Stylish rugby shirts are one of the mainstays of this French sportswear brand, which was founded in 1987 by two international rugby players. The shirts include multiple models with a color-block design, like the Bordeaux, and some in a solid color, such as gray or navy blue. All of the shirts display distinctive embroidery, including the brand’s playful logo, a pink bow tie.
  7. Brooks Brothers – Along with picking out a Brooks Brothers polo for your business outfit, browse the selection of long-sleeve rugby shirts. There’s a classy striped model made of sueded cotton, which gives the garment extra softness. Other designs feature a kangaroo pocket or a hoodie.
  8. Madewell – This sister brand to J. Crew became popular for its comfortable and trendy women’s clothes, but it’s also worth checking out for its casual men’s attire, including long-sleeve rugby shirts. The brand’s rugby polo is made of cotton and polyester, and it has a relaxed fit. With the neutral color options, such as a solid dark green, the shirt can easily be paired with different pants and accessories.
  9. Old Navy – Old Navy, which belongs to the same corporate family as Gap and Banana Republic, promotes inclusivity and affordable fashion. The brand offers gender-neutral rugby polos that are 100% cotton. They’re either solid green with a relaxed fit, or they have a loose fit with striped or color-block designs.
  10. H&M – This Swedish brand, which launched in the 1940s as a women’s clothing chain, became a multinational fast fashion giant offering tons of trendy and affordable clothes. You can find a variety of oversized or relaxed-fit rugby polos made of cotton jersey. The shirts feature solid, striped, or color-block designs, and one predominantly red model is embellished with embroidered details on the chest.
  11. Orvis – Founded in 1856, Orvis started with fly-fishing equipment and expanded to a variety of outdoor gear and high-quality apparel for active people. The Vermont brand offers a long-sleeve rugby shirt manufactured from French terry cotton and sporting a woven collar. Whether you pick a color combination of blue and white or blue and golden yellow, the shirt has a classic striped style.
  12. Nautica – With their preppy maritime vibe, clothes from Nautica have an enduring appeal and can easily become staples of a casual or sporty outfit. Long-sleeve rugby polos from Nautica all display the brand’s sailing logo, and they’re designed with stripes, a color-block pattern, or a solid color emblazoned with the brand name. Each one is 100% cotton.
  13. Lands’ End – This Midwest company got its start in the 1960s selling sailboat equipment and transformed into a lifestyle brand offering high-quality casual clothes, including a recent collection produced in collaboration with Blake Shelton. Men’s rugby shirts from Lands’ End come in a variety of vibrant color combinations, such as burgundy with navy and emerald with blue and gray. They’re made of 100% cotton jersey and have reinforced shoulder seams.
  14. Abercrombie & Fitch – Founded in 1892 as a retailer for outdoor gear, Abercrombie & Fitch eventually transformed into a hugely popular brand for teens, though it now appeals to a broader age range with its preppy apparel and inclusive vibe. Designed with a drop-shoulder fit, the brand’s long-sleeve rugby polo shirts have an earthy color palette and a timeless appeal, as if they can easily be a part of your wardrobe for decades to come. One exemplary shirt has a pattern of brown stripes and a three-button placket.
  15. J. Press – This old-school preppy brand got its start in 1902 on Yale’s campus, and it continues to be a great resource for Ivy League menswear. It has a rich variety of rugby shirts, including some displaying embroidered collegiate crests for Yale or Harvard. Among the other shirts, you’ll find classic designs with heavyweight cotton jersey and wide stripes, including color combinations of white and royal blue.
  16. Patagonia – Patagonia specializes in outdoor apparel and has a well-founded reputation for environmental advocacy and sustainable practices, including the use of recycled materials. The brand’s midweight rugby shirt is made of organically grown virgin cotton, and the two available color combinations are dominated either by blue or green. The shirt looks both stylish and rugged.

Which Brands Do You Prefer for Long-Sleeve Polos?

Maybe you have a polo that you love wearing to the office or a favorite rugby shirt that feels amazingly comfortable. Share your thoughts about the qualities of a good long-sleeve polo shirt for men, and mention any brands that you think should be added to this article.

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