25 Trusted Options for Buying Men’s Wedding Rings Online or IRL in 2024

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Buying a man’s wedding band doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Discover the best styles and options to find the perfect wedding ring online or in person.

As you take the major step of getting married, what ring will you wear? Nowadays, men’s wedding bands come in many varieties that suit different preferences, styles, and budgets, and more and more people are choosing to discover and purchase those rings online.

The History of Men’s Wedding Bands

Although evidence of women wearing wedding bands dates back to the 16th Century, the practice became mainstream for men more recently in history. In Germany, men began to wear wedding rings in the second half of the 19th century. In the United States and U.K., the practice of men wearing wedding rings took off only in the mid-20th century.

During the First World War, some soldiers started wearing wedding bands to feel more connected to their wives back home. But the practice became mainstream for men during and after the Second World War.

While men have worn other rings throughout history, such as signet rings, wearing wedding bands is a recent practice.

Buying Men’s Wedding Rings Locally vs. Online

Historically, the vast majority of men’s wedding rings were purchased in person at a local jeweler. Comfort with purchasing wedding rings online, especially among younger consumers, has increased in recent years, and accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Brilliant Earth, which sells responsibly-sourced wedding rings and jewelry online, notes that 87% of its customer base is aged 9-24.)

While you can see what’s available locally by looking up jewelers on Google or Yelp or through recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues, it’s a great idea to compare options from a few online retailers before deciding whether to purchase a wedding band online versus in a brick-and-mortar store.

To get more comfortable with the idea of buying a man’s wedding band online, you can:

  1. Make a virtual appointment at online jewelers including Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile, Clear Origin, Marrow, or Zales.
  2. Order a home try on kit to test out men’s wedding rings at once from online brands like Ring Bear, Hitched, Jordan Jack, Marke, or Catbird.
  3. Start by calling up or chatting with a promising online option. Manly Bands suggests starting a chat or calling their customer service team who can help find the ring of your dreams.

Where to Buy Men’s Wedding Rings Online

These days there is an incredible diversity of options for buying men’s wedding and engagement rings online. Depending on your tastes and budget, you can find everything from a plain gold band for men to more unique options made from black titanium, wood and even meteorites.

David Yurman

Rings from David Yurman convey power and artistry, and the wedding bands for men look as if they were crafted with wizardry. You can choose from a variety of metals, including black titanium and rose gold, and a range of styles, such as beveled and chevron. These beautifully designed rings range in price from $425 to over $5,000.

Manly Bands

Titanium, cobalt chrome, yellow gold, and antlers are among the materials used by Manly Bands to craft unique men’s wedding rings that have a bold and masculine appearance. Some of the brand’s collections have sprung from officially licensed partnerships with Jack Daniel’s, Fender, and Major League Baseball. Most of the rings fall between $250 and $500, though some cost more than $1,500.

Manly Brands Coupon

Take $75 off at Manly Brands with coupon code MANLY75 or sign up for emails and receive 20% off all bands.

Ring Bear

Ring Bear has been certified as a carbon-free company, and their wedding rings for men are all made from ethically sourced metals. You can opt for a wedding band crafted from one metal, such as yellow gold, or you can pick a ring composed of multiple materials, such as tungsten inlaid with gold braid or wood. The prices, which range from $225 to over $1,000, change as you customize a ring’s width and other features.


California-based Marrow Fine Jewelry, founded by Jillian Sassone, offers a tight lineup of impressively-unique and affordable wedding bands for men.

In addition to carrying several plain wedding rings for men, Marrow’s designs include a hammered gold band and a two-tone ring. Marrow also has a unique array of men’s diamond wedding bands, including a gorgeous white diamond colson band that features a series of small diamonds clustered together. Gold wedding rings for men start at about $800 and rise to over $8,000 for a diamond signet ring.

Brilliant Earth

One of the ways Brilliant Earth appeals to people is by adopting ethical practices, such as using blockchain technology to track the path to ownership for a number of its diamonds.

Priced from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, the brand’s wedding rings for men include platinum and different kinds of gold. Some of them are plain bands, while others have designs, such as mountain peaks and Celtic knots. There are also striking options with diamonds or sapphires.

Gabriel & Co.

If you’re looking for wedding bands made of white, yellow, or rose gold, search through the selection from Gabriel & Co., a high-end brand founded in New York City by two brothers. Prices are generally going to be at least $1,000 for these men’s wedding rings, which can have a number of artfully crafted features, such as grooved or beveled edges, milgrain detailing, and engraved patterns.


Although Shay doesn’t advertise traditional wedding rings, the brand’s vibrant, creatively designed and ultra-luxury men’s “eternity bands” are amazing (and pricey) options. The rings may include vivid sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds, and the materials used range from black ceramic to rose gold. The least expensive rings cost $1,400, while a gorgeous and blingy diamond eternity band for men costs over $19,000.


A couple of good reasons to shop for men’s wedding rings at Holden are customization and ethical, sustainable craftsmanship. The New York City brand, which uses conflict-free metals and lab-produced diamonds, can mail you a free size kit, and you enjoy different options for ring thickness, finish, materials, and engraved words. The most affordable rings have a starting price of $250.

Saks Fifth Avenue

The iconic Saks Fifth Avenue offers men’s wedding bands from De Beers that are made of yellow or rose gold; these are priced between $500 and $1,000. The luxury department store, which is over a century old, also has a number of other men’s rings that may be used as wedding bands. They come from David Yurman and other top brands.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus can become your one-stop shop for men’s wedding rings from a variety of well-respected luxury brands. Examples include a band of yellow gold and black diamonds from Roberto Demeglio or a diamond ring with a pave setting from Sydney Evan. Rings available through Neiman Marcus will cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.


Along with committing to ethical practices, such as the use of conflict-free stones, IceTrends aims to combine high quality with relative affordability. While some of the men’s wedding bands cost more than $1,500, the brand also offers rings that are less than $300 made of yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver.

Blue Nile

Shopping at online direct-to-consumer jewelry pioneer Blue Nile offers a wide variety of classy and popular options for men’s wedding bands, from plain bands in yellow gold to platinum bands with a hammered finish and milgrain detailing. Some of the rings are comfort-fit bands, which have a more rounded interior and put less pressure on your finger. While certain rings cost thousands of dollars, others are a few hundred dollars.

Woodsman Jewelry

Through Woodsman Jewelry, you can buy metal wedding rings inlaid with wood that comes from Hawaii, California, or New Zealand. The rings, which have a timeless and natural look, include redwood combined with titanium and koa wood combined with tungsten. Woodsman Jewelry prices the rings between $180 and $360, and some of the profits go to environmental organizations.


The collection of men’s wedding bands from Angara contains beautifully crafted plain bands, though their gemstone options really shine.

Stones are a specialty of Angara, and you can find tasteful designs with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires. Across the whole collection, prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.


Working with an affordable and comfortable alternative to other ring materials, Enso specializes in silicone rings. The brand offers an impressive variety of colors and designs, including rings that sport the infinity symbol or gleam in a metallic way. No ring is priced at more than $50, and some are available for half that much or less.


Some of the men’s wedding rings from Mayors are the brand’s own creations, such as bands made of yellow gold and carbon fiber. In addition, Mayors is an outstanding one-stop-shop to find luxurious offerings from Carlex, including stunning rings that combine platinum and diamonds or rose gold and white gold in a design with a fluted edge.

Prices range from plain bands for about $450 to more than $12,000 for a diamond-inlaid platinum luxury men’s wedding ring from Carlex.

Rockford Collection

Specializing in gold and diamonds, the highly rated Rockford Collection crafts rings that look as if they’ve been engineered using bits of hardware, such as screws, links, and locks. For men’s wedding bands, you have a range of options, including rings with black diamonds and gorgeous matching bands for you and your partner. The least expensive ring is $860, while others are several thousand dollars.

Jewelry Affairs

Jewelry Affairs is a family-owned business that has served Elizabeth Taylor and other celebrities. Unless there’s a sale, the brand’s classy wedding rings for men don’t go lower than $2,000, and some cost more than $4,000. Each of the gold wedding bands has its own exquisite design featuring different configurations of diamonds.


Many of the men’s wedding bands from Limoges cost less than $200, including rings made of stainless steel, titanium, and sterling silver. Greater affordability doesn’t limit you in style, and you can opt for two-tone bands, wood inlays, and personalized inscriptions. Some of the rings also have diamond accents.

Buck Palmer

With their rugged artistry, rings from Buck Palmer make a powerful statement. Priced between $200 and $400, the rings are predominantly sterling silver, and you’ll find a variety of interesting shapes and textures, with some rings also bearing turquoise or onyx stones. Although the rings aren’t classified as wedding bands, you can take an unconventional route and use them for that purpose.


Jared offers hundreds of men’s rings at a wide range of prices. Dozens of them cost less than $250, including rings combining stainless steel and carbon fiber. If you’re looking for men’s platinum wedding bands, Jared does have a few that fall between $500 and $1,000.

Kay Jewelers

Because the brand has over 1,000 stores around the U.S., convenience is a major reason to turn to Kay Jewelers. You’ll find an extensive selection of wedding bands, including rings made of white gold that are worth at least several hundred dollars and rings made of titanium or stainless steel that cost less than $200. Also, rings with diamonds are a specialty of the brand.


Zales, which is owned by the same parent company as Kay Jewelers and Jared, offers the convenience of hundreds of stores around the U.S. and over 1,000 options for men’s wedding bands in silver, gold, platinum, and other metals. If you want diamonds, the brand offers both natural and lab-grown varieties, and there’s also a small selection of rings with other stones, including opals and sapphires. Given the broad range of prices, which extends from under $50 to over $5,000, you can find a wedding band that suits your budget.

Buying Vintage

Vintage or retro wedding bands were crafted in a previous decade or have been styled to look as if they come from the past. These rings may have a unique appearance and make you feel more connected with history. Great sites for vintage men’s wedding rings include eBay and Ruby Lane.

Men’s Wedding Rings at Amazon?

Some couples turn to Amazon for men’s wedding bands because of the wide variety of inexpensive choices and the convenience of home deliveries. You can refine your search by metal type, type of stone, diamond clarity, and a number of other factors. At less than $50, some of the most highly rated items include tungsten wedding bands from King Will and silicone bands from ThunderFit.

Comparing Men’s Wedding Ring Types (Gold, Silver, Wood, etc.)

Men’s wedding bands can be fashioned from all sorts of materials from gold to platinum to wood and can be plain or adorned with diamonds or gems.

Gold, particularly a plain band of yellow gold, has been the standard choice for men ever since wedding bands came into regular use. Although most men continue to choose gold for their wedding rings, there are many excellent options to explore.

Like gold rings, other ring varieties can have a classic or traditional look, such as men’s silver wedding bands or plain bands made of platinum. Also, some men wear rings made of less expensive metals, rings that aren’t made of any metal, or rings that have creative designs or beautiful stones, particularly diamonds. There has even been a recent uptick of men wearing engagement rings.

Many factors affect men’s decisions about wedding bands. Husbands and wives may choose rings made of the same material. Other considerations include personal aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and issues related to health and comfort.

Let’s step back and compare the most popular types of wedding rings for men:

Gold Wedding Rings

Gold is a classic choice for men’s wedding rings. The gold will have a karat measurement, which tells you what percentage of the ring is gold versus other metals, such as silver or copper.

In the U.S., roughly 90 percent of the gold wedding bands and engagement rings that people purchase have a purity measurement of 14 karats. With 14 karats, approximately 58 percent of the ring is gold. In contrast, an 18-karat ring has a gold content of 75 percent.

The greater purity of the 18-karat ring means that it will be more expensive, and it will be less likely to trigger metal allergies. It’s also going to be more prone to scratching and denting than a 14-karat ring.

Men’s gold wedding bands can be made of one or more of the following types of gold:

  • Yellow Gold: The highly popular yellow gold conveys warmth and gives your ring a traditional look, especially if it’s a plain band. The pure gold in the rings is typically mixed with silver and copper.
  • White Gold: The bright gleam of white gold, which resembles platinum, comes from combining gold with some amount of nickel and zinc.
  • Rose Gold: Rose gold has a soft and subtly brilliant shine, and it may give your ring a vintage vibe. The color comes from a blend of gold and copper.
  • Black Gold: You can make a bold statement with black gold, which has a dark and elegant look. It’s produced by darkening yellow gold, usually by introducing cobalt to it or by creating a black finish through electroplating.

Platinum Wedding Bands

This white metal has remarkable longevity and keeps its color and shine without routine maintenance. It’s also more rare than gold and often more expensive.

Rings Featuring Diamonds and Precious Stones

Men don’t have to limit themselves to unadorned wedding bands. They can choose rings with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or other stones. They may choose a particular stone for symbolic reasons or because of an aesthetic preference.

Prices vary wildly based on the quality of the stones and their weight, which is measured in carats. For both ethical and budget-related reasons, their origin also matters. Lab-grown diamonds, for example, may cost only half as much as mined or natural diamonds.

Another important consideration is the stone’s appearance alongside the other materials in the ring. For example, how does a diamond look when set in yellow gold versus white gold?

Silver Wedding Rings

Sterling silver, which has a silver content of 92.5 percent, typically costs less than gold, but it still has elegance and refinement. Because sterling silver is prone to getting tarnished, jewelers may plate the material to better protect it, and certain cleaning techniques will help preserve the ring’s appearance.

Wood Wedding Rings

In many cases, a wood ring will be a metal ring with a wood inlay. However, it’s also possible to wear a ring made of solid wood.

To give the ring greater durability, soft woods are generally avoided. Possible materials include walnut, mahogany, and rosewood, each with its own kind of natural beauty.

Titanium Wedding Rings

This lightweight and long-lasting material doesn’t crack easily, and part of its appeal stems from the fact that it’s more affordable than gold, platinum, and silver. Titanium can also be easily customized with different colors.

Tungsten Wedding Rings

Rings made of this rare metal typically combine tungsten carbide with a small quantity of nickel. The result is a hypoallergenic material with an impressive scratch resistance. Tungsten also has a heavy, solid feeling, which some men like, though others may prefer a material with less density.

Carbon Fiber Wedding Rings

This hypoallergenic and highly durable material weighs less than titanium and other metals used for rings. Carbon fiber is made of organic polymers, and the filaments can be arranged into interesting patterns.

Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Stainless steel rings are highly durable, hypoallergenic, and relatively inexpensive. Some men also associate this material with strength and masculinity.

Wedding Rings Made from Unconventional Materials: Silicone, Antler, Dinosaur Bones and More

From silicone to dinosaur bones, you can find unique wedding rings for men made from some truly unconventional materials:


Antler rings are especially favored by outdoorsy men, and they’ll typically be made of metal with an inlay of deer or elk antlers. If the antler material is naturally shed, it means that no animal died to produce the rings.


Along with being affordable, silicone rings offer safety benefits to people who are active or who have jobs with a high risk of hand injuries. Examples include football players, construction workers, and electricians who want a nonconductive material for their ring.


Rubber wedding bands are made out of silicone, and they’re advertised as silicone rings or rubber rings.

Dinosaur Bones and More

Several companies like Manly Brands specialize in unconventional wedding rights for men made from materials like meteorite, dinosaur bones, black zirconium, cobalt chrome and more.

FAQs: Men’s Wedding Bands

Here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about men’s wedding bands and engagement rings:

Which finger does a man wear a wedding ring on?

It is most common for a man, like a woman, to wear a wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. This is “because of the fanciful conceit that from that finger a nerve goes straight to the heart,” writes Mrs. Burton Kingsland in the 1901 version of Etiquette for All Occasions. However, other men wear their wedding band on their right ring finger based on religious tradition, as is tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church or out of personal preference.

How much should a men’s wedding ring cost?

There is no rule of thumb or right amount to spend on a men’s wedding ring. A simple stainless steel wedding ring can cost as little as $49, while a luxury diamond-encrusted platinum band for men can run more than $12,000. A wedding band for men should be chosen based on the groom’s personal preferences and the couple’s budget. Couples may seek to match the groom’s wedding band to their partner’s wedding ring style.

How do you measure a man’s wedding ring size?

There are several different ways to measure a man’s wedding ring size. Order a free ring sizer from online men’s wedding ring destinations like Ring Bear, Manly Brands, Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth or Hitched. Buy a cheap ring sizer from Amazon. Go to a local jeweler to have it professionally-measured. Or keep it secret by wrapping a string once-around your guy’s finger and measuring the length or utilizing a printable ring sizer from Manly Brands or Brilliant Earth.

How often should wedding rings be cleaned?

Men’s Health suggests cleaning a man’s wedding ring once per month. If you choose to clean your ring yourself, make sure to consider the material the ring is made from. For example, you’ll want to avoid submerging wood rings for men in water or using a firm-bristled brush to clean a gold ring. Personally, I prefer to bring my ring in once or twice a year to a professional jeweler to be polished.

Where can I find men’s wedding rings near me?

Online review site Yelp is an excellent place to discover highly-rated jewelers making wedding rings for men. I relied on word of mouth to find my jeweler. (For those of you in the greater Washington, DC area, I chose Quest Fine Jewelers in Fairfax, Virginia.)

What’s Your Favorite Destination for Men’s Wedding Rings?

Where did you wind up getting your wedding band? Please share your experience with the brands listed here, tell me who I missed, and let me know your view on the materials or styles that you think are best suited for men’s wedding bands. Thanks for reading.

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