ribbed-tee-v-neck-undershirtUndershirts are usually an afterthought. You probably are loyal to a favorite brand without really remembering why, and without having evaluated alternatives in recent memory.  Entrepreneurs like Mike Schwarz, CEO of men’s undershirt retailer RibbedTee, are giving men a good reason to try something new.

The company’s signature product is a stretchy, lightly ribbed white t-shirt, available in crew and v-neck and made in America for under twenty dollars.

RibbedTee’s goal is “to offer unique Made-in-USA products that offer the best fit, feel, and function within their price class,” says Mike, who is pictured below.  “In other words, if you bought a $15 undershirt from us, we believe it would be one of the best undershirts you’ve ever worn within that price range.”

Features like 2×1 ribbed knit, 100 percent supima cotton, a long cut that doesn’t bunch or come untucked, and a tagless made-in-America label make the brand stand out.  At $18, the price is comparable to what you would pay at a department store for a high-end brand.

RibbedTee sent over a couple of shirts to Modern Fellows at no cost for the purposes of a review.

Despite initial misgivings about wearing a textured undershirt, it’s really comfortable.  The shirt is a little stretchy, fits snugly and stays put, and the v-neck is deep enough to disappear under a dress shirt.


As CEO, he oversees a corporate entity — RibbedTee Designs, LLC – that includes a portfolio of ecommerce companies. Beyond RibbedTee.com, his online properties also include getDeogo.com, UnderShirtless.com, and HANDeBand.com. While the brands engage in some cross promotion, Schwarz keeps the brands largely silo-ed.

Prior to founding RibbedTee, Mike helped define the functionality, user experience, and product marketing direction for Internet-based applications. He started his first online business in 2001 as a publisher, releasing a book his dad wrote before he passed away.

Mike says his company is “very fortunate,” and reports that the business continues to grow each year.

This month, the company will release a limited edition “Retro Fit” triblend of polyester, cotton, and rayon fibers, which was originally inspired by a vintage undershirt made in the 60s and 70s, pitching it as a cool product from the past.


Later this year, it will unveil an athletic performance shirt, constructed from a high-performance fabric blend “that no other company in the world currently offers,” says Mike.

For now, Mike is focused on growing his customer base, building loyalty by providing an exceptional customer experience. “As with other up-and-coming brands,” he emphasizes that “we are highly focused on offering best-in-class customer service as well as super-fast shipping.”

Photo credits: Feature photo and image of Mike Schwarz courtesy of RibbedTee. 

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