Below are a couple of things to keep in mind about Modern Fellows (MF):

We hope you trust what you read here

MF is committed to offering unbiased reviews and generating honest impressions about professional style.  While a number of features and reviews published on this site are based on products that were paid for or received as a gift from family or friends, or cover brands discovered in stores or online, MF may accept a product for free from a company that is written about on this site.  If a product is provided for free, that fact will be disclosed in the article.

Modern Fellows may benefit from affiliate programs, advertising and sponsorships

MF may seek to generate income by participating in affiliate programs or through other advertising or sponsorship relationships.  Affiliate and advertising programs enable publishers to earn a commission if a reader clicks on certain links on their website or purchases a product or service after clicking through certain links.

As an Amazon Associate MF earns a commission from qualifying purchases.  MF also currently maintains active affiliate relationships with companies including Bonobos, Brooks Brothers, Knot Standard, Ledbury, Nordstrom, Proper Cloth, Taft, Trunk Club, Unsimply Stitched and Warby Parker.  MF also uses Skimlinks to help automate the process of associating affiliate links to products.  Through Skimlinks, MF has indirect access to a number of other affiliate programs with whom Skimlinks maintains a direct relationship.

MF also displays advertising through Google AdSense.

Additional Third Party Vendors

MF may utilize tracking cookies and/or “pixels” from third party vendors, for example including Facebook, Google and Pinterest, to gain customer insights and/or track conversions. Visit our Privacy Policy for more information on specific services MF utilizes.

Civility is important

Modern Fellows strives to adhere to a civil tone and to encourage open discourse and exchanges of ideas — an increasing challenge in a world where digital anonymity can encourage incivility — but is not responsible for the content of any comments posted by others on this blog.

Your privacy is important

Modern Fellows’ privacy policy can be found here.

Information on this website is subject to change

Information on this website, including in pages, disclosures and previously-published posts, may change without notice.

Why this matters

Some of the information contained in this page originated in response to guidance issued by the Federal Trade Commission indicating that bloggers must disclose “material connections” between advertisers and publishers, which includes receiving “an in-kind payment” — for example, a free sample — to review a product or service.  While a number of bloggers have griped about this requirement, as a general matter, disclosing when a review is based on a free product seems appropriate. The exercise of sitting down and writing this disclosure also provides a useful opportunity for publishers to emphasize what they believe in, why they write, and why a reader should trust what they write. To that end, notwithstanding the emergence of online social networking, the world seems to be becoming a lot less social.  Creating, maintaining and writing Modern Fellows is a great way to get to know an impressive community of talented entrepreneurs and innovative retailers who make and sell the clothes that are improving the way men dress in the digital age.

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