The Best (and Cheapest) Chinos for Men? Try These 24 Stylish Alternatives to Brooks Brothers.

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Looking for the best chinos or khakis for men? Discover these stylish alternatives to Brooks Brothers for a spectrum ranging from cheap chinos to the best “affordable luxury” chinos.

Consider the below options for more modern and affordable alternatives to Brooks Brothers.

These stylish men’s clothing companies offer some fine-looking chinos that can transition from the office to the bar, along with compelling business models, often for under $100.

Price comparison: The best and cheapest chinos

The chart below compares prices for men’s chinos from a range of stylish men’s clothing brands. (You can click through the links in the chart to browse and purchase the chinos directly.)

The cheapest chinos for men may not necessarily be the best value, however. Below the chart, I dive into a number of the brands in more detail.

While I have included several options for stretchy performance chino pants in the table below, if you’re looking specifically for chinos made from technical fabrics, check out my in-depth guide to performance fabrics and workleisure clothing for men and women and separate post on athleisure alternatives to lululemon.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-fit Wrinkle-Resistant Flat-Front Chino PantCheck Amazon
Target Men’s Hennepin Chinos by Goodfellow and Co$22.99
Dickies Men’s Original 874 Work Pant$24.99
Check Amazon
Spier and Mackay Signature Khaki Pants $39.00
Uniqlo Men’s Slim-Fit Chino Pants$39.90
Amazon Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Washed Chino PantCheck Amazon
Dockers Alpha Men’s Khaki Pants, Slim Fit$59.99
ARKET 100% Organic Cotton Slim Fit Chinos$69.00
Everlane Performance Chino
*Editor’s Choice
Indochino Made-to-Measure 100% Cotton Chinos$79.00
(as low as $50 on sale)
Gustin (Crowdsourced) Duck Canvas Chinos
* See how Gustin works
Frank and Oak Brunswick Slim Chino Pants$89.50
Woodies Custom Stretch Washed Chinos
*Editor’s Choice
Bonobos Stretch-Washed Chinos
*Editor’s Choice
(as low as $48 on sale)
Taylor Stitch Democratic Chinos
*Editor’s Choice
(as low as $68 on sale)
Huckberry’s Flint and Tinder 365 Pants$98.00
Mizzen and Main Baron Performance (Workleisure) Chinos$98.00
Rhone Men’s Workleisure Commuter Pant$128.00
lululemon Commission Pants Warpstreme$129.00
Myles Apparel Tour Chinos (Workleisure)$138.00
Ministry of Supply Momentum Workleisure Men’s Chinos$145.00
Bill’s Khaki’s Original Twill (Made in the USA)$160.00
epaulet Rivet Chinos (Made in the USA)$165.00
UNIS Gio Khakis$198.00

Affordable Chinos Under $100


Editor’s Choice: “There’s a lot of — for lack of a better word — lying in the retail industry,” Everlane co-founder Michael Preysman suggests. “You don’t know where things are made or how they’re made or what the actual costs are.” And in 2010, Preysman, along with co-founder Jesse Farmer, set out to change that.

Through ethical factories and a notion of “radical transparency,” Everlane provides high-quality, conscientiously made garments at reasonable prices. The San Francisco-based company offers a breakdown for the true cost of each item, as well as information about the specific factory where the item was made.

Everlane’s Slim Fit Performance Chinos are made from a 94% Cotton and 6% Elastane stretch fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly.

In my book, these performance chinos are one of the best combinations of fit, style, quality and price, making them an exceptional value for money. These performance chinos are part of Everlane’s Uniform Collection, a group of essential wardrobe basics backed by a 365-day guarantee.

Everlane’s Performance Chinos cost $72.


Editor’s choice: Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly founded Bonobos in 2007 in order to compensate for the lack of good-fitting pants. The two spent countless hours in an attempt to perfect the way mens’ pants were designed. Their solution that took the internet by storm rests in the design of their signature waistband.

The company, since acquired by Walmart, currently hails as the largest U.S. clothing brand to get started as a born-online e-commerce shop. They also sport about 50 Guideshop locations around the United States, including several in the Washington, DC area — like this one in Shaw.

I have to admit that it took me a long time to come around to the value of Bonobos.  When I first tried on their chinos, while visiting Bonobos’ then-temporary pop up guideshop in Bethesda, I wasn’t sold on their fits.  Their classic fit felt too baggy and I just couldn’t nail the fit in their slim or tailored versions.

I have since come around. After visiting two more Guideshops to get a better feel for how their chinos fit, and ordering a slew of chinos to try on at home, I kept a pair of summer-appropriate light blue chinos, and have since bought a couple of other pairs. I also included Bonobos on my list of favorite menswear brands, as I think they’re among the best one-stop-shops for sweaters, business casual shirts and, yes, chino pants.

Be sure you look closely at the material composition though: Bonobos historically has made chinos with 100% cotton fibers, but as of this writing all I see are “stretch” chinos available, which is a blend of cotton and Lycra. I’ve also seen polyester in prior, now-no-longer-available offerings.

Finally, be sure to look at their return policy. I was super-excited to score a pair of stretch washed chinos in mulberry for under $30, but had to abide by their “final sale” policy that states that there are no returns or exchanges on certain purchases.

For a pair of chinos that are equal parts stylish and comfortable, check out Bonobo’s Stretch Washed Chinos. They’re made from a cotton-lycra blend and are available in tailored, slim, athletic and straight, as well as in a ton of classic and trendy colors. As of this writing, they are available on their website going for $48-$98.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos cost $98 (and as low as $48 on sale).

Taylor Stitch

Editor’s Choice: For a bespoke look without a visit to a tailor, Taylor Stitch has you immaculately covered. Inspired by a desire for well-fitting, sophisticated clothes, Michael Armenta, Barrett Purdum, and Michael Maher created Taylor Stitch in a San Francisco apartment in 2008.

Bemoaning the “overbuilt” nature of other brands, Taylor Stitch aims to make clothes that fit simply and beautifully for all of life’s occasions. Implementing an innovative crowdsourcing platform for new collections they call The Workshop, Taylor Stitch is reducing waste by only producing what consumers want.

In their essentials line of products (available without crowd funding), the elegantly sleek Democratic Chinos stand out. Made in Spain with a durable 9.5 oz brushed twill, these pants have comfortable and tailored fit. With the unique detail of vintage San Francisco maps lining the pockets, these $98 slacks make a nice addition to your wardrobe.

Taylor Stitch’s Democratic Chinos cost $98.

Flint and Tinder by Huckberry

Huckberry was founded Andy Forch and Richard Greiner over a chairlift in Sqaw Valley in 2010 to create a brand for young men in the city like themselves that would serve as a mashup of store, magazine and inspiration to get outdoors. The company was born from 100% sweat equity from the duo and has proven to have built something made to last. The company snapped up fellow startup Flint and Tinder in 2016, a brand best known for made-in-American underwear and the “10 year hoodie,”

Made in a sustainable factory in Indonesia from a 98% cotton and spandex stretch blend, Flint and Tinder’s 365 Pants are available in slim, standard and tapered fits and are a stylish, stretchy, and comfortable pair of chinos for $98.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants cost $98.

Made-to-Measure 100% Cotton Chinos from Indochino

Canadian menswear startup Indochino announced an expansion into casual wear and has started selling made-to-measure chinos to complement its online offerings of custom suits and tuxedos.

Remarkably, Indochino is one of the few companies selling 100% cotton chinos. (Just about everyone else has jumped to “stretch” cotton blend fabrics that include performance fabrics like lycra, spandex or elastine.)

For more on the brand, look inside an Indochino showroom, see Modern Fellows’ interview with former CEO Kyle Vucko and review their traveling tailor’s visit to Washington, DC.

Indochino’s 100% cotton made-to-measure chinos cost $79.

Frank and Oak

Socially conscious Canadian company Frank and Oak is creating thoughtfully designed clothing from sustainable materials.

Founded by friends Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani in 2012, Frank and Oak hopes to provide an elegant yet comfortable wardrobe. Their And* campaign seeks to spread a message of inclusion, tearing down divisive walls and building up community. In addition to providing jobs for women in need, $5 of every And* purchase goes to Equitas, an organization which seeks to end poverty and injustice around the world. Frank and Oak also offers a monthly clothing subscription plan for the man too busy to shop. 

Frank and Oak’s Brunswick Slim Fit Chinos fit slim in the legs and hips and are constructed from a stretchable twill fabric made from 98% recycled cotton and 2% spandex.

Frank and Oak’s Brunswick Slim Fit Chinos cost $89.50.


Tom Kay founded Finisterre back in 2003 as a British shop for surfers and sea lovers to buy specialized fleeces to protect against chilly winds. Today, the brand offers a range of stylish and sustainable apparel with functionality in mind for men and women. The headquarters are off the beaten path in St Agnes, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, but they have a shop in London and offer worldwide shipping from their website

Finisterre’s Koerner Trousers (aka chinos)are a great pick if you’re looking for a classic style chino made of a soft, slightly-stretchy blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. They are made in China and are designed for comfort and durability. The Koerner chinos feature buttoned workwear style pockets for a more casual look.

Finisterre’s Koerner Trousers cost $95.

Where to Find Cheap Chinos Under $50

Goodthreads and Amazon Essentials

Amazon continues to expand its menswear offerings and now has two private labels that produce affordable chinos for men.

Amazon Essentials, the company’s entry line, has classic fit, wrinkle-resistant, flat front chino pants for just $20, though that price-point delivers 60% Cotton/40% Polyester clothing.

Goodthreads is the next step up in Amazon’s private label that the Seattle-based retailer advertises as a “go-to for wardrobe staples with the style you want.” Goodthreads 5 pocket chino pants are 99% cotton twill with a hint of spandex and a “jean-inspired silhouette.” Amazon is appealing to J.Crew and Banana Republic enthusiasts with this line of pants.

Goodfellow & Co from Target

I’ve been really impressed with the look of Target’s Goodfellow & Co line of menswear. I have had many more chances to look closely at the brand since they opened a small-footprint Target store in my Tenleytown neighborhood in Washington, DC. 

Goodfellow and Co’s Hennepin straight-fit chino pants, a mix of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, look pretty sleek for under $25. They’re a relatively thicker material, which is good for the winter. I’ve tried them on and they just don’t fit quite right (they’re tight in the waist but baggy in the hips), but you might have better luck.

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