The Best Dress Shirt for Men? Here are 23 Phenomenal Choices.

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Who makes the best dress shirt for men? As you refresh your back-to-work or work-from-home wardrobe, below are 23 dress shirt options for different budgets, preferences and situations, from affordable slim fit to stretchy performance fabrics perfect for working from home.

That question is impossible to address definitively, because the answer depends on how you prioritize fit, fabric quality, style, design features, price, convenience and returns.

The menswear companies below make up a small slice of a larger ecosystem of innovative men’s style brands that are helping men dress sharp in the digital age.

This article has grown over time, so use the following table of contents as a guide:

Off the Rack Dress Shirts for Men

The  easiest, and most practical, option for men is to buy a “ready to wear” dress shirt off-the-rack online or in a brick-and-mortar store.


Richmond, Virginia-based menswear startup Lebury has to be my favorite destination for off-the-rack dress shirts.  Let’s not stop there. Ledbury is one of my favorite destinations for menswear period. Their shirt styles, colors and patterns are unique and among the best I’ve ever found online or in person. Stop by Ledbury’s stores in Richmond or Washington, DC’s Georgetown neighborhood if you’re in either city. Shirts from $98.

Hugh and Crye

Washington, DC-based Hugh and Crye makes a range of professional, Oxford and business casual button down shirts for men.

Their shirts feature an innovative fit system: Choose from 12 unique options that combine size (tall, average or short) with fit (skinny, slim, athletic or broad) that get you close to a custom fit. (My fit is short and slim, and it really does fit better than off-the-rack shirts.) Their fit system makes it one of the best dress shirts for an athletic build. Professional shirts from $85.



The company may be best known for chinos, but Bonobos also offers a nice line-up of “Daily Grind” dress shirts for men, priced from $98.

One nice feature is the ability to visit a Bonobos guide shop to see how their clothes fit. Another is the ability to select a specific sleeve length down to the inch (32, 33, 34, etc).

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers offers a versatile selection of 6 different fits including extra-slim, fitted, classic, relaxed and big-and-tall. They also offer a variety of fabrics that dictate price points, from BrooksCool to the Brooks Brothers Luxury Collection to the Golden Fleece collection. Prices range from $69.50 for a Milano slim fit dress shirt to $225 per shirt for the Golden Fleece collection.

The company has been innovating since 1818, though its bankruptcy filing has men looking for similar alternatives to Brooks Brothers. Still, one of the nice things about the bricks-and-clicks brand is the ability to walk into one of its many physical stores like Brooks Brothers’ concept store in Georgetown.

Taylor Stitch

You won’t find crisp sea island cotton shirts at Taylor Stitch. What you will find are attractive solid oxford shirts, made from burly oxford fabric, and appropriate for work for $98.


Twillory’s startup roots date all the way back to 19th Century Germany. Today, based in Long Island, Ricardo Goldschmidt, Harry Cedarbaum, Asher Weinberger and Eli Blumstein run the business that stemmed from a shirting business founded by Goldschmidt’s great-grandfather. Shirts from $99, or bundle 4 shirts for $54.99 each.

Todd Snyder

Iowa-born fashion entrepreneur Todd Snyder maintains an enviable list of high-quality, not-inexpensive clothing for men. Todd Snyder is one of my all-time-favorite menswear brands, though the threads are definitely a splurge.

Todd Snyder specializes in collaborations with iconic and innovative brands from Champion to Timex to the Peanuts gang. For dress shirting, Todd Snyder sells made-in-America dress shirts in collaboration with Hamilton Shirts, and is the exclusive U.S. outlet for Emanuele Maffeis’ hand-finished Italian shirting. Shirts from $195 (potentially less when on sale).

Mott & Bow  

Mott & Bow has a nice selection of semi-spread and button down collared shirts for men that are appropriate for the office, featuring 100% cotton fabric from renowned Italian mill Albiate.

Dandy & Son 

Base in Oslo, Norway, Dandy and Son specializes in dress shirts for men with an extreme cutaway collar. It’s a bold, British-inspired look. (They also have less-extreme cutaway collars.) Shirts start at $59 and sometimes less on sale.

Batch Men 

Batch specializes in utility shirts. Traditionally, utility shirts are more casual, with a two front pocket design.  Batch has a dressed-up line-up of work utility shirts featuring premium materials that could be appropriate for a business casual environment.

Suit Supply

Netherlands-based Suit Supply has always been fashion-forward. It’s dress shirts, like its suits, have a little bit of an edge.  Some feature flash patterns, colors or cutaway collars (some feature all three).  If you live near a store, like Suit Supply’s Washington, DC shop in the Georgetown Four Seasons, you can try on a shirt in person. Shirts from $99.

Affordable Dress Shirts for Men under $50

Since it’s not practical (for most of us anyway) to buy a closet-full of expensive dress shirts, I wanted to break out a separate category of affordable dress shirts under $50.

You’re not going to find Thomas Mason fabrics at a price point of less than $50, but there are a number of brands who have built a solid reputation on delivering quality at an affordable price.

Charles Tyrwhitt

I’m convinced that Charles Tyrwhitt is one of the best dress shirt brands you can buy for under $50. Founded by serial British entrepreneur Nicolas Wheeler in 1986, Charles Tyrwhitt is famous for its 4 shirts for $199 deal, which works out to just under $50 per dress shirt. Their shirts have held up exceptionally well for me over the years. (I prefer their extra slim fit, as even the regular slim fit can be blousey.) I also own several Charles Tyrwhitt neckties that I love.

Brooks brothers linen sports coat review

Brooks Brothers 3 for $149 or 4 for $199 deal

Brooks Brothers, already mentioned above, has at times matched Charles Tyrwhitt’s offer of 4 dress shirts for $199 or advertised 3 shirts for $149. These offers appear to come-and-go so check out Brooks Brothers’ website for the latest offers.

Buttoned Down and Goodthreads

Buttoned Down and Goodthreads are two of Amazon’s Prime Fashion Brands for men.  Both of Amazon’s house brands offer button-down dress shirts for men, including Buttoned Down’s supima cotton non-iron dress shirt and Goodthreads’ “The Perfect Oxford Shirt.”


Uniqlo makes super-cheap dress shirts for men. Choose from slim or regular fit and either 100% cotton “super non iron” or “easycare,” which includes a 4% spandex blend for stretch. Dress shirts start at $29.90 or potentially less on sale.

Custom Dress Shirts for Men

Off-the-rack dress shirts might be the easiest option, but bespoke or made-to-measure dress shirts will produce a better, custom fit.

In particular, made-to-measure might be the best dress shirt option for skinny guys or men with an athletic build.  For more background on the dizzying array of bespoke and made-to-measure clothing, see Modern Fellow’s complete guide to custom.

Here are several options for custom-made dress shirts:


Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth is a master of custom dress shirts for men. Once you get your measurements and fit preferences right and that first shirt feels perfect, it is a breeze to order new ones. Founder Seph Skerritt and his team take great pictures, have a useful customer review system in place, and offer an enviable array of fabrics and options in a format that doesn’t overwhelm. Shirts from $85. See Modern Fellows’ review of Proper Cloth dress shirts for men for more, and get a $20 discount off of your first order with this link.

Ratio Clothing

Ratio Clothing founder Eric Powell runs a great company out of Colorado, and there is a lot to recommend about his shirts. For one, Ratio Clothing’s shirts are ethically-made in America yet don’t cost a fortune. In addition, Eric’s goal is to make ordering a custom fit shirt from Ratio Clothing as easy as ordering from by enabling customers to quickly create a custom “size blueprint.” Finally, Ratio has a wide variety of unique and colorful shirts, including campus oxfords and old school J Crew-like flannels.

Black Lapel

Black Lapel is one my favorite online custom tailors for suits. I’ve had the chance to wear and review a number of Black Lapel’s made-to-measure suits for men.  I’ve also had a chance to try Black Lapel’s white twill dress shirt ($139), which is a heavier weight option perfect for fall and winter, that has held up exceptionally well over more than 5 years of wear.

Alton Lane, Blank Label, Indochino, etc.

There are countless other online custom tailors who can make made-to-measure dress shirts. Choose from brands including Alton Lane, Apposta, Blank Label, Deo Veritas (see my interview with founder Vinnie Sikka), Hockerty, Indochino, Knot Standard and Lanieri, an Italian startup that delivers custom suits (and shirts) using premium fabrics.

Menswear shops with a brick and mortar presence including Brooks Brothers, Ledbury and Suit Supply also cut made-to-measure shirts. (Take a look inside the Suit Supply in DC’s Georgetown neighborhood to get a glimpse of their made to measure lab.)

High Bar Shirt Company

Based in Newark, NJ, the High Bar Shirt Company was a family-owned company that had been making shirts since 1933.  The company was known for providing made-to-measure shirts for former MLB and NFL stars and broadcasters including Howie Long and David Ortiz. Sadly, the High Bar Shirt Company closed, another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic that has rocked retail and fashion.

Performance Stretch Dress Shirts for Men

Tech fabric with stretch is being implemented in everything from activewear to underwear to suits, observes DC style professional Robert Ordaway.  While the trend began with lululemon and similar brands producing workout wear and athleisure clothing, technical fabrics can be found in everything these days. (See my guide to professional performance clothing for men and women for a deeper dive into the trend.)

Stretch fabrics have also resulted in a range of “professional performance dress shirts.” These stretchy, comfortable dress shirts made from technical fabrics are perfect for Zoom calls and working from home.


Ministry of Supply

The brainchild of a group of students at MIT, Ministry of Supply uses space-age materials (like the kind that regulate astronauts’ body temperature) in its line of performance professional button-down dress shirts.  In the midst of the COVID19 crisis, the innovative company has also been donating to hospitals and producing reusable, washable face masks for personal use.  I had a chance to interview co-founder Aman Advani, and asked him to recommend a shirt from Ministry of Supply to someone who has never tried the brand.  Aman told me that,

“Our signature Apollo dress shirt is the place to start. Made with NASA phase change materials, the breathable, wrinkle-resistant shirt is 19 times more breathable than traditional cotton and regulates your core temperature in real-time.”

Aman Advani, CEO, Ministry of Supply

You can see an up-close view of the Apollo dress shirt’s fabric in the photo above, which is constructed from a Polyester-and-PCM-infused-Polyester blend.

Tommy John

Best known for their undershirts and underwear, Tommy Johns makes stretch performance dress shirts from a ComfortStrength™ thread fabric of 72% Cotton, 23% Nylon, and 5% Spandex. Their tech fabric shirts also feature InvisiGrip® technology to keep you “streamlined, tailored, and always tucked in.” The shirts cost $128. See my interview with founder Tom Patterson for more about Tommy John and why he thinks the right underwear can change your life.

Mizzen and Main

Mizzen and Main is well-known for its performance fabric clothing. It makes a wide range of performance dress shirts for men that feature a quick dry tech fabric made of an 85% Polyester 85% and 15% Spandex 15% blend. Shirts from $125.


Named after the Rhone River in Europe, Rhone specializes in clothing made from performance fabrics. Perhaps better known for men’s activewear, Rhone’s commuter dress shirt features a lightweight Italian fabric that wicks moisture and contains Nylon & Elastane. It costs $118.

State and Liberty

Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie founded State and Liberty after meeting at the University of Michigan. They specialize in athletic-fit dress shirts and other professional performance wear made from technical fabrics. Their $90 Springer Solid White Performance Dress Shirt looks crisp and clean.

Following the trend of a number of digital-first brands who have opened physical stores, State and Liberty has opened several brick-and-mortar locations including in Washington, DC.

What is your favorite dress shirt for men?

Who did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

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