The Best Places to Buy Ties for Men? Here are My 10 Favorite Options.

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Neckties are a critical finishing touch for a suit and one of the few places where men can express some personality. These 10 innovative men’s clothing companies below offer some of the best options to buy ties for men.

Just a couple of notes before diving in:

  1. I’ve found neckties to be one of the easiest ways to take a chance on a new retailer or to venture abroad.  For most of the other pieces of clothing in my closet, when I know I need something particular, it’s frankly more comfortable and convenient to shop state-side from innovative retailers like Bonobos, Ledbury and Wolf and Shepherd. But there are a wealth of innovative companies in the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand and in the United States who make interesting and unique ties that are worth checking out.
  2. My preferred width for ties is 7 centimeters or 2.75 inches. For me, anything narrower is too skinny and not appropriate for my day-to-day, and anything over 3 inches is way too wide for my frame.  Everyone has their preference, and I wanted to express mine going in.

With that, here are, in my opinion, the best places to buy neckties for men online from among dozens and dozens of interesting men’s fashion brands:


What can I say about Ledbury that I haven’t already said? I think Richmond-based menswear startup Ledbury’s modern take on British-tailoring-cum-southern-charm makes the direct-to-consumer retailer one of the best overall options for menswear around. It’s on my list of editor’s picks for menswear and tops my list of the best options for men’s dress shirts. They also make super-attractive neckties that are designed in Richmond, woven in Italy and hand-made in the USA (in New York).

Spier and Mackay

Canada-based menswear startup Spier and Mackay may be best known for their affordable yet luxurious suits, but they also house a nice set of options for ties for men.

The Nines

When I’m looking for a new tie, one of the first places I search is the Nines, a Paris-based retailer of neckties, cufflinks, socks, dress shirts, ties and more.  The Nines was founded by friends Erwan Desvignes et Renaud Martel, who had met in Sweden and jumped into menswear in France. I’ve had a chance to visit their shops in Paris and order several ties from the company. Many of their ties are 8 cm, which is a tad wider than my preferred width of 7cm (around 2.75 inches).

The Dark Knot

The Dark Knot is a menswear startup that makes luxurious, small-batch hand-made neckties. They don’t have a huge selection, but offer small runs of woven silk, printed silk, grenadine, silk knitted, and wool ties. Happily, you can filter ties by width. At 2 5/8 inches, their “skinny ties” are the perfect width for me. Take 25% discount off orders of the Dark Knot’s Luxury Line using discount code SHARELUXURY.

Drake’s Haberdasher

Sigh. If only I could afford Drake’s ties.  Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Drake’s haberdasher manufactures from East London and is best known for its fabulous and expensive selection of knitted, woven and grenadine ties. I love perusing their shop just off Savile Row in London.  You can find Drake’s ties on the company’s website, and at high end and specialty menswear retailers including the fantastic No Man Walks Alone as well as Mr. Porter and menswear magazine-cum-curated retailer The Rake.

Kent Wang

Kent Wang makes beautiful and unique ties. They come in interesting and mostly subtle-but-not-boring fabrics, patterns, colors and textures including navy wool donegal and burgundy cashmere herringbone. The ties clock in at under $100 (mostly around $75-85), making them more affordable then, say Drake’s. Customers can select either a slim width of 3 inches or traditional width of 3.5 inches (yikes!). My only wish is that Kent made ties in a 2.75 inch width.

Chipp Neckwear

As I wrote back in 2014, Chipp Neckwear founder Paul Winston is a throwback to an earlier time.  Paul makes and sells a nice range of grenadine, ancient madder and “conversation piece” printed silk ties from his storefront and Chipp Neckwear’s online e-commerce site out of New York City.  I wish he’d make his ties in a width narrower than 3.25 inches, but that’s my only complaint.

Augustus Hare

UK-based Augustus Hare makes especially good-looking knitted ties (the ones with square tips) in a width of 7 cm (2.75 inches), as well as woven and printed silk ties, cuff links, pocket squares and socks.

Sam Hober and Benjamin Hober

The Hober Family (David, Noi, Benjamin & Samantha (Sam)) make an incredible variety of custom ties from Thailand. As they note on the Sam Hober website, Sam Hober “can make a tie with any length, width or shape that you request, including custom made 7 fold ties, and 6 fold ties” (aka 7 fold ties). Their website is the complete opposite of slick, but it’s user friendly enough and sufficient for the Hobers to convey a lot of information about A LOT of different bespoke neckties for men. The family maintains a separate web property, Benjamin Hober, that sells ready-to-wear ties (aka ready-made ties).

Foundation Menswear

Joe Hakim founded micro-brand Foundation Menswear just outside of Detroit Michigan after being frustrated by wading through low quality mall brands and overpriced luxury labels. He is also the founder of A Modest Gent, and has an eye for fashion  I like the look and variety of his slim paisley, knit and plaid ties. At around $40, his ties are also very reasonably priced.

Who makes your favorite neckties?

What brands are missing from this list? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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