The 40 Best Places to Buy Stylish Ties for Men in 2024

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The demise of the necktie is greatly exaggerated. Explore my favorite options for ties for men for every budget, from Tie Bar to Todd Snyder.

Men’s ties are a critical finishing touch for a suit and one of the few places where guys can express some personality.

The stylish men’s clothing companies below are some of the best stores to buy neckties online.

The Short Answer: The 9 best places to buy ties for men

Among the dozens of options for men’s neckties reviewed in this article, I recommend you begin with these:

The absolute best value neckties on the planet: Tie Bar

It is hard to beat Tie Bar for their exceptional combination of value, style, quality and variety. The company offers an incredible selection of stylish and extremely affordable ties, starting at just $18. I love that they offer many ties in multiple widths from super-skinny to regular.

The best everyday ties for men: Charles Tyrwhitt and Bonobos

UK-based Charles Tyrwhitt maintains an outstanding variety of stylish everyday neckties for men. While Bonobos tends to specialize in business casual clothing for men, they also have a nice selection of men’s ties. I’ve found both companies produce ties that knot very well.

The best one-stop-shop for men’s ties: Nordstrom

Nordstrom is one of my favorite destinations to search for everything from stylish men’s ties online to designer luxury sneakers. The Washington State-based retailer carries an impressive selection of Nordstrom house brands alongside labels like Suit Supply, Cufflinks Inc., Zegna, Hugo Boss, and Ferragamo.

The best premium neckties for men: Drake’s and Todd Snyder

Drake’s makes an awe-inspiring range of premium neckties in East London, including an impressive selection of knitted, woven and grenadine ties. Drake’s is my favorite place to find the best luxury neckties.

Todd Snyder is a fantastic option for luxury, hand-stitched neckties for men. Their traditional-width (3.25 inch) ties are made in Italy and feature high-end fabrics like wool flannel and silk in handsome, often-muted colors and patterns.

The best one-stop-shop for luxury neckties: Mr. Porter and Ssense

Montreal-based luxury fashion platform Ssense carries an impressive range of neckties from luxury brands starting at just $95. Look to Ssense for luxury labels including Burberry, Etro, Paul Smith, Ferragamo, Thom Brown, Givenchy and Versace.

Luxury online retailer Mr. Porter carries premium neckties from the likes of Berluti, Brunello Cucinelli, Charvet, Gucci, Kingsman, Lanvin, Turnbull and Asser, Missoni, Rubinacci, and Saint Laurent.

The best custom necktie destination: Sam Hober

Sam Hober makes custom neckties in whatever length, width or shape you want and offers a tremendous variety of ties made from grenadine, cotton, cashmere, herringbone wool, grosgrain silk and (much) more.

Photo courtesy of Tie Bar

Take a chance on a necktie

I’ve found neckties to be one of the easiest ways to take a chance on a new retailer or to venture abroad. 

For most of the other pieces of clothing in my closet, when I know I need something particular, it’s frankly more comfortable and convenient to shop state-side from innovative retailers with U.S. operations like Bonobos, Charles Tyrwhitt, Ledbury, Nordstrom and Wolf and Shepherd.

But there are a wealth of innovative and often-small businesses in the UK, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand and in the United States who make interesting and unique ties that are worth checking out.

What is the best width for a necktie?

The best width for a necktie will vary based on your size and preferences.

I favor slim-but-not skinny ties because they look best on my relatively slim-and-shorter frame.

For me, the best necktie width is 7 centimeters or 2.75 inches. Anything narrower is too skinny and not appropriate for my day-to-day professional life, and anything over 3 inches is way too wide for my frame. 

Someone who is taller may find that a 3.25 inch tie (or wider) is more appropriate for their frame.

From left-to-right, a comparison of necktie widths of 2.75, 3.00 and 3.25 inches.

How much should men’s ties cost?

Men’s neckties can cost anywhere from about $15 to $300 or more.

Who makes the cheapest neckties?

I have seen ties on sale at for as low as $12.50, and Tie Bar sells a range of excellent ties for just $18.

Who makes the most expensive neckties?

On the other end of the spectrum, ties from Drake’s can cost $165 to $225, ties from Tom Ford cost around $270 at Neiman Marcus, and Title of Work’s small-batch neckties made in New York can cost as much as $1,500.

Chart: Comparing the cost of men’s neckties

This chart compares the cost of neckties for men online:

CompanyTie WidthCost
The Tie Bar Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
2 – 3.25 inchesfrom $18
Spier and Mackay Ties 3.3 inchesfrom $35
The Nines Neckties for Men2.75 – 3.14 inchesfrom $36
Nordstrom (various brands)
* Editor’s Choice
variousfrom $38
Wilmok Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
^ Save 10% with MODERNFELLOWS
3.14 inchesfrom $43 ^
Foundation Menswear (via Etsy)2.75 or 3 inchesfrom $45
OTAA Necktiesfrom 2.55 to 3.35from $45
Chipp Neckwear3.25 inchesfrom $45
Charles Tyrwhitt Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
2.5 – 3.14 inchesfrom $49
The Dark Knot Small-Batch Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
^ 20% off sitewide with TDK20
2.75 – 3.25 inchesfrom $58 ^
Kent Wang Ties2.75, 3, or 3.5 inchesfrom $65
Bonobos Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
2.75 or 3 inchesfrom $68
Sam Hober Ties
* Editor’s Choice
customfrom $85
Ledbury neckties3.25 inches$98
Augustus Hare2.36, 2.75, or 3.14 inchesfrom 89 pounds
Drake’s Handmade neckties
* Editor’s Choice
3.14 inchesfrom $165
Salvatore Ferragamo Ties
* Editor’s Choice
3 or 3.25 inchesfrom $174
Title of Work Neckties (via Nieman Marcus)2.36 – 2.5 inchesfrom $175
Tom Ford Neckties (via Nieman Marcus)2.75 – 3.51 inchesfrom $226

Where to buy neckties for men

With that in mind, here are more than a dozen of my favorite places to buy neckties for men.

A knit tie from Tie Bar.

Tie Bar

Greg and Gina Shugar founded Tie Bar out of Chicago in 2004 (and since sold the company to a private equity firm) with a laser-like focus on providing quality yet cheap neckties for men. The Tie Bar has a wide selection of very stylish and very affordable ties.

I love that many of their ties are available in multiple widths, ranging from super-skinny (2 inches) to skinny (2.5 inches) to slim (3 inches) to regular (3.25 inches), though they manage to skip over the best possible width for a tie (2.75 inches).

In March 2021, Tie Bar launched an incubator program to partner with emerging designers, beginning with Whitney Michel. They opened a series of brick-and-mortar shops around the United States, though pulled back from that effort as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Look inside the now-shuttered Tie Bar showroom in Washington, DC.)

While their ties all look great, I’ve had a mixed experience with their knots. The knot on one knitted tie I bought is comically large no matter what I do, the result of too-thick material and lining. Others have resulted in much better looking knots.

Tie Bar neckties start at just $18.


Nordstrom is my favorite retailer for the digital age thanks to its outstanding customer service, website functionality, and free shipping and return policies. The Washington State-based retailer features its own brands alongside traditional and up-and-coming men’s clothing companies, making it a great one-stop-shop to discover new brands.

Nordstrom is a fantastic place to buy men’s ties online. In addition to ties from their own labels, Nordstrom features ties from companies including Suit Supply, Ted Baker London, Canali, Bruello Cucinelli, Cufflinks Inc., Eton and David Donahue, Boss, and Salvador Ferragamo.

My favorite part of Nordstrom’s website is that you can filter ties by width. There is an option to see neckties that measure between 2.75 and 3 inches in width (my favorite). (Update: Nordstrom appears to have removed this functionality. Boo.)

Charles Tyrwhitt

UK-based Charles Tyrwhitt may be best known for its affordable dress shirts for men, but the company is also an excellent option for quality, cheap neckties.

Founded in 1986 by Nicholas Wheeler, I’m convinced that Charles Tyrwhitt is one of the best dress shirt brands you can buy for under $50. I first came to know the company via their mail order clothing catalogs and inserts into the New York Times, and then through their brick and mortar retail locations in Washington, DC and New York.

Charles Tyrwhitt maintains an extensive selection of ties that come in a variety of fabrics like silk, linen, cotton and wool, as well as patterns and weaves including stripes, polka dots, floral and geometric designs, checks, paisley and grenadine. They also sell stain-resistant ties.

Their standard width ties are 8 cm (3.14 inches), and they also maintain a smaller selection of slim-width ties that are 6.5cm (about 2.5 inches).

Charles Tyrwhitt’s neckties retail for $49 and up, though watch out for frequent sales and multibuys that can lower the cost by 50% or more.


Brothers Shaheen and Fameez Haroon founded OTAA in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 with the understated goal of “creating the world’s greatest clothing company (ever).”

More than a decade later, OTAA has managed to “take eccentricity to the next level” without being garish. The result are extremely affordable, stylish-yet-whimsical neckties for men in hundreds of designs. I love that OTAA offers ties in a variety of traditional and skinny widths. Their ties are made from a range of fabrics including linen, cotton, polyester and microfiber, so be read the details carefully.

Todd Snyder

New York-based Tod Snyder is one of my favorte places to shop for elevated menswear. The high-end fashion brand has everything from business casual outfits to cozy shirt jackets, as well as a range of tailored clothing. I love wanding around Todd Snyder’s physical retail stores.

Todd Snyder offers a rich variety of traditional Italian-made, hand-stitched neckties and pocket squares. Look for stylish-but-muted tones stretching across a lineup that includes solids, stripes and polka-dots, and featuring materials like silk, cotton, linen, cashmere and wool flannel. At 3.25 inches, their ties tend to be on the wider side.

The Dark Knot

The Dark Knot is a menswear startup that makes luxurious, small-batch hand-made neckties. They don’t have a huge selection, but offer small runs of woven silk, printed silk, grenadine, silk knitted, and wool ties.

Happily, you can filter the Dark Knot ties by width. At 2 5/8 inches, their “skinny ties” are the perfect width for me.

The Dark Knot discount code

Some of Bonobos’ neckties are made in America.


Bonobos is a stylish men’s clothing option for a range of cheap chinos, button downs, athleisure and other wardrobe staples. The digital-native retailer also stocks a selection of stylish neckties for men, made variously from silk, linen, and cotton fabrics. (Bonobos is one of my favorite menswear retailers and sells a range of clothing that would fit right in with the Dark and Light Academia fashion trends sweeping social media.)

Bonobos’ neckties for men are made in the United States. They tend to offer neckties in widths of 2.75 inches or 3 inches.

Bonobos neckties start at $68 (but watch out for sales that can bring the cost much lower).

Photo courtesy of Wilmok


Wilmok makes “old school fashion for the modern gentlemen.”

Their gorgeous and affordable ties are handmade in Italy and feature thoughtful details and interesting patterns. Choose from items including a grenadine garza untipped luxury hand-rolled tie in mustard, a flower tie made from recycled plastic, or a shantung untipped navy and burgundy stripped tie.

Wilmok’s standard tie width is 8 cm (3.14 inches), and their ties cost between about $40-95.

Buy direct from Wilmok’s website or from Wilmok’s Etsy shop.

Wilmok discount code

Take 10% off at Wilmok using coupon code MODERNFELLOWS.


Sigh. If only I could afford Drake’s ties.  Founded in 1977 by Michael Drake, Drake’s haberdasher manufactures from East London and is best known for its fabulous and expensive selection of knitted, woven and grenadine ties. I love perusing their shop just off Savile Row in London. 

You can find Drake’s ties on the company’s website, and at high end and specialty menswear retailers including the fantastic Todd Snyder and the also-incredible No Man Walks Alone, as well as Mr. Porter and menswear magazine-cum-retailer The Rake.

Drake’s is an excellent example of where to find the absolute best luxury neckties on the planet.

Spier and Mackay

Canada-based menswear startup Spier and Mackay may be best known for their affordable yet luxurious suits, but they also house a nice collection of cheap ties for men starting from $35.

At 3.3 inches, their standard width ties are much wider than I prefer, but I still love their look.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Dating back to 1927, Italian luxury house Salvatore Ferragamo today produces a range of luxury apparel, leather goods, shoes, suitcases and “soft goods” for men and women.

For men, those “soft goods” includes a wide variety of often-colorful and quirky ties adorned with everything from small horseshoes to subtle cow patterns.

You can find Salvatore Ferragamo ties in a variety of widths, though the most common blade widths are 3 inches or 3.25 inches. (My favorite Ferragamo necktie is a woven silk whose blade measures approximately 2.75.)

Salvatore Ferragamo’s ties tend to cost around $190, though you can find some under $100 on sale at sites like Farfetch, Bloomingdales, and Off Saks.

For more on Ferragamo ties, explore this separate post on where to buy luxury neckties.

Mountain and Sackett

New York City-based Mountain and Sackett has been crafting high-quality, American-made neckties in the Garment District since 1957. The half-century old small business sources high-quality fabrics from Italy and creates a range of interesting and often-colorful patterned ties from materials like cotton, silk and cashmere.

One thing I absolutely love about Mountain and Sackett is that they offer ties in a spectrum of widths from a “narrow” 2 3/4 inch width (my favorite) all the way to a wide 3 1/2 inch width. My favorite is their pale-blue Windslow tie, which gets its texture from a cotton-silk blend fabric.

Foundation Menswear

Joe Hakim founded micro-brand Foundation Menswear just outside of Detroit Michigan after being frustrated by wading through low quality mall brands and overpriced luxury labels.

He is also the founder of A Modest Gent, and has an eye for fashion  I like the look and variety of his slim paisley, knit and plaid ties. At around $40, his ties are also very reasonably priced.

You can shop these ties via Foundation Menswear’s Esty storefront.

Kent Wang

Kent Wang makes beautiful and unique ties. They come in interesting and mostly subtle-but-not-boring fabrics, patterns, colors and textures including navy wool donegal and burgundy cashmere herringbone.

Their ties clock in at under $100 (mostly around $75-85), making them more affordable then, say Drake’s.

The best part? Customers can select either a slim width of 3 inches or traditional width of 3.5 inches (yikes!). My only wish is that Kent made ties in a 2.75 inch width.

The Nines

When I’m looking for a new tie, I often look to the Nines, a Paris-based retailer of neckties, cufflinks, socks, dress shirts, ties and more. 

The Nines was founded by friends Erwan Desvignes et Renaud Martel, who had met in Sweden and jumped into menswear in France. I’ve had a chance to visit their shops in Paris and order several ties from the company.

Many of their ties are 8 cm, which is a tad wider than my preferred width of 7cm (around 2.75 inches).

Chipp Neckwear

As I wrote back in 2014, Chipp Neckwear founder Paul Winston is a throwback to an earlier time.  Paul makes and sells a nice range of grenadine, ancient madder and “conversation piece” printed silk ties from his storefront and Chipp Neckwear’s online e-commerce site out of New York City.  I wish he’d make his ties in a width narrower than 3.25 inches, but that’s my only complaint.

Augustus Hare

UK-based Augustus Hare makes especially good-looking knitted ties (the ones with square tips) in a width of 7 cm (2.75 inches), as well as woven and printed silk ties, cuff links, pocket squares and socks.

Sam Hober Ties

The Hober Family (David, Noi, Benjamin & Samantha (Sam)) make an incredible variety of custom ties from Thailand.

As they note on the Sam Hober website, Sam Hober “can make a tie with any length, width or shape that you request, including custom made 7 fold ties, and 6 fold ties” (aka 7 fold ties).

Their website is the complete opposite of slick, but it’s user friendly enough and sufficient for the Hobers to convey a lot of information about A LOT of different bespoke neckties for men.

I have ordered several custom grenadine neckties from Sam Hober and love every one. (Read more via my review of Sam Hober’s custom neckties.) My family has given me others as a thoughtful gift.

The family had maintained a separate web property, Benjamin Hober, to sell ready-to-wear ties (aka ready-made ties) but the site appeared to be down for maintenance the last time I visited it.


Richmond-based menswear startup Ledbury’s modern take on British-tailoring-cum-southern-charm makes the direct-to-consumer retailer one of the best overall options for menswear around. It’s on my list of editor’s picks for menswear and tops my list of the best options for men’s dress shirts.

They also make super-attractive neckties that are designed in Richmond, woven in Italy and hand-made in the USA (in New York), though, with most at 3.25 inches in width, they tend to be a little wide for me.

Where to buy Grenadine ties

One of my favorite types of neckties is the grenadine silk tie for men. Here is my list of where to find the best and cheapest grenadine neckties online.

Note that, in the chart below, The Tie Bar’s “Grenefaux” ties are not real Grenadine silk, but if you want the look of grenadine ties without the price, they get some love on Reddit for their excellent ratio of value-to-price.

Chart: How much do grenadine ties cost?

As the chart below illustrates, while it is possible to buy a grenadine tie for as low as $50, most grenadine ties sell for between $75 and $195.

Grenadine Ties for MenTie WidthPrice
The Tie Bar “Grenalux” and “Grenafaux” Ties
* Editor’s Choice, but not real Grenadine
2 – 3.25 inches$22
Foundation Neckwear Grenadine Tie in Navy3 inches (7.62cm)$50
Charles Tyrwhitt Silk Grenadine Italian Luxury Tie
* Editor’s Choice
3.14 inches (8 cm)$59
Chipp Neckwear Grenadine Tie3.25 inches (8.25 cm)$60
Kent Wang Grenadine Tie3 or 3.5 inches
(7.62 or 8.89 cm)
Aklasu Grenadine Tie3.25 inches (8.25cm)$80
Wilmok Grenadine Garza hand-rolled necktie
* Editor’s Choice
^ Save 10% with code MODERNFELLOWS
3.14 inches (8 cm)75 Euros ^
Sam Hober Grenadine Grossa Custom Neckties
* Editor’s Choice
Granqvist Untipped Grenadine Fina Tie3.14 inches (8 cm)89 Euros
Besnard Garza Fina Silk Grenadine Tie3.14 inches (8 cm)95 Euros
Beckett and Robb Grenadine Garza Piccola Tie3.14 inches (8 cm)$98
Proper Cloth Navy and Cream Stripe Shantung Grenadine Tie3.25 inches (8.25cm)$100
David Fin Grenadine Prometeo Necktie3.25 inches (8.25cm)$125
Gentleman’s Gazette Classic 3-Fold Grenadine Tie2.75 or 3.5 inches (7 or 8.89cm)$130
Sera Fine Silk Grenadine Tie3.34 inches (8.5cm)125 Euros
Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade Grenadine Fina Tie3.34 inches (8.5cm)$135
BIGI Cravatte Milano Silk & Cashmere fine grenadine tie3.34 inches (8.5 cm)$165
Drake’s Hand-rolled Large Knot Grenadine Tie
* Editor’s Choice
3.14 inches (8cm)$185
The Dark Knot Domaso Grenadine Silk Tie3.25 Inches (8.25cm)$195
Sid Mashburn Silk Grosso Grenadine Untipped Tie3.125 inches (7.93cm)$195

Where to buy Ancient Madder ties

Known for their deep, rich colors, Ancient Madder ties draw inspiration from a dying process used by ancient civilizations.

What is madder?

Madder is a natural, plant-based dye derived from the evergreen Rubia tinctorium plant. Ground madder root has been used since ancient times to dye cotton, silk and other textiles.

While the color is naturally red, the root can be processed to produce a range of pink and purple shades as well.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica:

The dye properties of the madder root appear to have been known from the earliest historical times; cloth dyed with madder has been found on ancient Egyptian mummies, and madder was used for dying the cloaks of Libyan women in the time of Herodotus (5th century BCE).

Encyclopedia Britannica, madder | plant

What are Ancient Madder ties?

Ancient madder ties were originally produced in England using natural madder dyes, traditionally featuring paisley, floral or foulard patterns, which were screen printed onto silk.

The process of creating a proper madder tie is lengthy and time consuming. The Gentleman’s Gazette describes the process:

To produce a blue madder, for example, a natural white base cloth is outlined with a pattern and highlight colors are applied to certain areas. Once the pattern printing is finished, the fabric is immersed in an indigo bath, rendering the omitted areas Madder blue.

Madder Silk, Explained: A Guide to a Distinguished Fabric, Gentleman’s Gazette

Ancient madder ties are characterized by rich colors, a dusty appearance and a smooth, suede-like feel.

Modern madder neckties are produced with synthetic dyestuffs rather than derived from plants.

Chart: How much do Ancient Madder ties cost?

Ancient madder ties for menTie widthPrice
Benson and Clegg Ancient Madder silk ties9.5 cm115 pounds
Budd London madder silk tiesunknown125 pounds
Brunati Como 3-fold Ancient Madder silk ties8 cm$155
Drake’s 36oz Madder Silk Tie8 cm$185
Fort Belvedere Madder print silk ties7 or 9 cm$130
Granqvist untipped Ancient Madder silk ties8 cm98.28 Euros
H.N. White London madder collection ties8 or 9 cm110 pounds
Kirby Allison Sovereign Grade madder ties8.5 or 9 cm$175
Moda Matters Ancient Madder silk ties8 cm$98
Sam Hober madder print silk tiescustom$95
Shibumi hand-rolled ancient madder silk tie8 or 9 cm140 Euros
The Urban Ties Ancient Madder neckties8 cm85 Euros
Viola Milano handprinted Ancient Madder silk tie8 cm148 Euros

Who makes your favorite neckties?

What brands are missing from this list? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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