Review of Liingo Eyewear (and a 25% discount): How Does Their Home-Try On Kit Compare to Warby Parker?

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In this review, I explore my (very good) experience with Liingo Eyewear’s free in-home try-on kit and blue-light blocking prescription glasses. Find out how to get a coupon for 25% off your Liingo Eyewear purchase, and why I think they’re a great option for prescription eyeglasses, especially while working from home.

Disclosure: Liingo provided a pair of eyeglasses to me at no cost.

Exclusive coupon code for 25% off Liingo Eyewear

First thing’s first: Get a discount of 25% off Liingo Eyewear with this link and code MODERNFELLOWS.

But keep reading to find out how Liingo Eyewear stacks up to Warby Parker, Zenni Optical and Eyebuydirect.

About Liingo Eyewear

Entrepreneurs Amy Larson, Brandon Adams, Douglas Harris and Peder Singleton launched startup Liingo Eyewear in Draper, Utah in 2016.

Their journey began with Peder’s shock at paying nearly $400 for a pair of prescription glasses that he didn’t even really like.

Liingo is focused on enabling customers to “tell their stories” through glasses:

Glasses should serve as an outward expression of personality: an extension of style. Visual language. A voice. We want to help people tell their stories through eyewear.

According to their FAQ, the founders decided to spell Liingo with two “i’s” because:

“Lingo” (with one “i”) is the way you express yourself with words. “Liingo” is the way you express yourself with two eyes (or, two “ii”s).

While their mission continues, their ownership structure changed in in January 2018, when the entrepreneurs sold Liingo to 1-800-Contacts, another Utah-based business.

Reviewing Liingo’s Home Try-On Program

The thing that first attracted me to Liingo was their home try on program.

Like Warby Parker, Liingo will deliver eyeglass frames of your choice straight to your home to see which ones you like best. Liingo is one of more than a dozen companies that offers a home-try on program for glasses similar to Warby Parker.

I tried Liingo’s home-try on program for myself, and from that try-on kit chose to have lenses installed in one pair.

Here’s how Lingo’s home try-on program works:

  1. First select 5 frames to try at home.
  2. Enter your shipping address.
  3. Enter your credit card information. (Liingo Eyewear requires credit or debit card details even though the trial is free. They promise that, “you won’t be charged unless you don’t return the frames.”)
  4. Once you receive your kit, you have 5 days to Explore the frames and send back the box.

Overall, I found that ordering Liingo’s try-at-home kit was straightforward, easy, and hiccup-free.

In particular, they designed the home try on kit box to be extremely easy to seal back up and return.

Assessing Liingo Eyewear’s selection of frames and user experience 

Scrolling through the selections, my first impression was that Liingo’s glasses are attractive and occasionally unique, though they rely heavily on black, dark brown and tortoise shades. There aren’t very many pops of color among Liingo’s frames.

When initially choosing frames, there are some filters that can help narrow down the choices. However, those filters are limited to just basic frame sizes, colors and collection.

For example, Liingo lets you filter by “small,” “medium,” and “large” frame sizes, though that’s a lot less granular than other websites.

Some competitors like Zenni Optical allow customers to filter by very specific dimensions of frame height and width and arm length. That granularity is extremely useful to narrow down the universe of glasses that fit.

That said, Liingo shines with a virtual try on option that uses your computer’s camera and a pretty nifty “find my fit” tool that utilizes the dimensions of a pair of glasses you own already to uncover glasses of similar sizes on its site.

You can also filter by the color of the frames and by glasses that Liingo categorizes as appropriate for the shape of your face (round, oval, heart or square).

There is also a filter for “frames available for in-home try-on,” which is useful since not all of their offerings are available for their test kits.

First impressions: Receiving Liingo Eyewear’s Home Try on Kit

For my home try on kit, I selected five frames: Maddox in Matte Bugundy, Maddox Small in Tortoise, Moab in Eggplant, Murray in Tortoise Slate and Payson.

All of the frames struck that right balance for me of feeling sturdy and well designed without being heavy. 

(I find some glasses tend to feel heavy on my face while other, inexpensive ones from the likes of Zenni and Eyebuydirect can be amazingly lightweight but feel a bit less sturdy. Though, if affordability is your top priority, see my separate guide to where to find the cheapest prescription glasses online.)

All of those frames looked good as well. I was particularly struck by the sharp Matte Grey Horn design of the Payson, as well as the light-slate tone that graced the underside of the tortoise Murray.

Ultimately, I found Liingo Eyewear’s Murray glasses to be a perfect combination of fit and style for me.

How much do Liingo Eyewear’s glasses cost?

  • Liingo Eyewear’s frames including single-vision lenses start at $79.
  • Progressive multifocal lenses cost an additional $149.
  • Liingo Eyewear offers a lens upgrade for $59 to “Bluelight + DuraSeal HD” for filtering blue light and reducing glare.

How to order glasses from Liingo Eyewear

Once you’re ready to purchase glasses, Liingo Eyewear’s website is clean and easy-to-navigate, making ordering super-straightforward.

  1. Identify frames that you like. If you have ordered a home try-on kit, you can choose to add frames from that kit directly into your shopping cart, even while you are still in possession of that try on kit.
  2. Once you have selected your frames, choose your lens type. Liingo Eyewear offers single-vision lenses in thin, light and impact-resistant premium polycaronate for free, while progressive/multifocal lenses cost $149. You can also choose to upgrade to 30% thinner lenses with anti-scratch and anti-glare features.
  3. Proceed to the checkout process, where you can select coatings for your lenses. Liingo Eyewear offers a $59 dollar lens upgrade to “Bluelight + DuraSeal HD” for filtering blue light and reducing glare.
  4. Enter your shipping and payment details and complete the order. Looking for an opportunity for enter your prescription details? So was I. Enter your details and complete the order first.
  5. Enter your prescription information after checking out. This was confusing for me. Most online eyeglass retailers will ask a customer to input his or her prescription prior to checking out. Instead, immediately after checkout, Liingo Eyewear provides instructions on how to submit your prescription information. They were also able to accommodate an astigmatism correction via email.

After sending back my home try-on kit, I went back online and logged into my account. Once in my account, Liingo made it easy for me to choose one or more of the frames from my home try-on kit to purchase.

I decided to add Liingo Eyewear’s combination Bluelight plus DuraSeal HD lenses to my Murray glasses.

As I wrote in a separate overview of blue light glasses, I decided to try out blue light blocking glasses even though the science isn’t conclusive:

At the end of each day, my eyes are bleary, and I’m taking every step I can to minimize eye strain.

I placed the order, and my glasses arrived at my house a remarkably-quick seven days later via DHL shipping with my prescription intact.

How to submit your prescription to Liingo Eyewear

One additional note, since it’s a little confusing: Once you have proceeded all the way through the checkout process, you can provide your prescription to Liingo Eyewear one of three ways:

  1. Send a photo of your eyeglasses prescription to Liingo Eyewear via email or text.
  2. Enter your prescription by filling the numbers in yourself into a form Liingo provides immediately after checkout. (You can also access this form via your online profile on Liingo’s website.)
  3. Use Liingo’s app to scan your glasses.

Reviewing my Liingo Eyewear glasses

My verdict?

I absolutely adore my eyeglasses from Liingo Eyewear.  I love the way they look on my face. They’re lightweight. They include blue light and glare blockers.

And they were exactly what I was looking for to help my tired eyes that have been looking at the computer for too long as I’m working from home.

Alongside its home try on program, Liingo Eyewear also offers free shipping, returns and exchanges on all of its prescription glasses and sunglasses.

That generous shipping and return policy gives additional assurance to new customers. I have been nothing but pleased with Liingo’s customer service, quality of frames, and website functionality.

Have you tried Liingo Eyewear?

Please share your experience in the comments.

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