The Absolute Cheapest Prescription Eyeglasses Online in 2020 (8 options from $3.95)

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While affordable luxury glasses from the likes of Warby Parker are awesome, it’s nice to have a couple of even cheaper eyeglass options at your disposal.  Here are the absolute cheapest prescription eyeglasses I could find online:

I have something of an obsession with mapping out the best, cheapest and most convenient online options to by prescription eyewear:

I love Warby Parker’s glasses (and I keep a pair at work).

And that there are at least 17 alternatives to Warby Parker that let you try on eyeglasses at home. (My favorite is Utah-based startup Liingo Eyewear. I’m wearing their Murray eyeglass frames in tortoise slate as I type this.)

And that there are more than a dozen other affordable online eyeglass options, which I have written about in the past.

And that innovative companies like Ambr Eyewear and Felix Gray are offering tons of affordable options for blue light blocking glasses.

Still, many of these “affordable” options, from the likes of New York-based Classic Specs, or stylish British retailer Cubitts, cost $50 or $75 or $100 or more per pair of glasses.

While that makes them eminently more affordable than the high-street designer eyewear boutique, that’s a lot of coin to drop for a backup pair of reading glasses or a spare set to keep in your suitcase.

So, in addition to relying on the likes of Liingo and Warby Parker, I’ve started exploring companies that offer really cheap eyeglasses. Like, under $10 cheap.

Below I break down the absolute cheapest glasses I could find online.

If you find cheaper — or if you have had a positive or negative experience with any of these companies — share your perspective in the comments.


Zenni from $6.95

Zenni Optical has an entire page devoted to glasses that cost just $6.95. Zenni is my favorite destination to buy super-cheap prescription frames online. The company has terrific filters that allow shoppers to narrow down their universe of glasses by frame color, frame material, lens width, lens height, temple arm, bridge width and frame width.  (Tip: scroll down to the bottom of their homepage and click on “shop all,” then fine tune via the filters that appear at the top of the page.)

Eyebuydirect from $6.00

Eyebuydirect maintains a page focused on their cheapest glasses, which start at just $6.00. The company is one of my favorite places to shop online for their combination of attractive glasses, a virtual mirror and a super-affordable price-point. As an added bonus, Eyebuydirect lets you log in with your Amazon account, which means one less password to keep track of. I keep a pair of Eyebuydirect’s $9 Soul eyeglasses in my car.


Abbe Glasses Co. from $3.95 for newcomers

Based in the Castro Valley in California, Abbe Glasses offers newcomers glasses frames for the astoundingly low price of $1 with coupon code NEWCOMER.  Without the newcomer discount, frames are as low as $6.95 and occasionally even lower than that on sale.  Prescription lenses cost a minimum of $2.95 extra, with options to upgrade to anti-glare, blue light blocking and other coatings.  Abbe also offers the option for adding a Prism lens correction. I like the selection of frames, and Abbe offers helpful information about the size of its frames on its website.

Payne Glasses from $5.95

At $5.95, San Francisco-area startup Payne Glasses (PG) clocks in at the absolutely lowest priced complete pair of glasses I could find online. This price includes includes 1.56 standard, single-vision prescription lenses, anti-scratch, anti-reflective / anti-glare coatings, and 100% UV protection. Standard shipping adds $4.95 via USPS first class.

Glasses Shop from $6.95

Glasses Shop offers select frames on sale from $6.95. Their selection (which includes frames at much higher price-points) features a number of colorful and unique frames. Get 50% off you first order at this link.

Goggles4U from $6.95

Goggles4U sells eyeglasses from $6.95, which include free, clear standard 1.57 CR39 Lenses.

Coastal from $19.00

Coastal has super-attractive and unique frames that start at only $19.00.  These frames include Coastal’s standard “air lenses” as well as free shipping and returns.  The free shipping and return policy is a significant upgrade from some of the lower-priced options on this list. from $39 with free shipping and returns offers a complete pair of glasses from $39, and includes free shipping and free returns, making the company a great value.  In addition, it is one of the only companies I have found that offers a home-try-on program with prescription lenses already included. lets customers select up to 2 frames that have your very own prescription lenses installed in their free try-before-you-buy-with-RX-lenses home try-on kit. (Also of note: They make glasses for kids as well as women and men.) In addition to all of this, offers a Happiness Guarantee, which gives you one year to change your mind about your purchase and free returns.

America’s Best: 2 pairs of glasses plus an eye exam for $69.95

If you prefer to buy your glasses in person, America’s Best offers a deal for 2 pairs of glasses plus an eye exam for $69.95. If you deduct the cost of an eye exam — let’s say $30 — it’s like getting two pairs of glasses for $39.95. Not a bad deal.

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