The 32 Best Men’s Sunglasses Options for Every Budget [2024]

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Discover the best sunglasses for men from cheap everyday options to high quality affordable luxury models to $1,200 designer bling.

The best way to enjoy the outdoors is with the right pair of men’s sunglasses to protect your eyes and enhance your personal style.

In Search of the Best Sunglasses for Men

The best men’s sunglasses for you will depend on multiple factors, and you may wind up deciding to buy more than one pair for different purposes.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding which brands to choose and how much to spend on sunglasses for men:


Men’s sunglasses can cost anywhere from around $2 from fast-fashion sites like Asos to more than $1,500 for luxury designer shades from the likes of Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford and Anna-Karin Karlsson.

You may want to invest in a quality model produced with excellent craftsmanship. Maybe you even want a luxury brand, which can give you the thrill of owning something that’s more exclusive.

However, if you tend to lose or break your glasses frequently, or if you just want to spend less money, there are more affordable options that can still satisfy. (I personally lose sunglasses frequently, so keep a couple of cheap pairs around for everyday use.)


Many high-quality glasses offer strong protection against ultraviolet rays, and some are also polarized, helping you see better in a strong glare.

But other glasses are weaker on protection; they’re largely decorative, a fun part of an outfit and not meant for hours outdoors. It’s important to review the product details for a pair before making a purchase.

Your favorite activities will also influence the features you look for. For example, if you’re planning to play sports, you probably want glasses that don’t slip easily and that have a strong resistance to physical impact and scratches.


Your personal taste and the outfits you plan to wear with a pair of sunglasses will affect your choices of color, frame shape, and other design elements.

At the same time, you’ll need to consider how a model of sunglasses suits the shape of your face and the size of your head.

Exploring Different Types of Sunglasses


Aviators were initially produced for pilots, and they typically have large, slightly convex lenses, thin frames, and a double or triple bridge. Aviator sunglasses have been loved for decades, and this summer they’re especially popular, thanks in part to the “Top Gun” sequel.

Randolph is one brand worth checking out for exemplary aviator shades.

Rectangular Sunglasses (aka Wayfarer Sunglasses)

The original Wayfarers from Ray-Ban and other glasses modeled on it represent a classic style of sunglasses, one that never goes out of fashion.

Wayfarers form a general rectangular shape across the face. They have sturdy frames and a single bridge, and they don’t curve with your facial contours.

Round Sunglasses

The variations on these sunglasses include size and differentiations with respect to circular vs. oval shapes. Some have oversized lenses, and the popular panto variety is flattened a little on top and has a full, round base.

Garrett Leight’s Wilson Sun, inspired by John Lennon’s iconic look, is one example of a fine pair of round sunglasses.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses sweep up at the outer edges, where they’re somewhat pointy.

These kinds of frames gained popularity among women in the middle of the 20th century, though their flair has since been introduced into unisex and men’s glasses as well.

Examples include the Rhea model from Warby Parker and the Vic model from Ace & Tate.

Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound glasses, such as the ones from Pit Viper, are an especially good choice when you’re active outdoors.

Because they curve to hug your head and the contours of your face, they aren’t likely to slip off. They can also give you a wider field of vision, including more of your periphery.

Performance Sunglasses

Whether you’re fishing, cycling, playing baseball, or working outdoors, you want sunglasses that can withstand vigorous activity and long exposure to sunlight.

Performance sunglasses, such as models from Heat Wave, may be tailored to specific outdoor activities, and are built with a greater resistance to impact, scratches, and slipping. They also typically help you see more clearly in a strong glare.

Clip-On Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses don’t have full frames. Made without earpieces, they’re a set of lenses that attach to your prescription eyeglasses. A budget-friendly example is the Solar Shield line from Foster Grant, and pricier examples come from Warby Parker.

The Best Everyday Sunglasses for Men


Founded in 2012 and launched via Kickstarter, California-based Sunski specializes in polarized sunglasses, including stylish, lightweight men’s glasses priced between $58 and $98.

Well-known for its commitment to the environment, the company has developed a way to manufacture highly durable and beautiful frames out of recycled plastic.

Sunski sunglasses are also covered by a lifetime warranty.


Launched by Bausch & Lomb in the 1930s, Ray-Ban became one of the most influential eyewear brands of all time, especially with the production of the original Aviators and Wayfarers. (Ray-Ban is now owned by EssilorLuxottica, a French eyewear conglomerate.)

Ray-Ban continues to excel at these styles and offers a collection of men’s sunglasses with hundreds of models, including polarized glasses with an eligibility for prescription lenses.

You can find some Ray-Ban sunglasses for men priced at $150, while others cost $500 or more.


Since its founding in 2004, Quay has been a favorite at concerts and festivals, and the Australian brand’s eyewear is well-suited for many other occasions as well.

The men’s sunglasses, which typically fall between $50 and $80, include aviator models with oversized polarized lenses.

For lens colors, you can choose black and gray, or you can opt for flashier shades of pink and purple.


Japanese eyewear brand JINS brings innovative design and Japanese streetwear style to sunglasses.

JINS sells a wide range of Japanese-designed sunglasses for men and women starting at just $60.

The company launched a new JINS&SUN sunglasses brand collaboration with DJ NIGO of Japanese streetwear brand Human Made, which focuses on vintage-inspired looks.

In addition, their JINS SWITCH system pairs a complete set of prescription glasses with clip-on sunglasses.

All sunglasses lenses come with 99% Anti-UV coating.

Take $20 off your JINS order when you sign up for emails.

Maui Jim

Launched in Hawaii, Maui Jim is best known for its innovations with polarized sunglasses, which the company produces in a variety of styles.

(In 2022, French eyewear company the Kering Group bought Maui Jim.)

Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lenses protect against glare, sharply enhance color, and repel grease and water. I splurged on a pair in Florida and love their style and lenses.

Prices for Maui Jim sunglasses for men generally range between $200 and $500.

While is one of my favorite destinations for designer prescription eyewear, the online retailer also has hundreds of sunglasses.

Search by brand, frame shape, materials, and many other dimensions, such as price, which currently ranges from under $30 to over $500.

You’ll frequently find discounts, including special deals for the retailer’s popular house brand, Muse. coupons

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is best known for the packs of eyewear it can send to your home for convenient try-ons.

The New York brand also has a well-earned reputation for high-quality products, including classy and durable sunglasses that generally range between $90 and $150.

Whether you want circular lenses in golden frames or lightweight aviator glasses that have a more rugged look, the benefits include powerful UV protection and anti-scratch coatings.

Blenders Eyewear

Founded with a $2,000 loan, startup Blenders Eyewear produces a wide variety of attractive and affordable polarized sunglasses for men.

At prices that usually range between $50 and $60, you can choose eyewear in black or other neutral colors, or you can opt for bolder designs, such as mirrored lenses in volcanic red or vivid blue.

The California-based brand also coats some of its glasses with protection against salt exposure.


Although this J. Crew sister brand initially focused on hip, casual women’s attire, Madewell has expanded its offerings to quality apparel for men, including a variety of attractive sunglasses.

At roughly $60, you can purchase one of the company’s own models, which include aviator frames with a tortoiseshell pattern on the tips. For $145 to $180, Madewell also offers men’s sunglasses from Raen Optics, another trendy eyewear and sunglasses brand.

Shady Rays

Kentucky-based Shady Rays has been in business for only half a decade, but it has already made a strong positive impression with its high-quality polarized sunglasses, which are covered by a generous policy for loss and damage.

The sunglasses models for men, which include lightweight wraparound frames and aviator shades with frames made of stainless steel, are priced between $50 and $60. Some of the profits go to a Feeding America campaign to end hunger.

Kent Wang

Favored by the New York Times’ Wirecutter, men’s sunglasses from Kent Wang come in a handful of distinct and beautiful styles, including a browline design and lightweight aviator glasses made with aircraft-grade steel.

Priced at $55 per pair, the glasses are constructed with durability, and each has polarized lenses and UV-400 protection.

The Best Cheap Sunglasses for Men

I tend to lose sunglasses frequently, so I’m always in search of a couple of affordable men’s sunglasses.


In keeping with its ethos of adventure, Huckberry, which is one of my favorite menswear destinations, offers a wide variety of durable sunglasses for men that you can wear virtually anywhere.

The offerings include Huckberry’s well-designed house brands, Cruisers and Weekenders, which have lightweight frames and polarized lenses that are resistant to scratches. The prices generally start at $35, although there may be sales or special deals, such as two pairs of glasses for $60.


With prices starting at under $30, the California-based startup Knockaround is an appealing choice for affordable men’s sunglasses, especially because it offers vibrant designs and useful features, such as impact resistance and UV-400 protection.

One feature that makes Knockaround’s men’s sunglasses stand out is its customization shop, which allows you to choose colors, frame style, and lens type, including polarized lenses, to create personalized eyewear.

Prive Revaux

Co-founded by Jamie Foxx, Prive Revaux offers affordable prescription eyewear and sunglasses endorsed by the actor and other Hollywood celebrities.

Their stylish men’s sunglasses, which cost between $30 and $45, include scratch-resistant aviator shades with polarized lenses. Some models possess striking colors, like champagne gold, or they have gradient lenses, which are tinted darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.


Men’s sunglasses from Goodr are geared towards sporty people who want their glasses to stay in place .

With the motto “no slip, no bounce, all polarized,” the Atlanta-based brand often gets recommended for runners.

Even if you aren’t athletic, you can appreciate the variety of colors, sizes, and other features that make this affordable brand a top pick. Most of the models have polarized lenses, and the prices range from $25 to $45.


As a an e-commerce giant and a stellar fast-fashion alternative to SHEIN, the London-based Asos can ship men’s sunglasses to virtually any country in the world, and it offers both its own glasses and models from other brands.

Asos Design sunglasses, which cost under $20, include retro models inspired by the 1970s. From $30 to $50, you can also buy AJ Morgan and Spitfire sunglasses. Asos’ selection includes flame-shaped lenses and round frames with lenses that flip.

Cheap Sunglasses for Men on Amazon

A search for cheap men’s sunglasses on Amazon produces a dizzying array of results from brands I’ve never heard of like Demikos, Kanastal, Kaliyadi, Merry’s, Nitrogen, NIEEPA, Sunier, B.N.U.S., Kuguaok, Joopin, Faguma, mxnx, ANDOILT, Bio-th, Queshark, MEETSUN, SUNGAIT, GQUEEN, DeBuff and LINVO.

For cheap men’s sunglasses on Amazon, try Duco’s sunglasses (via Amazon). Duco’s sunglasses for men are remarkably inexpensive given they are made in Japan and feature high-quality details like carbon fiber frames and polarized lenses.

The Best Luxury Designer Sunglasses for Men


Only a few years ago, Celine featured its first collection of menswear, and the French luxury brand has already expanded into beautifully designed men’s accessories.

Celine Homme sunglasses, which are available through Mr. Porter and other high-end retailers, range in price from roughly $360 to $630. The collection includes aviator-style glasses with gold-tone metal frames and studded goggles that work well with a streetwear look.


Co-Founders Daniel Silberman and Justin Salguero launched Illesteva in 2010, seized with developing a modern luxury alternative to the designer sunglasses produced by massive corporations.

Illesteva offers a compelling option for modern, designer-quality and uniquely stylish sunglasses for women and men. Their frames — designed in New York and handmade in Italy and France — utilize hand-mixed acetate, which means no two are the same. Illesteva has enlisted celebraties over the years like Lou Reed and Rashida Jones for collaborations.


Founded in 1917, Persol initially produced eyewear geared to pilots and motorsport enthusiasts, but the brand’s innovations and stylishness have made its glasses broadly popular. (Luxottica bought Persol in 1995.)

Handmade in Italy, Persol’s sunglasses for men generally cost between $200 and $500.

One standout is the Steve McQueen model, favored by the classic actor and an outstanding example of craftsmanship, especially in the way it can fold up completely.


Founded over 100 years ago, Gucci is a leader in luxury fashion, and its offerings include an array of men’s sunglasses.

You can find aviator and navigator-framed varieties priced between $400 and $700, each of them displaying the name of the Italian brand. At over $1,000, the priciest items are large, mask-shaped sunglasses that sport the brand’s interlocking G logo.


Along with launching an eyewear capsule collection with Cole Sprouse a few months back, Versace offers a variety of glamorous sunglasses with gold hardware at the temples.

Even when a pair doesn’t prominently display the Italian brand’s logo, it still stands out, as seen with the pilot glasses that have gold lenses and a gold-tone frame. The prices generally range between $250 and $400.


Highlights from Prada’s dynamic collection of men’s sunglasses include the rectangular Runway models, which incorporate the brand’s triangular logo in the bridge of the glasses.

Another standout from the Milan-based brand is the Linea Rossa Impavid collection, where each item has oversized lenses and wraparound frames made with nylon, a material Prada is famous for using in other contexts. Eyewear from this legendary fashion house generally costs between $300 and $500.

Tom Ford

High-end luxury designer Tom Ford offers everything from bold suits to some of the most expensive shoes on the planet. Most of the men’s luxury sunglasses from the Tom Ford brand fall between $400 and $600, though you can also pay roughly $2,000 for a gold-plated pair available as a limited edition.

The celebrated American designer produces sunglasses that are visually interesting, whether they’re in the style of an oversized mask or a navigator frame with blinders.

Louis Vuitton

Handbags aren’t the only Louis Vuitton accessories worth checking out.

The Parisian brand offers a collection of bold, elegant sunglasses for men that cost between $440 to roughly $1,000. The options range from square, rimless glasses with Swarovski crystals to round glasses with multicolored lenses and the brand’s Damier pattern engraved on the earpieces.


Best known best for its exquisite jewelry and watches, Cartier also brings its high-quality craftsmanship to men’s eyewear.

Luxury sunglasses made by the legendary French brand range in price from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, and many of the frames gleam with a golden or platinum finish. Depending on the model, other luxurious details may include calfskin on the bridge of the glasses.


Some of the men’s sunglasses available from Fendi were created in collaboration with Versace and sport the Fendace motif.

Other types of Fendi sunglasses, which cost anywhere from a few hundred to several hundred dollars, have the brand’s logo printed on the lenses. Overall, the eyewear from this Italian luxury brand has a sleek and futuristic appearance.

Yves Saint Laurent

The men’s luxury sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent have clean and classic designs, giving them a timeless quality that suits this decades-old French brand.

Generally priced between $300 and $500, the styles range from bold, square frames in black to rimless frames with gradient lenses and a slender double bridge. Many of the models, including the shield glasses, are compatible with prescription lenses.

The Best Men’s Performance Sunglasses for Outdoors, Sports, Water and Work

Here are some of the best options for performance sunglasses, whether you’re playing sports, fishing, hiking or working outdoors.

Rheos makes sunglasses that float.

Rheos Nautical Eyewear

Charleston, South Carolina-based startup Rheos makes innovative sunglasses that float and are salt-water resistant, making them a perfect gift for boaters, fishers and beachgoers. Jake Berton founded Rheos to prevent people from losing sunglasses to a watery grave.

Their shades feature hydrophobic (water-resistent) and oleophobic (oil-resistent), polarized Nylon lenses that make them float on top the water and offer 100% UV protection.

At around $65, Rheos floating sunglasses are an affordable option for protecting your eyes on the water. Purchase direct from Rheos or via

Dive deeper in this interview and brand review with Rheos Founder Jake Barton.

Costa Del Mar

Favored for fishing and boating, Costa Del Mar sunglasses have an array of impressive features, including high-quality polarized lenses, scratch resistance, and UV protection.

While Costa Del Mar was founded in Florida, French behemoth EssilorLuxottica bought the brand in 2014 and shuttered most of the company’s Daytona Beach operations in 2019.

Some of the sport performance sunglasses from Costa Del Mar can also be made with prescription lenses.

While a number of Costa’s models have a starting price that’s under $200, others hover closer to $300.


Endorsed by world-class athletes, Oakley sunglasses for men are a top pick for any outdoor activity, whether you’re biking, skiing, or wearing NFL-branded eyewear while playing football.

You can choose customizable models, and the performance-enhancing features include wraparound frames, powerful impact resistance, and the company’s proprietary Prizm technology, which sharpens perceptions of color and contrast.

Prices for Oakley’s sunglasses for men range from under $200 to over $400.

Pit Viper

With their fluorescent colors and retro styles, men’s sunglasses from Pit Viper are eye-popping.

The brand, which got a boost from Kickstarter several years ago, also excels at practical features, with offerings that include polarized lenses and lenses that meet an impact-protection safety rating from the American National Standards Institute.

Most of Pit Viper’s sunglasses for men cost between $60 and $150.

Heat Wave

With starting prices mostly falling between $45 and $75, Heat Wave sunglasses mix greater affordability with consistent high quality.

The California-based brand gives you a lot of freedom to customize your glasses, and a partnership with SportRx allows for a higher level of precision when fitting prescription models.

Heat Wave glasses are also known for durability, with certain models meeting ANSI impact-protection standards, while others are designed to float.

The Best Prescription Sunglasses and Sun Readers for Men

Those of us who need corrective lenses usually find it convenient to own a pair or two of prescription sunglasses.

  1. offers a range of brand-name prescription sunglasses from companies like Ray Ban and Oakley.
  2. Warby Parker is an excellent option to try on prescription sunglasses at home.
  3. Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect are my favorite places to buy cheap prescription sunglasses for men.
  4. JINS, Japan’s leading eyewear brand, offers the JINS SWITCH, which pairs prescription glasses with magnetic clip-on sunglasses plate. The combo makes it a breeze to switch from indoors to outside.

Sun Readers (aka Cheaters Sunglasses)

Reading sunglasses can come in handy as well, which can help you read on the beach and other sunlit locations.

  1. is a great place to look for inexpensive sunglasses readers.
  2. Caddis offers an elevated option for sun readers and progressive sun readers with an array of fabulous frames and unique colors and lens tints.

Sunglasses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are polarized lenses?

When sunglasses are polarized, the lenses get treated with a chemical application that acts as a filter. The filter is open to vertical rays of light but blocks out light that comes in horizontally.

As a result, the lenses significantly reduce glare, which helps make various outdoor objects appear more clear and sharp. On a fishing trip, for example, you’d be able to see into the water more easily. For many people, polarized lenses also reduce eye strain, lowering the chances of headaches and fatigue.

It’s important to note that polarized glasses don’t necessarily offer a greater degree of UV protection. UV protection is a separate feature that may be combined with polarized lenses. Also, some people incorrectly assume that all sunglasses are polarized. Because they aren’t, be sure to check before making a purchase.

Do I need polarized lenses in sunglasses?

Maybe. Polarized sunglasses boils down to a personal choice. Polarized sunglasses do not necessarily provide a consistent level of UV protection, and polarized lenses can distort color perceptions or inhibit images on computers or other screens. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you prefer polarized lenses in sunglasses or not. The important thing is to chose glasses with offer UV protection.

What Are Your Favorite Sunglasses for Men?

Maybe you’ve had a great experience with a certain brand. Maybe there’s a style you prefer or features that your glasses need to have. Share what you’re looking for when you buy sunglasses.

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