Try VESTIGE for Customized, Stylish T-Shirts for Grownups

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Discover VESITAGE’s lineup of Made-in-the-USA, sophisticated smart casual t-shirts for grown-ups and see why its founders think that “customization is king” for the future.

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Mark DiMuzio and Kyle Derleth founded VESTIGE in 2005 with no experience in fashion. (The two are pictured above.)

“Kyle and I grew up loving graphic tees—but once we became adults, we couldn’t find many options that made us feel cool,” Mark told me in an interview. “They were either priced for [the] Rockefellers, made us look like children, or were cheaply made, like Thanos snapped them into dust in the washing machine.”

So the two left their jobs to create a new brand focused on sophisticated graphic t-shirts for adults that can be dressed up for smart casual or business casual occasions.

The pair noted that they were lucky to tap into a part of the fashion industry — sophisticated t-shirts for grown-ups — that really wasn’t crowded.

Today VESTIGE operates on the philosophy of designing casual graphic clothing for sophisticated adults. They are a great example of a stylish men’s clothing brand helping guys dress sharp in the digital age.

What makes VESTIGE t-shirts stand out?

“Our designs are subtle, art inspired, and give guys an effortless way to upgrade their t- shirt collection,” Mark told me.

Their 100% cotton t-shirts are tagless and made-in-the-USA.

Their most popular grown-up t-shirts include Sunken, Shadow Cast, and Pineapple Pop.

“Kyle and I are grateful that people really seem to dig our art,” he added. “For us, a tee is finished when we feel the graphic could as easily be hung on a wall as seen on a shirt.”

For VESTIGE t-shirts, customization “is king”

“Customization is king these days, and we’re going all in,” said Kyle.

VESTIGE launched a collaboration in partnership with the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, highlighted by a customizable tee based on modern art icon Josef Albers’ series of paintings, “Homage to the Square.”

“The colors you can choose from are based on Albers’ color theory and are really fun to experiment with,” said Kyle.

“Our aim is giving people the experience of creating a graphic tee they can call their own using a masterpiece as the foundation,” he added.

What’s next for VESTIGE? A continued focus on customization.

Kyle highlighted that VESTIGE will be making lots of its best selling t-shirts for grownups customizable, “so people can combine tasteful graphics with deeper personal expression.”

“We spent a year developing this for our customers,” said Kyle. “You choose your style, then customize the colors to your liking.”

Learning from Pinkberry, and other customization brands

Mark notes that they took inspiration from companies that do customization right, including Nike’s By You, Converse custom shoes, and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt.

They are also huge fans of Scotch & Soda and Saturdays NYC.

“They make clothes you can run to the store in or run a company in—which is something we strive for in making versatile graphic tees,” added Mark.

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