Looking for trusted reviews of Proper Cloth’s online custom dress shirts? Modern Fellows compares Proper Cloth reviews from across the Internet.

Here at Modern Fellows, we have come to know New York-based Proper Cloth fairly well over the past few years.

In 2013, we reviewed a Proper Cloth dress shirt for the first time, visited their then temporary showroom and spoke with founder Seph Skerritt. Modern Fellows concluded that —

Proper Cloth’s photos pull you in, but the fabrics, customer service and enthusiasm and execution from Seph and his colleagues … ought to make you stay.   The photos, descriptions, and community commentary… convey unparalleled information about Proper Cloth’s shirts and help diminish the uncertainty surrounding custom shirts…Proper Cloth offers an opportunity with its customer service guarantee to perfect your fit, while their amazing photos, quick turnaround times and quality shirting lure you back for more.

We’ve reminded readers that they can score a $20 discount coupon on their first Proper Cloth custom shirt purchase by using this link.

And in 2015, we named Proper Cloth one of 13 amazing sites to shop for menswear because “it’s easy to perfect the fit, the fabrics are amazing, and their customer service guarantee is solid.”

But what do others say? Here’s a look —

The Silentist concludes that,

For the price of the shirt and the quality received, I’d say that Proper Cloth exceeds other MTM shirtmakers I’ve used in the past and I can give them a recommendation… If you’re considering Proper Cloth, then give them a try – especially if you already have a well-fitting shirt you can base your measurements off. In case the shirt doesn’t fit you, their customer service is pretty top notch and they’ll work to get your fit right.

Wide Eyes Tight Wallets reviewed Proper Cloth’s custom dress shirts in 2014 and observed that,

Proper Cloth won’t let you down… To put it most simply — Pros: Easy Measuring System; Customization Options; Fabric Selection; Turnaround Time; Fit; Quality; Construction; Perfect Fit Guarantee. Not much not to love. Cons: Price. Really, I can’t think of anything else here, and… you get what you pay for.

Dress Like A suggests that,

Proper Cloth exceeds many other online MTM-shirtmakers I’ve seen so far.

Life, Tailored calls Proper Cloth shirts,

The Best Custom Shirt You’ll Ever Own… Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one of these.  But we must warn you, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

Quartz awards Proper Cloth the best web design, noting,

The foundation of a shirt is the fabric its made of, and a quick look at the online custom landscape will show you that just about every site out there has a bunch to choose from. The problem is they don’t always make it easy to do so. That’s where the New York company Proper Cloth, which launched in 2008, has a clear advantage over its peers…The site’s interface lets you easily sort fabrics according to a range of criteria, from basic qualities, such as color, pattern, and price, to fine-grained details, including thread count and thickness. Want a light-blue broadcloth with a thread count of at least 120 for work? Or a heavyweight charcoal flannel for the weekend? Proper Cloth makes it simple to search for either.

On  Yelp, Proper Cloth boasts more than 300 reviews with an average five stars as of this writing, including this one:

My new Proper Cloth shirt isn’t just a shirt. It’s the start of a new wardrobe that makes me look and feel as close to great as is possible. Seriously, Proper Cloth is THAT good.

And from the Naked Poop?

a magical moment (partnership, even) when consumption preferences and a company’s product offerings converge… I had chanced upon Proper Cloth (through Style Forum)…they have become my de facto shirt provider.

What do you think of Proper Cloth’s custom shirts?

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