Discover the 29 Best Wood Watch Options On the Internet [2024]

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Explore the finest stores to buy stylish watches with wood for men and women for a unique change-of-pace for your wrist.

Why Would You Want a Wood Watch?

Wood is an organic raw material and a singular artifact of what was once a living organism. It absorbs and responds to the atmosphere of its environment, including factors such as light, heat, and moisture. It can’t be replicated; each piece is unique. It’s an ideal component to build with, as its character, strength, and beauty are always assured by nature.

Although wood may not have been considered as an element for making or adorning personal accessories in the past, in recent years, wristwatches that incorporate wood — in their cases, their faces, and/or their bands — have become especially popular. As an alternative to timepieces made of steel, gold, or plastic, they’re unique, eye-catching, and a refreshing change of pace.

Photo credit: Moises Gonzalez via Unsplash.

In Search of the Best Wood Watch

But how do you find the right wood watch from among the vast multitude of options out there on the internet?

A quick search for watches with wood on Amazon alone results in a tangle of well-established brands like Treehut, Dakota, Bobo Bird and Bean and Vanilla alongside lesser-known names like 2win, Dentily, Czoka, Mujuze, Bewell, IK Colouring, Hjian, LeeEv, LMWOOD, EUTOUR, GORBEN, WASTIME, Zeitholz, CUCOL, BYMAX, FeiFan, WOGREZ, Opis Technology and more.

If you are intrigued by wood watches, remember that not all of them are built to the same level of quality. Cheap wood watches can crack, warp or change shape if they’re exposed to water or extreme temperatures. (Well-crafted watches made of wood can also show signs of wear and aging, though that’s normal and part of its appeal.)

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Where to Find Wood Watches for Men and Women

Below is a list of some of the more well-known brands of wood watches for men and women. Discover what makes these brands unique, what types of woods their watches utilize, and what kinds of movements are inside.

Original Grain

Created in 2013 after a highly successful Kickstarter campaign by American brothers Andrew and Ryan Beltran, San Diego-based Original Grain offers Chinese-made wood watches for both men and women. Their watches utilize woods that include maple, rosewood, verawood, ebony, burl, zebrawood, sepele, and mahogany from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Every year, Original Grain features new watch collections that make use of reclaimed woods from such sources as Kentucky bourbon whiskey barrels, German craft beer barrels, Mexican tequila barrels, forest fire scraps, wooden baseball stadium seats, military ammunition crates, koa trees from Hawaii, and Taylor guitars. These watches employ other repurposed materials as well, such as ocean plastic, military tent canvas, bomber jackets, and old camouflage fabric; a recent collection featured stonewashed steel cases — a first for the industry.

Through a partnership with Trees for the Future, Original Grain plants 10 trees for every watch it sells. Original Grain markets watches in 11 styles, from multi-dial chronographs to modern minimal dress timepieces. Of the 32 wood watches Original Grain offers, most feature quartz movements, while a minority feature automatic movements. The brand’s models range in price from $150 to $399.

Joycoast men’s watch with wood. Photo credit: Joycoast via Unsplash.


Chicago-based Joycoast was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Reese O’Toole, who from his firm’s beginning insisted he was “not a watch guy.” Nonetheless, O’Toole quickly realized that wood could complement modern technology for watches, sunglasses, rings, and other products.

Like a few of the other eco-conscious enterprises on this list, Joycoast plants 10 trees for every watch it sells. Joycoast is dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and sources the wood it uses in its products from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified forests. All Joycoast watches are designed in Chicago.

With 35 men’s watches and one women’s watch in chronograph, skeleton, and minimal dress styles, Joycoast’s timepieces integrate black sandalwood, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, zebrawood, zebrano, ebony, bamboo, olive, maple, and walnut woods. Making use of both automatic and quartz movements, they’re priced between $130 and $600.


Located in Marbella, Spain, Woodpecker Watches is a wood watch seller dedicated to sustainability and environmentalism. Like a few other brands on this list, Woodpecker plants a tree for each watch it sells.

With 72 watches in five men’s collections and two women’s collections, Woodpecker offers a diverse assortment of styles, including dress watches, skeletons, and chronographs.

Making use of Japanese automatic and quartz movements, Woodpecker Watches incorporate black sandalwood, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, verawood, snakewood, walnut, oak, maple, rosewood, cork, zebrano, amaranth, wenge, ebony, padauk, olive, acacia, and koa woods and range in price from $100 to $172. 

Woodpecker Watches are also available via Etsy.


Founded in 2015 and based in Vienna, Austria, Holzkern (German for “wood core”) offers men’s and women’s wood watches made in small quantities by experienced watchmakers in the U.S.A.

Holzkern’s watch designs range from minimal dress styles to marble-faced chronographs and striking partial skeleton models. Woods used by Holzkern in its watches include leadwood, walnut, zebrano, zebrawood, maple, gray maple, acacia, marblewood, oak, koa, amaranth, padauk, mahogany, olive, wenge, bamboo, greenheart, elm, teak, cherrywood, and apple.

Out of the hundreds of wood- or wood-and-metal-cased watches Holzkern offers, about 15% use automatic movements, while roughly 80% have quartz movements, and about 5% feature solar-powered movements (which make use of quartz crystals). Holzkern’s wood watches range in price from $139 to $849.


San Francisco-based Treehut was founded in 2013 by travelers Julia and Johannon Olson, who were inspired to create sustainable wood products after Julia purchased a handcrafted box made by Indonesian artisans while on a trip to Bali. According to Treehut, its watches are manufactured in San Francisco.

Treehut’s 119 men’s and women’s wood watches utilize both automatic and quartz movements and make use of walnut, zebrawood, koa, maple, gray maple, olive, ash, and ebony woods. They come in a range of styles, from understated dress models to multifunctional chronographs, and vary in price from $129 to $269.

Uncommon Goods

Established by entrepreneur David Bolotsky in 1999, Brooklyn, New York-based Uncommon Goods sells unique gift items for women and men and artisanal goods, including wood watches made in Austria, California, and China.

Uncommon Goods offers five men’s dress and pocket watch styles that integrate quartz movements and reclaimed wood. They include one model made from oak whiskey barrels, two models made from oak wine barrels, one model made from football stadium seats, and one model made from Major League Baseball stadium seats. These watches range in price from $199 to $475.


Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2016, Truwood is dedicated to helping underprivileged families in Africa and  the environment through its sales of men’s and women’s wood watches. For every watch TruWood sells, the company plants 10 trees.

From minimal dress models to elegant chronographs, the company sells an array of different watch styles. TruWood’s watches are designed in Canada, manufactured in Asia, and utilize both automatic and quartz movements. Integrating black sandalwood, red sandalwood, zebrawood, rosewood, oak, maple, bamboo, maple, olive, ebony, and kosso woods, they’re priced from $119 to $279.


St. Louis, Missouri-based Jord was founded in 2013 by Michael Bluestone, in collaboration with brothers Amir, Osmaan, and Salman Shah. Jord sells distinctive men’s and women’s wood watches in seven bespoke and customizable styles, ranging from ultra-slim minimalist dress watches to colorful, textured chronographs and exotic skeleton-faced aviation models.

Employing both automatic and quartz movements, they’re made with sandalwood, rosewood, zebrawood, purpleheart, acacia, bamboo, ebony, koa, black palm, bocote, golden camphor, padauk, black limba, maple, kosso, olive, and walnut woods. Designed and assembled in low quantities in St. Louis, they range in price from $170 to $565.

Earth Wood

Founded in 2014 in Novi, Michigan, Earth Wood sells 58 eco-friendly, zebrawood, rosewood, bamboo, and other wooden watch models for men and women. Incorporating Japanese automatic and quartz movements, they come in a variety of dress, skeleton, and chronograph styles and are priced from $75 to $225.

In addition to being available direct from their website, Earth Wood watches are also sold at Macy’s.

Tense Watches

Located in British Columbia, Tense Watches has been selling Canadian-made men’s and women’s wood wristwatches since 1971. Tense’s wood timepieces come in a range of styles, from minimal dress to elegant skeleton formats, as well as chronographs and a 55mm-wide oversized model.

Making use of untreated, sustainably harvested woods, including leadwood, katalox, walnut, zebrano, maple, pau ferro, karri, teak, butternut, olive, and sandalwood, they utilize Swiss and Japanese automatic and quartz movements and are priced between $89 and $985. The company is affiliated with 1 percent for the planet and is an excellent example of a stylish sustainable fashion brand.


Established in 2015, New York City-based Avantwood sells men’s and women’s wood watches in dress, chronograph, and military styles that are made using black sandalwood, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, zebrawood, rosewood, driftwood, ebony, bamboo, teak, oak, pine, walnut, and olive woods.

They feature Japanese quartz movements and are priced from $84 to $354.

Dakota Watch Company

Founded in 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio by watch repairman Albert Cooper, the Dakota Watch Company offers Chinese-made men’s and women’s wood watches that integrate black sandalwood, red sandalwood, zebrawood, walnut, maple, ebony, bamboo, ebony, teak, and olive woods.

Available in an array of minimal dress styles, Dakota’s wood watches are priced between $65 and $159.

Dakota’s watches with wood for men are also available via Amazon.


In 2005, a group of four friends in Carrollton, Texas — Daniel Schemel, Felipe López, Mateo Isaza, and Juan Felipe Barreneche — formed Mistura to sell watches that would use stylish leather bands and woods from their native Columbia to reinvent what timepieces could look like. Their goal was to design exceptional watches for both men and women that would appeal to people of myriad cultures around the world.

The sustainably sourced woods Mistura watches utilize include cork, pui, and teak, among others. Featuring Japanese quartz movements, Mistura’s unique watches come in customizable dressy round and asymmetrical styles and are priced between $109 and $189.


Zeitholz is German for “time wood,” and the young company bearing this name hails from the Eastern Ore Mountains of the German state of Saxony. Zeitholz seeks to combine the German Glashütte (glass hut) art of watchmaking with the traditional arts and crafts of this region, making use of waste wood and melding good taste with sustainability. Like a number of other makers listed here, Zeitholz plants a tree for every watch it sells.

Zeitholz men’s and women’s wood watches employ acacia, rosewood, walnut, black sandalwood, bamboo, zebrawood, olive, oak, and maple woods for wristwatches in dress, chronograph, and pilot styles.

Zeitholz’s watches use Japanese solar and quartz movements and range in price between $60 and $160.


Founded in 2013 in Rotterdam in the Netherlands by university friends Jeroen Westerbeek, Kevin van der Veer, and Daniël Salimian, Woodwatch sells 266 wood watches grouped into 21 collections for men and women.

Woodwatch uses sustainable natural materials to create its watches, offering carbon-neutral shipping and planting a tree for every product the company sells. The firm’s watches feature Japanese automatic and quartz movements and come in elegant dress, chronograph, and partial skeleton styles.

Incorporating walnut, sandalwood, kosso, leadwood, mahogany, acacia, koa, teak, monzo, maple, zebrawood, olive, and ebony woods, Woodwatch’s timepieces are priced between $99 and $419.


California-based Ruban sells Chinese-made premium wooden watches for men and women. Offering both automatic- and quartz-movement models, Ruban watches come in a variety of formats, including water-resistant chronographs, colorful skeletons, and minimal dress styles. Ruban watches utilize black sandalwood, red sandalwood, green sandalwood, zebrawood, rosewood, purpleheart, olive, wenge, maple,  ebony, and walnut woods and are priced from $60 to $255.

Urban Designer

Originally founded in New York City but now based in Cary, North Carolina, Urban Designer is a family-owned brand that celebrates the values of sustainability and eco-friendliness. The woods used in its watches, which include zebrawood, red sandalwood, verawood, bamboo, and olive, are all reclaimed.

Urban Designer’s men’s, women’s, and unisex wood watches are some of the most attractive and unique models on the market and are offered in chronograph, skeleton, and minimal dress styles. Many include extra features, such as water resistance, luminous hands, and built-in compasses.

The company’s 105 watch models employ Japanese automatic and quartz movements and are priced from $49 to $159.

The Dusty Saw

Created by a Jamaican couple and based in Atlanta, The Dusty Saw offers men’s and women’s wood watches in skeleton, chronograph, and minimal dress styles. Sporting unique features, such as customizable photo or zodiac faces and backs with laser engraving options, The Dusty Saw’s watches with wood for men are made with Japanese quartz movements and utilize black sandalwood, zebrawood, olive, walnut, bamboo, and other woods. They range in price from $50 to $95.

Momentum Watches

Momentum Watches is one of the brands owned by Canada-based St. Moritz Watch Corp., which was founded in Vancouver in 1980. Designed and assembled in Canada by St. Moritz, Momentum Watches are rugged, durable, and eco-friendly.

Momentum Watches offers two water-resistant wood watch models for men.

One is a slim dress style with a Swiss quartz movement, priced between $169 and $235 depending on what options (dial color, band type, and/or engraving) you select; the other is a minimalist chronograph with a Japanese quartz movement that ranges from $209 to $315 depending on its selected options.

Pono Woodworks

Hawaii-based Pono Woodworks was founded by craftsman Brett Gontarek, who had been making koa wood-and-metal jewelry products on a wholesale basis. Gontarek decided to start a new business and named his company Pono after the Hawaiian word for “doing what’s morally correct” and “living in harmony.”

Pono now offers 19 men’s and women’s watches partially made in Hawaii from “curly”-grained, tiger-striped koa wood, which is used in traditional Hawaiian canoes.

Made in small batches of a few hundred units per design in dress, nautical, and partial skeleton styles, Pono’s watches range in price from $165 to $525.

Bobobird (Bobo Bird)

Founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, wood watch company Bobobird (or BOBO BIRD via Amazon) combines sustainable materials and ethical production methods to make handsome wood watches that are designed in the U.S.A. for both men and women.

Bobo Bird plants a tree for every watch it sells. The company’s watches are made with leadwood, tigerwood, zebrawood, black sandalwood, red sandalwood, rosewood, verawood, snakewood, maple, ebony, oak, wenge, walnut, padauk, amaranth, koa, bamboo, and olive woods, and many feature customizable faces, cases, hands, straps, and engraving.

Manufactured in skeleton, military, chronograph, mixed digital and analog, and dress styles using both automatic and quartz movements, Bobo Bird’s wood watches for men and women are priced between $29 and $249.

A Few Wood Men

Watch and accessories firm A Few Wood Men was created in 2017 when entrepreneur Shanayla Sweat, a technology consultant in Nashville, Tennessee, sought in vain the perfect gift for her grandfather, George Lester. At that moment, Sweat became determined to make products to honor black men (and women) of distinction, resilience, and character.

Offering 17 men’s watches and four women’s watches that come in chronograph, military, dual time-zone, partial skeleton, and elegant dress styles, A Few Wood Men makes use of Japanese automatic and quartz movements and woods that include oak, maple, zebrawood, red sandalwood, ebony, walnut, pine, mahogany, cherry, and birch.

Many of the brand’s models are water-resistant, and some offer special features, such as luminous hands, multiple sub-dials, and the ability to be engraved. Prices of the firm’s watches range from $169 to $284.


Established in Concord, North Carolina in 2004, Bewell was one of the first brands in the market to sell wood watches.

Designed for both men and women using maple, zebrawood, blackwood, black sandalwood, red sandalwood, verawood, bamboo, annatto, ebony, jujube, teak, yamaki, koa, chestnut, and walnut woods, Bewell’s 44 watches from wood are produced in dress, chronograph, and dual time-zone styles and utilize Japanese quartz movements. Some are waterproof or water-resistant.

Bewell’s watches with wood range in price between $49 and $123.


Founded in Gilbert, Arizona in 2017 by style expert Christopher Tucker and selling through its own website as well as an Etsy storefront, OneDapperGent offers 17 wood watches for men.

Priced between $60 and $90, OneDapperGent’s watches make use of Japanese quartz movements and integrate black sandalwood, red sandalwood, zebrawood, bamboo, ebony, and walnut woods. They’re offered in dress and chronograph styles, and in some cases, they allow customization of their backs with photos and engraving.

Bear Essentials / Botanica Watches

Sustainable accessories brand Bear Essentials was established in 2015 in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. Bear Essentials founder Josh Elleray believes in using sustainable natural resources for his products, including his brand’s Botanica Watches with wood for men and women, which are designed and prototyped in the company’s workshop in Manchester.

Like a number of other brands on this list, for every sale of one of its products, Bear Essentials will plant a tree. The firm sources the zebrano, red sandalwood, rosewood, and maple woods for its watches sustainably and avoids any woods on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee’s endangered wood species list.

Bear Essentials’ 28 Botanica Watches from wood make use of Japanese quartz movements, are offered in minimal dress and elegant chronograph styles and are priced between $81 and $186.


In 2017, four friends in Newark, Delaware founded Svenn, a seller of 16 high-quality, sustainable wood watches for men and women made entirely of recycled wood. Svenn’s watches from wood come in minimal dress styles and incorporate sandalwood, ebony, walnut, teak, zebrawood, and purpleheart woods. Utilizing Swiss quartz movements, Svenn’s wood watches are priced from $99 to $129.


Founded by designer Nick Lyons in Denver, Colorado, boutique wood watch brand Burnham is obsessed with using the finest natural materials for its men’s and women’s wood watches, which it designs in-house.

Burnham’s wood watches come in military, skeleton, chronograph, and minimal dress styles and make use of zebrawood, tigerwood, red sandalwood, blackwood, rosewood, bamboo, ebony, and walnut woods. Employing Swiss automatic and quartz movements, the brand’s bold and stylish watches are priced between $29 and $129.


Originally founded in 2017 in Sunrise, Florida as a maker of cases for smartphones, Otto now sells 74 wood watches for men and seven wood watches for women in unique chronograph, skeleton, simple dress, digital, and mixed digital/analog styles.

Ranging in price from $42 to $251, Otto’s wood watches for men and women incorporate Japanese quartz movements and integrate red sandalwood, green sandalwood, zebrawood, cork, ebony, bamboo, and other woods.


Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Touchwood only uses excess wood offcuts as the source material for its 65 men’s and 23 women’s wood watch models.

Manufactured in chronograph, multi-dial, and minimal dress styles, Touchwoods’ wood watches make use of walnut, ebony, zebrawood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple, olive, bamboo, and other woods.

Utilizing Japanese quartz movements, they’re priced from $44 to $116.

Where to Find Wood Watch Bands for Apple Watches

While some wood enthusiasts might desire a brand new watch, others may be committed enough to their existing Apple Watches that they would consider swapping out their watch band for a wooden one instead of replacing the whole watch.


Wood has become a sought-after material for watches, among other personal accessories, and it may not be long before you start to see wood watches produced by established high-end jewelry sellers and manufacturers (hello, Rolex!).

If you’re considering purchasing a wood watch, it’s worth doing a bit of research and shopping around before you buy.

Additional wood watch brands worth mentioning but not covered here include Spinnaker, Lux Woods, Ovi Watches, Plantwear, Vejrhøj, Kerbholz, and the Analog Watch Company.

What’s your favorite wood watch? Make your voice heard in the comments.

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