64 Essential Made-in-America Clothing Brands for Men and Women

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Discover my favorite places to find made-in-America clothing for men and women on the internet.

While much of the clothing world seems to be dominated by fast-fashion from China and globally-produced athleisure, a number of companies are still sourcing and producing clothing and footwear in the United States of America. Here’s a list of brands that I admire, who offer American-made apparel for men and/or women.

(Disclaimer: We live in a global marketplace. Many of the companies on this list sell items manufactured in, or using materials sourced from, a range of countries.  You should confirm sourcing details if you want to make sure a particular item is made in America.)

Made in America Clothing Brands

  1. Adrian Jules via Geoffrey Lewis & others / tailored clothing
  2. Alden‘s shoes have a rich history and are manufactured in Middleborough, Massachusetts.
  3. Allen Edmonds makes American-made shoes from Port Washington, Wisconsin.
  4. Alton Lane sources its neckties for men from the United States.
  5. American Trench offers American-made trenches, socks and accessories. Learn more with our Interview with founder Jacob Hurwitz.
  6. Almanac Industries makes beautiful, American-made journals, letterpress and more. It’s been nice getting to know them at markets around Washington, DC.
  7. Ball & Buck is an innovative retailer focused on American-made apparel. See our Interview with Mark Bollman
  8. Beltcraft makes custom-made belts in the United States.
  9. Billykirk makes leather bags & accessories for men in the United States.
  10. BLDWN, based in Kansas City, sells a range of timeless menswear and women’s apparel.  See their thoughtful video exploring what it means to be American.
  11. Bird Dog Bay is an American-made whimsical retailer for men’s clothing and accessories.
  12. Collared Greens / neckwear, t-shirts, dry goods & accessories / Behind Collared Greens’ Refreshing American-Made Menswear Line, a Focus on Sustainability
  13. Dapper Classics / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online
  14. Billy Reid / outerwear, tailored clothing & accessories
  15. Bison / wallets & leather goods
  16. Bonobos / tailored clothing,  shirts & accessories
  17. Brooks Brothers / tailored clothing
  18. Cadet Clothing / coats, shirts & pants / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond
  19. Collared Greens / neckwear, t-shirts, dry goods & accessories / Behind Collared Greens’ Refreshing American-Made Menswear Line, a Focus on Sustainability
  20. Club Monaco Made in the U.S.A.   / tailored clothing
  21. Dapper Classics / socks / Where to Buy the Best Socks Online
  22. Everlane / belts & accessories
  23. Frank Clegg Leatherworks / leather bags & accessories
  24. Freemans Sporting Club / dress shirts, ties & accessories
  25. General Knot / ties
  26. Gitman Bros. / shirts & ties
  27. Hamilton Custom Dress Shirts / OTR and custom shirts
  28. Hart Schaffner Marx / tailored clothing
  29. Hickey Freeman / tailored clothing
  30. Individualized Shirts via Geoffrey Lewis, Measure Up, & others / custom shirts
  31. J. Crew / ties
  32. J. Press / tailored clothing
  33. Jack Donnelly / pants / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond
  34. Joseph Abboud / tailored clothing
  35. Left Field NYC / shirts, jeans, outerwear, accessories, etc.
  36. Lumina Clothing – Sadly, North Carolina-based Lumina Clothing is closed.  Look inside Lumina Clothing
  37. Makr Carry Goods / accessories
  38. Martin Greenfield / tailored clothing
  39. Mind the Chap unfortunately went out of business.  See our interview with founder Sapna Shah
  40. Moore and Giles / bags & accessories / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond
  41. Mountain & Sackett / ties
  42. Old Bull Lee / shorts and button down shirts / online & various retail locations
  43. Oxxford Clothes via their NY flagship, select Neiman Marcus & others / tailored clothing
  44. Penelopes / retailer
  45. Peter Field, which made custom tailored ties our of Chicago, merged with womenswear brand Faye Sessions to form Arthur and Lucca. See our interview with Peter Manning Founder Nicholas Monterotti.
  46. Pierrepont Hicks / ties
  47. Rag & Bone / tailored clothing, ties, accessories
  48. Randolph Engineering / sunglasses
  49. Ratio Clothing / custom tailored shirts / Interview with Eric Powell
  50. Shinola Detroit / watches, leather goods & bicycles
  51. Shockoe Denim / denim / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond
  52. Stag Austin / retail
  53. Sterlingwear / outerwear
  54. Stock Manufacturing Co. / shirts, pants & accessories / Highlights from Northern Grade Richmond
  55. Taylor Stitch / shirts & retail
  56. Topo Designs, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, makes select packs and gear in the United States.
  57. Todd Shelton  / shirts & pants / Can Todd Shelton Conquer American Manufacturing?
  58. Ursa Major / skincare
  59. Warby Parker / eyeglasses (prescription lenses cut in America)
  60. Weiss Watch Company / watches
  61. William Rogue & Co. / retail
  62. Woolrich / outdoorswear & blankets
  63. Zkano makes great socks for men and women from Alabama. Learn more via our interview with Gina Locklear
  64. Zoraab / socks

These American-Made Clothing Brands Have Closed

  • Argoz produced fabulous American-made socks that I loved, and I featured them prominently on Modern Fellows’ list of Where to Buy the Best Socks Online. Sadly, they have shut down.

What is Your Favorite American-Made Clothing Brand?

Have you had a good experience with an American-made clothing brand on this list? Do you have another option for made-in-the-USA clothing to list? Please add your thoughts on American-made clothing in the comments below. And thanks for checking out Modern Fellows.

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