Discover These 14 Joggers and Sweatpants with a Fly for Men in 2024

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Review great options for joggers or sweatpants with a functional fly zipper, button or velcro opening for men.

Why don’t more sweatpants have a working fly?

While I like a good pair of sweats as much as the next guy, I’m baffled why so few brands construct sweatpants with a functional fly opening.

I don’t care whether the joggers or sweatpants include a zip fly, button fly or Velcro fly. It doesn’t matter. I just want something more functional in my sweatpants than a sewn-shut faux fly.

Even more frustrating, very few brands list whether their joggers or sweatpants include a working fly in their product description, leaving potential customers to scroll through reviews or simply to fly blind when ordering.

These brands sell sweatpants with a fly for men

Luckily, if you search long enough, you can discover several clothing brands that make fleece pants, sweatpants and joggers with a working fly for men. Try the brands below for joggers and sweatpants with a button fly, Velcro opening or zipper.

(Given how difficult it is to find actual men’s sweatpants with a fly front, I’ve stretched the definition to include options like flannel pajama and lounge pants.)

Please, if you know of other solid options, let me know in the comments.


Menswear startup Bonobos began life with a focus on perfecting chinos, and they do pants well.

The company advertises its comfy, elastic-waist Off Duty Pants as a cross between joggers and chinos, meant for running errands and weekend walks. These sweatpants-in-disguise feature a zipper fly, button closure and an interior drawcord.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon is a menswear clothing company specializing in “reinventing men’s basics” with comfortable and stylish t-shirts, underwear, socks, athleisure and more for men. The company excels in workleisure clothing for men and is also a good online option for colorful socks as well as striped, tagless t-shirts.

While not all of their sweats and joggers have a fly opening, Mack Weldon’s Sunday Lounge Pants have a zip fly with button closure. Those pants look stylish and soft with their 100% peached cotton flannel, interior drawstring and elastic waist.

Taylor Stitch

I’ve found West Coast-based menswear startup Taylor Stitch to be a great source of thoughtfully designed clothing.

Taylor Stitch maintains a limited-edition “Après Collection” to celebrate moments where “the only thing left to do is chill.”

Included in that collection are Après pants, which Taylor Stitch describes as follows:

The Après Pant boasts some serious sophistication when compared with your average pair of sweats—expert tailoring, rugged construction, and best-in-class materials put them in a league of their own. 

The Apres Pant in Indigo Double Cloth

Their Après Pant is available in waffle knit and cotton “double cloth,” and features horn buttons and a working button fly opening.

L.L. Bean

It’s no surprise that Maine’s standard for comfy basics and cold-weather gear stocks a great deal of sweats, joggers and fleece pants for men and women.

L. L. Bean carries a line of Wicked Good Athletic Sweatpants with a functioning zip fly for men. The sweats look smart-yet-comfortable and a perfect addition to your work-from-home wear.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an excellent bet for fleece pants, joggers and sweatpants with a button fly opening. The company’s slim fit fleece pants feature a textured weave, elastic waistband, and a button fly with a buttoned closure plus a small ticket pocket for flair.

Amazon also carries a number of sweatpants and joggers that feature a single-button fly opening from Polo Ralph Lauren, including a series of Men’s Knit Covered Waistband Jogger Pants and soft flannel PJ pants.


Canadian athleisure startup Duer focuses on providing multi-purpose items that can take you from lounging through hiking through commuting and work. Duer specializes in sustainably-produced clothing that crosses over from athleisure to workleisure. In addition to denim, Duer makes a range of technical fabric commuter pants (try their “no sweat slim fit stretch pants”) and structured joggers with a fly.

With its free shipping and returns and fabulous customer service, Nordstrom is a great place to discover Duer’s sweatpants with a fly, denim and more.


Menswear startup Huckberry does an amazing job of curating stylish men’s clothing brands alongside its house labels like Proof, Flint and Tinder and Wellen.

Their Flint and Tinder 365 joggers look more like chinos at first blush. While they aren’t exactly traditional sweatpants, they do have an elastic waistband and built-in stretch, and a classic button and zip fly opening.

Helmut Lang

Austrian-born luxury brand Helmut Lang makes a variety of sweats and joggers including some with a working zipper fly. Check Saks Off 5th for deals on Helmut Lang sweatpants, though look carefully at the description. Some of the joggers on offer have a faux fly.


Grayers is a super-stylish destination for men’s clothing. Their Palmer Athletic Fleece Joggers are gorgeous-looking sweatpants that feature a working button fly and drawstring waist. Their performance fleece is made from a 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester blend.


Japanese retailer Uniqlo has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality basics for women and men, including durable and soft cashmere sweaters and cheap chinos.

Uniqlo’s dry-ex ultra-stretch jogger pants have a zip fly and snap closure. Their joggers are constructed from “cotton-like” technical fabric material that wicks moisture. Uniqlo is one of the cheapest alternatives to lululemon for athleisure basics like joggers and leggings.

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand began life cutting denim in the 1990s and today makes a range of casual and active wear for women and men.

While they certainly look like sweatpants with their drawstring waist and cuffed ankles, Lucky Brand Men’s Knit Jogger Sleep Lounge Pants (via Amazon) are made from a lightweight fabric blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Lucky’s sleep lounge pants feature a one-button fly.

Take care, since Lucky’s more traditional sweatpants don’t appear to to have a working fly.

Duluth Trading Company

Over the years, Duluth Trading Company has offered a range of joggers and sweats with fly closures for men. Duluth’s Boundary Layer Fleece Joggers feature a mid-weight fleece material and, according to reviews, a zipper fly.

Noble Mount

Founded in 2005 by Shabbir Sharaf and based in the Pacific Northwest, digital native retailer Noble Mount sells a wide range of loungewear and basics for men and women including flannel pajama sets, robes, lounge and sweatpants, scarves, socks and washable face masks.

In particular, Noble Mount produces an impressive array of lounge, fleece, jogger and sweat pants for men with a functioning fly opening.

Noble Mount’s Fleece Lined Jogger Lounge/Sweat Pants and their similar lounge-sweatpants for men are made from a brushed French terry blend of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. Both men’s sweatpants include a concealed button fly front, along with an elastic waistband and two side-seam pockets. Noble Mount also has a range of other flannel, jogger and sweat pants for men (and women).

Noble Mount’s products are available via its website, their Amazon storefront, and Walmart.


UK-based Boden started out selling menswear, but is more famous today for its large selection of brightly-colored clothing for women. The company had been investing in its menswear line, which at one time not-so-long-ago was filled with stylish options ranging from athleisure and activewear to dressy chinos and button downs. (Boden is also a good example of a sustainable fashion brand.)

I invested in a pair of Boden’s Rye Joggers for men, which are made from a blend of 87% cotton and 13% polyester fabric. They are by far my favorite pair of sweats. The joggers feature an elastic waistband and drawstring along with a functional fly opening. (I also like the colorful stripe accents along the pockets and drawstring.)

While Boden has a solid history of crafting sweatpants and joggers for men with a working fly, they turn their inventory over each season so you’ll need to look through their current selection of sweats to see what is currently on offer. (Sadly, there are times where Boden offers no men’s joggers at all, and their Rye joggers are no longer available online, and their lightweight joggers with a zip fly are out of stock.)

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