25 Best Custom Suit Destinations for Men for 2024 (Online and In-Person)

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Discover where to buy the most stylish custom-tailored suits online or in person (for every budget) that will fit flawlessly and make you look your best.

The Benefits of a Custom Suit 

Custom suits offer a better fit than something you pull off the rack and serve as a “middle ground” between off-the-rack attire and truly bespoke suits.

Custom tailored suits are are “made-to-measure” (MTM), adapting existing suit patterns to your measurements. MTM suits provide the benefits of tailoring at a relatively affordable price point, and they are also available via online custom clothing companies and brick and mortar custom suit retailers.

Made-to-measure, aka custom suits, start with standard suit patterns which correspond closely to the client’s size. Custom suit makers customize the standard suit pattern and final product according to the client’s preferences in fit and style. Benefits of a custom suit include the ability to control details and fit at a lower price point and shorter production times than fully-tailored and bespoke suits.

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Buying a Custom Suit Online vs. In-Person

Should you buy a custom suit in person or online? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each:

Buying a Custom Suit Online: Pros and Cons

Technology has democratized access to made-to-measure suiting. Online custom clothiers like Black Lapel, Hockerty, Lanieri or iTailor tend to sell exceptionally affordable made-to-measure suits, often offer extensive choices of fabrics and patterns, and can usually turn finished products around fairly quickly.

In exchange for affordability and convenience, online custom tailors tend to require customers to take their own measurements and evaluate the fit of the final garments, which can be challenging.

Buying a Custom Suit In-Person: Pros and Cons

A number of brick-and-mortar retailers like Brooks Brothers and local shops like Geoffrey Lewis in Washington DC still offer in-store made-to-measure or bespoke suit services.

The benefits of buying a custom suit in person include the ability to get your measurements taken in person, see and touch the fabrics and finished products, and return for a fitting. The cons? Often suits from brick-and-mortar focused custom clothiers cost more than online-only options and more traditional outfitters may not offer convenient online ordering for future purchases.

Buying a Custom Suit from an Omnichannel Retailer

Another option is to find a custom clothier that has both an online and real-world presence. Omnichannel retailers like Indochino and Suit Supply offer the benefits of an in-person experience along with digital and mobile convenience and the ability to order new suits quickly.

Where to Buy a Custom-Tailored Men’s Suit Online

If you’ve decided that you are ready to purchase a made-to-measure suit online, here are some of the best options on the internet:


Indochino is a brilliant example of an innovative men’s clothing company helping men dress sharp in the digital age. While they had some growing pains as they grew quickly, today they offer incredible value and stylish custom suits.

Indochino isone of my favorite places to buy custom suiting. I visited Indochino’s showroom in Georgetown in Washington, DC, where they took my measurements and got me fitted for an initial suit. I then returned to the showroom once my suit was made, where they made some adjustments to the slacks and jacket and refined my measurements in their system.

Once you invest the time to get those initial measurements right, ordering custom suits is about as easy as buying from Amazon. I’ve ordered 4 suits (with my own money) since that initial suit (which Indochino provided for free).

Indochino emphasizes entry-level customized fits and fabric selection at affordable price points. Kyle Vucko and Heikal Gani founded the brand in Vancouver in 2007. After a decade of online-only services, Indochino opened retail stores throughout Canada and the U.S., and now offers dozens of stores and showrooms.

Indochino’s instructional videos guide you through the at-home measurement process for its app, which is supported by a Customer Experience team.

Prices for Indochino’s suits start at $449 for basic cuts and fabrics and $499 for premium fabrics. You can also be measured at one of Indochino’s retail stores.

Black Lapel Custom Suit
One of my favorite custom suits from Black Lapel.

Black Lapel

I’ve worn several Black Lapel suits for the better part of a decade, and they have become one of my absolute favorite options for made-to-measure clothing.

Black Lapel’s refined look and online interface help it to continue to stand out in the now-crowded world of digital custom suiting. Founders Warren Liao and Derek Tian started the brand in 2011 to make “suits that are designer brand quality at half-to-a-third of the price.” (Black Lapel was since acquired by Blank Label, another custom suit brand on this list, during the pandemic.)

You will need a tape measure and a friend to measure yourself and create your online custom profile. Black Lapel suits start at $699 for the brand’s Core Suit and go up to around $1,500 for luxury fabrics like merino wool from Australia. Black Lapel also has a New York showroom where you can make an appointment to meet with a stylist, or you can schedule a virtual stylist appointment.

Inside Suit Supply’s custom suit section in Washington, DC.

Suit Supply 

Dutch clothier Suit Supply‘s philosophy is to be “there for people who want to be seen.” Blending sexy, classic, and forward-looking cuts, Suit Supply’s custom suits combine a European vibe with modern fabrics and an emphasis on slim fits.

Founder and CEO Fokke de Jong started the business in 1999 as an all-online business, and began opening a wide network of more than 100 stores in 2007. Today, Suit Supply offers custom suits, jackets, formalwear, and outerwear online and in person.

Suit Supply presents its online “Custom Made” feature as “the world’s most comprehensive tailoring program,” which means it offers selections of dozens of options for nearly every aspect of suit jackets, trousers, waistcoats, and finishes.

The company’s online platform requires you to use your own measurements and advises you to use your own suit elements that already fit for guidance. For additional services and in-person measuring, you must visit one of Suit Supply’s retail stores. Prices start at $648 for basic wool and cotton fabrics, ranging up to $1,148. 

Spier and Mackay

Known for a phenomenal combination of value and quality that rivals better-established (and expensive) brands, Spier & Mackay offers a range of stylish off-the-rack and made-to-measure suits.

Rikky Khanna founded Spier and Mackay in 2010 in Mississauga, Canada to provide better quality shirts at a superior price via e-commerce. While Spier and Mackay’s online ordering system can seem less intuitive than other manufacturers, with fabric selections depicted in small, uniform squares and suit options based on limited base patterns, their suits get rave reviews.

Sale pricing for custom suits starts at $428 (and potentially less), going up to $1,198 for custom tailored attire constructed with the likes of Marling & Evans flannel.

Theodore (THDR)

Australia-based digital-first custom menswear brand Theodore (THDR) looks to recreate the custom tailoring experience with digital technology. Their custom experience is centered on the brand’s easy-to-use, AI-based Pocket Tailor app which will take your measurements and which also “learns” your body and improves over time.

While the company is based in Sydney, Australia, Theodore delivers worldwide, including to the United States. You can schedule a virtual appointment to learn more. Founder Timothy Aquino is a former director of menswear sales and serial entrepreneur.

Business and casual suits are priced at $949 or $1,499 depending on fabric. 

Blank Label

The brand Blank Label began as an online clothier for “young, rebellious hipsters,” but now offers many custom suit options for white-collar professionals who desire a sophisticated selection of made-to-order suits, shirts, and outerwear.

Founded in 2009 by Danny Wong and Fan Li, Boston-based Blank Label provides a sleek, easy to use, and premium online experience.

Entry level all-season wool suits start at $685, while luxury made-to-order Loro Piana suits retail for over $2,000.

Blank Label promises a “high touch” online fitting and ordering experience as well as in-person fittings at their Boston showroom.

A look inside Proper Cloth’s New York City showroom.

Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth has a tech-forward feeling with clean suit designs and a motto of “Custom Clothing. Made Smarter.” The highly-rated brand is known for its “elegant, wearable tailoring” and is one of my absolute favorite options for custom-tailored dress shirts for men.

The New York-based company started as an outstanding online custom shirt maker in 2008. Under the dedication and vision of founder Seph Skerrit, Proper Cloth expanded its offerings to include custom, made-to-order suits in 2019.

Proper Cloth is leading the way with proprietary algorithms to determine fit that include your style preferences and body type. Pricing starts at $695 for basic wool and stretch wool suits, going up to $1,495 for Loro Piana wool suits.

You may use their digital tool to perfect your fit online, or book an appointment at one of Proper Cloth’s two New York showrooms. You can also book an appointment in Proper Cloth’s virtual showroom to get advice on placing an online custom suit or shirt order.

My custom suit from Lanieri.


With a reputation that combines the performance of high-end Italian sportscars with the artistry of a Fellini film, Lanieri is Italy’s first e-commerce business for men’s suits and clothing.

Lanieri is “dedicated to men’s elegance.” Based in Biella in Northern Italy, Lanieri was initially named “Natural Gentleman.” The company was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Simone Maggi and Riccardo Schiavotto.

In 2020, the business was acquired by leading Made in Italy wool manufacturer Reda 1865. Lanieri offers video guides for measurements and a “perfect fit” guarantee.

Lanieri’s wool suits start at about $700 and go up to $1,785 for Loro Piana twill and sharkskin suits.


In commercials running on CNN, MTailor touts how its app that can use your phone to take a series of measurements across your body to easily create a perfect fit.

The business leans heavily on the benefits of its technology, boasting that their app, which captures your “3D point cloud,” is 20% more accurate than a tailor.

San Francisco based MTailor was founded in 2013 by two Stanford computer engineers, Miles Penn and Rafi Witten. Suit styling is a bit of Silicon Valley-meets-Sportscenter.

Prices are on the lower end for custom suits which are derived from a single base pattern, starting at $399 for basic choices, with a $499 tuxedo and $799 pinstripe and windowpane merino wool options.

Sene Studio

Inclusive of men, women, and all body types, Sene Studio’s clothing has garnered favorable press in publications as diverse as Forbes and Teen Vogue. The brand’s “size free” clothing, including FlexTech stretch performance fabric suits, is customized exclusively to each customer using the brand’s patented AI platform which doesn’t rely on a friend’s measurements or a smartphone scanner.

The Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2016 by Mark Zheng and Ray Li. Made-to-fit FlexTech workleisure suits for men are $595 and come in a selection of ten regular colors and two seasonal options, and will be delivered within two weeks.


Hockerty offers a remarkably wide selection of custom clothing for men, including made-to-measure trench coats and overcoats in addition to suits. The business has managed to blend the high order volume of a digital-native brand with a wide range of custom-made attire.

The Zurich-based business was founded in 2008 as Tailor4Less by three friends from Barcelona, Humbert Codina, Alberto Gil and Andreu Fernández.

Hockerty’s app for customization is sophisticated and relatively easy to use. Pricing is simple for customized, made-to-fit suits following a basic pattern, starting at $299 for cotton-polyester blends and rising to $600 or more for premium wool suits. Hockerty promises quick turnaround with delivery of their custom suits for men in two weeks.

Knot Standard’s showroom in Washington, DC.

Knot Standard 

Knot Standard blends traditional customer service with a variety of sleek, modern styles and a sophisticated digital measuring app to create well-fitting and stylish custom suits for men.

Founders John Ballay and Matt Mueller have persevered over more than a decade, fine tuning their custom suit experience after some early feedback to deliver a premium product.

Knot Standard’s website and services put “customer driven” into action, offering dedicated style advisors.

An entry-level Knot Standard made-to-measure suit starts at $895, with premium fabric choices going for as much as $3,495.

Lords of Wool

Lords of Wool provides a clean, easy-to-use interface and affordable suit options. Launched in 2020, Lords of Wool is an offshoot of Hall Madden, a modern made-to-measure company that specializes in in-person custom suits for men.

Lords of Wool’s home try on kit will help to refine suit fit and customization of patterns that sister-company Hall Madden uses in their showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Prices of Lords of Wool suits start at $495, with upcharges for extra pants, vests, and higher-end fabrics. Delivery time is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Alton Lane

Online custom tailor Alton Lane can even make reluctant suit-wearers happy and aims to produce made-to-measure garments as easily and pain-free as possible. Founded by Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins in 2009, Alton Lane promises to take a couple of measurements and turn a custom suit in as little as two weeks.

Pricing for Alton Lane’s custom suits begins at $399 and goes up to $1,599 for luxury fabrics. 

Get $100 off your first suit purchase at Alton Lane.


iTailor is possibly the most affordable option for made-to-measure suits with the widest choice of fabric, texture, and color. (The company boasts that it has served over 260,000 customers in 166 countries.)

Enter your measurements into iTailor’s interface, and choose from a wide range of fabric selections, colors, and styling options to complete your initial suit design profile. iTailor helpfully provides a useful 3D custom suit rendering of your choices.

iTailor has been around since 1971, and is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, boasting over 450 tailors in its factory. Most suits are priced at $229, with better wool suits topping out at $459 for three-piece wool suits.

Oliver Wicks

Oliver Wicks specializes in European-styled custom suits using quality Italian and British fabrics. The company aims to allay fears over the online ordering process, boasting of five star Trustpilot reviews and promising a full year’s worth of alterations at a local tailor for up to $125 per suit, as well as a generous return/remake policy.

Based in Bulgaria, which offers preferred access to European fabric mills and other materials, Oliver Wicks was founded by Borislav Miloev and Eliya Atanasova in 2012, originally as Dragon Inside.

Suits made from Vitale Barberis Canonico Wool and wool and cashmere blends start at $699, with the highest-priced Italian wool options coming in just under $1,000.

The Tailor Store

The Tailor Store describes itself as a “tech company that does custom clothing.” The company’s proprietary fit algorithm relies on age, activity level, and build to create a unique fit. Founded in 2005 by Magnus Loodberg and Mats-Ola Ström, the Tailor Store is based in Helsingborg, Sweden and its custom suits are made in Sri Lanka. Traditional wool and travelers’ suits start at $285 and go up in price to around $600, making it an affordable option for men’s custom clothing.


Surmesur communicates comfort, style and confidence and specializes in custom men’s suits for business and travel. The Montreal-based custom clothier was founded in 2010 by François and Vincent Thériault with the goal of offering tasteful tailor-made clothing with ready-to-wear prices.

Customized measurements are available through virtual stylist appointments. Some of Surmesur’s double-breasted suits are reminiscent of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s dapper style.

Surmesur’s pricing starts at about $700 for basic wool suits and rise to about $1,600 for trendier styles with luxury fabrics.


Hangrr emits a younger, hipper vibe than some of its online custom clothier peers. Their marketing features vegan and sustainable fabrics and supply chains, and an invitation to “Imagine you could get a custom-built Rolls-Royce, with the price, efficiency & durability of Tesla or Toyota.” The Houston-based company was founded by Rishabh Khandelwal and Sakshi Jain.

The digital native company offers a wide variety of fabric, color, and style options, including an AI-enhanced program to create your perfect suit.

Pricing starts at $289 and goes up to around $400, making Hangrr one of the more affordable and flexible online custom suit companies around.

Photo credit: Photo by Salvador Godoy via Unsplash

Where to Buy a Custom-Tailored Men’s Suit in Person

If you would prefer the attention and ease of ordering a custom suit at a store, try these fantastic in person options for made-to-measure clothing:

Inside Brooks Brothers’ Georgetown store in Washington, DC.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers styles itself as “the original authority on American style” and provides a classic made-to-measure suit experience at select stores. (The brand has more than 150 locations, but not all offer custom, made-to-measure suit services.) While Brooks Brothers has gone through some tough times recently, it is still an amazing option for classic American tailoring.

Locate the Brooks Brothers made-to-measure store most convenient to you using its online locator tool. Pricing starts at $998, with higher-priced premium fabrics and details up to $2,000.

Suit Supply

Suit Supply’s fashion-forward sartorial style is available in-person through one of their more than 100 physical stores around the globe.

Suit Supply’s Made-to-Measure Personal Tailoring service is available at their brick-and-mortar stores, which can easily be located through their online store locator. Suit Supply custom tailored suit pricing starts at $648.

Inside Indochino’s showroom in Georgetown


Made-to-measure clothing startup Indochino is one of my favorite places to buy a custom suit in person. While the company also sells suits online, Indochino has a vast network of showrooms across the United States and Canada where you can visit and be measured for a custom suit. Locate an Indochino showroom using their online tool.

The best part? Once you get your fit right, you can order additional suits online like you were buying a pair of pants from Amazon. Prices for Indochino custom suits begin at $429.

Your Local Tailor

If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, chances are there is an independent or family-owned business that specializes in bespoke or made-to-measure suiting. For example:

  • In New York City, try Martin Greenfield, Alan Flusser, Thom Sweeney, Oxxford, Paolo Martorano Bespoke, Michael Andrews Bespoke, Divij Bespoke, Alan David Custom, Enzo Custom, Craig Robinson, Beyond Bespoke, Reeves Bespoke, Duncan Quinn, Robbie and Co. Men’s Shop, Mohan’s, Kent Wang, Mr. Ned, or J. Press.
  • In the Washington, DC area, custom suit options include Geoffrey Lewis, Enzo Custom, Field English Tailors, Brimble and Clark, Michael Thomas Custom Clothiers, Dash’s of Old Town, Hive and Colony, Bryn Keith, Lam Couture, and Ezra Paul Clothing.
  • In San Francisco, look to Josh’s Tailoring and Design, Tailors’ Keep, Bossini, Daniel George Custom Suits, Spoon Tailor, Seymour’s Fashions Custom Tailors, Beckett and Robb, THUY Custom CLothier, and Klein Epstein and Parker.
  • London, home of Savile Row and the birthplace of bespoke suits, is awash in custom tailors. Look at the modern Cad and the Dandy, or more traditional tailors like H Huntsman and Sons, Anderson and Sheppard, and many more.

Search forums like Yelp, Google and Facebook reviews, Styleforum.net and Askandyaboutclothes to find recommendations for the best options near you.


Zegna, one of the more exclusive luxury clothing brands, has an attractive made-to-measure and bespoke men’s suit program.

Ermengildo Zegna SpA was founded in 1910 in Trivero in North Italy, and today manufactures luxury textiles and oversees the Zegna luxury fashion house. You could opt for the ultimate in luxury by approaching Zegna’s by-invitation-only bespoke Atelier. Alternatively, you can experience Zegna’s made-to-measure services by visiting one of their nearly 100 American stores.

Made-to-measure Zegna suits start at $3,995.

Tom James 

Tom James describes itself as the “world’s largest custom clothing manufacturer,” and fittings for the company’s comfortable, quality suits are available at its stores and by home or office appointment.

Since 1966, the Tom James Company has provided custom clothing, and the business has also acquired unique brands like Oxxford Clothes, the last hand-sewn suiting business in the United States.

Tom James clothing consultants will visit you at home or in the office, and by appointment at one of its 93 world locations, primarily in the United States, but also Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

Prices for Tom James’ custom suits starts at about $700 and rises up to $2,000.

Inside Lanieri’s custom suiting atelier.


Already mentioned above as an option for buying a custom suit online, Lanieri also offers a series of Ateliers across Europe where you can get fitted in person for a made-to-measure garment.

J. Hilburn

J Hilburn provides a custom clothing experience for men via a network of style consultants fanned out across the United States.

The Dallas-based company’s custom men’s suits are aimed at classic American cuts and styles, with largely traditional fabric and color options along with a few surprises.

J Hilburn was founded in 2007 by Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod. Rather than in-person showrooms, J Hilburn stylists will visit you at home or in the office to discuss your clothing needs and measure you for made-to-measure clothing.

Locate a stylist using J Hilburn’s online partner locating tool. Pricing begins at $698 for entry level models and goes up to around $2,000 for custom suits made from luxury and high performance fabrics.

Knot Standard’s custom suit showroom in Washington, DC.

Knot Standard

For in-person attention at Knot Standard (which also sells custom suits online), book an appointment to visit one of Knot Standard’s well-appointed showrooms in Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, or Washington, DC.

I had a chance to review Knot Standard’s custom suit experience in person at their Washington, DC showroom a while back. At the time, I wrote:

While you’d have to pay multiple thousands of dollars for a bespoke experience on Savile Row, the style consultants at Knot Standard’s showrooms around the United States … make you feel like million bucks while translating your measurements into an online digital profile that offers as close to a true bespoke experience as is possible at a price point that begins at about $800.

Review: The Knot Standard Custom Suit Experience in Washington, DC
Inside Kashiyama’s now-shuttered showroom in Washington, DC.


Kashiyama is Japan’s top made-to-measure brand, with suits, fabrics, and colors seemingly inspired by Savile Row. The brand was founded in 1927 in Tokyo, Japan, and made a run at expansion into the United States. For a while, the brand hosted a flagship U.S. store on Madison Ave. in Manhattan, and maintained additional stores in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Kashiyama also hosted popup stores and ambassador gatherings in places like Wichita, Austin, Dallas and Atlanta.

Today, it appears that the venerable J. Press has developed a relationship with Kashiyama to produce “Pennant Label Custom Suiting” via its stores in New York and Washington, DC. (Kashiyama’s U.S. website, kashiyama1927.com, redirects to J. Press.)

According to an email I received from Kashiyama, J. Press’ Pennant Label Custom Suiting will retain “all production aspects, quality craftsmanship, and unique fabric selections of Kashiyama – The Smart Tailor,” and that “garments will continue to be expertly tailored in our state of the art company owned Kashiyama factory.”

A look at Alton Lane’s showroom in Washington, DC from 2012.

Alton Lane

You can make an appointment to visit one of Alton Lane’s 13 U.S. showrooms, located in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Charlottesville, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Miami, New York City (Flatiron and Tribeca), Philadelphia, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., and Richmond, VA, in addition to ordering a suit online. Get $100 off your first suit purchase at Alton Lane.

Hall Madden delivers an exceptional custom suiting experience.

Hall Madden  

A perfect fit and perfect service is part of Hall Madden promises a perfect fit and perfect service for its made-to-measure suits. Hall Madden’s in-person, three-appointment process for made-to-measure, custom suits is the higher-end answer to the company’s digital custom suit site Lords of Wool.

Richard Hall and McGregor Madden founded Hall Madden (formerly known as Proper Suit) in 2009 in New York City. I had a chance to speak with McGregor early on in their journey and they treated me to one of my favorite suits of all time.

Schedule an appointment online to visit one of Hall Madden’s showrooms in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Palo Alto, or get connected during one of their traveling trunk shows to in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia and Seattle. Hall Madden suits start at $1,250, with models rising to $2,300 or more.

State and Liberty’s store in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

State and Liberty

Men with athletic builds will appreciate State and Liberty’s ability to fit their body type with custom suits that use high performance, lightweight, wrinkle-free, low maintenance fabrics.

State and Liberty was founded in 2015 by Steven Fisher and Lee Moffie to solve the problem of poorly-fitting off-the-rack dress shirts for athletic men. The brand is a great example of an innovative startup specializing in workleisure apparel for men and also proves to be a good alternative to lululemon for athleisure.

Book an appointment for a fitting at one of the brand’s nearly 20 U.S. and one Canadian retail locations. Pricing for State and Liberty custom suits ranges from $550 to $650. 

Who Is Your Favorite Custom Clothier?

What most appeals to you about a custom tailored suit? Are there brands and manufacturers that should also be included in this piece? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for reading this far!

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