High Bar Shirt Company, Known for Dressing Sports Celebrities, Shutters.

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The High Bar Shirt Company has shut down. The custom clothing company was known for dressing Fox broadcasters like Kevin Burkhardt, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and Dontrelle Willis, who were looking pretty dapper in their crisp button down dress shirts during the 2019 World Series.

Update: Since I wrote the article below in 2019, the High Bar Shirt company has shut down, a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have kept the story below, but removed the link to the High Bar Shirt Company’s website, which doesn’t appear to be working.

For alternatives to custom and off the rack dress shirts for men, see my guide to where to buy the best dress shirts for men.

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World Series Dapper: The High Bar Shirt Company

I’m always on the lookout for innovative men’s fashion brands to add to Modern Fellows’ running list of 75+ innovative men’s fashion brands that will transform your wardrobe.  (I’ve gotten to know MTailor via TV ads on CNN, and UntuckIt through print ads in Esquire.)

So as the credits were rolling for the pre-game show for Game 1 of the World Series between the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros, I saw that the commentators’ shirts were provided by the High Bar Shirt Company.  I was keen to know more. Here’s what I found:

What is High Bar Shirt Company?

The High Bar Shirt Company provides factory-direct, Made-in-America handcrafted custom dress shirts from their factory in Newark, New Jersey.  High Bar Shirt Company is the online, consumer-facing brand affiliated with Skip Gambert and Associates (aka Skip Gambert Shirtmakers), which styles and manufactures made-to-measure shirts.  The family-owned company has been making handcrafted shirts in America since 1933.  Today it is one of the oldest, still-operating custom dress shirt factories in the United States.

Customers can buy a shirt online by entering measurements and customizing shirt options.  Alternately, customers can visit the High Bar Shirt Company’s factory in Newark via a quick trip on the PATH train.

Fellow Made-in-America clothing brand Todd Shelton includes the High Bar Shirt Company on its shortlist of Made-in-America menswear brands. (Check out Modern Fellows’ profile of Todd Shelton.)

Learn more about the High Bar Shirt company via this video:

How much do High Bar Shirt Company’s shirts cost? 

High Bar Shirt Company’s made-to-measure shirts cost between $99 and $139. That’s a remarkably affordable price point for made-in-America shirts and comparable to many mid-to-high end off-the-rack shirts that were made in Asia.

High Bar Shirt Company coupons

On its website as of this writing, the High Bar Shirt Company presents an option to create a new account online and receive a 20% discount coupon off your first order.

High Bar Shirts: Dressing MLB and NFL broadcasters

The High Bar Shirt Company appears to have found a niche supplying their Made-in-America dress shirts to broadcasters.  In addition to dressing up Fox’s World Series broadcasters, the company has provided shirts to Fox’s NFL pregame broadcast team as well. Their Instagram account featured photos of Howie Long and Michael Strahan yucking it up behind the scenes in their High Bar Shirt Company shirts.

The best dress shirts online?

I’ve never personally tried the High Bar Shirt Company’s dress shirts so cannot vouch for their quality. But I have added them to Modern Fellows’ guide to where to find the best dress shirts online.  There are very few options for made-in-America, made-to-measure men’s shirts.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Joe Buck and Michael Strahan, it might be worth checking out.

Have you tried High Bar Shirt Company’s shirts?

Leave your experience in the comments.

Go Nats

Oh yeah: Go Nats! Finish the Fight.

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