The 21 Best Men’s Bracelets for Every Budget and Style (2024)

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Discover the most stylish men’s bracelets to add interest to your outfit from inexpensive rope bracelets to unique luxury pieces featuring precious metals and stones.

A bracelet can add a unique accent to enhance your style, but the sheer variety of styles and price points can be overwhelming. This guide helps break down the options.

The Short Answer: The 7 Best Men’s Bracelet Options

This is a deep-dive article, so here are my absolute favorite destinations for men’s bracelets online:

Best statement bracelets for men: David Yurman and John Hardy

David Yurman designs unique men’s bracelets that will absolutely stand out. Their lineup of luxury bracelets for men is heavy on leather, sterling silver and chunky beads. Their gorgeous bracelets for men range in price from about $250 to more than $50,000 for custom pieces that will really make a statement.

John Hardy makes beautifully-chunky bracelets for men, many of which are centered around “Naga,” a symbol of love, protection and prosperity. The jewelry designer is a favorite of Todd Snyder, whose eponymous shop stocks highlights from John Hardy’s collection. Todd Snyder has also featured John Hardy’s jewelry in its runway shows.

Best one stop shop for men’s bracelets: Mr. Porter

While Mr. Porter specializes in luxury fashion, it carries a wide selection of men’s bracelets that range from affordable to expensive. Mr. Porter is the perfect place to discover a number of affordable men’s bracelet brands from Miansai, Mikia and Le Gramme to more expensive and unique luxury jewelry options from the likes of Fry Powers, Luis Morais and Acne Studios.

Most expensive ultra-luxury men’s diamond bracelets on the internet: Shay Jewelry and David Yurman

Shay makes a variety of extraordinarily unique and gorgeous diamond bracelets for men. Their extensive collection of luxury diamond bracelets for men ranges from around $3,000 to more than $70,000.

David Yurman offers exquisite curb chain, spiritual beads, hex chain and box chain bracelets made from precious metals and inlaid with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and more, which can cost between $12,000 and $60,000.

Best affordable bracelets for men (and women): Oliver Cabell and Miansai

Entrepreneur Scott Gabrielson first founded Oliver Cabell in July 2016 with a focus on disrupting the premium footwear space. The brand has since morphed into an broader affordable luxury brand for men and offers a really nice selection of cord, cable, Cuban link and cuff bracelets for men at an exceptionally accessible price point.

Founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Michael Saiger, Miansai shines with a wide range of minimalist and affordable unisex bracelet designs. Look to Miansai for simple rope or leather bracelets fastened with unique-looking fish hook or anchor closures, as well as chunkier sterling silver and gold bracelets. Prices start at a very reasonable $55.

The Rise of Men’s Bracelets and Jewelry

Today, men’s jewelry is on fire with dozens of diverse options trending from necklaces to rings to anklets to watches with wood.

Decades ago, many men thought their jewelry choices were limited to a watch and cufflinks, but that’s far from the case today. Nearly 60 percent of guys say they already wear, or are open to wearing, a bracelet, according to a survey by Modern Fellows. And celebrities as diverse as Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, David Beckham and Nas are wearing bracelets that fit their taste both for casual and more formal occasions.

Forbes reports that cultural boundaries are being broken down between feminine and masculine jewelry, with many unisex or genderless styles emerging.

Matches Fashion’s head of menswear told GQ that purchases of men’s jewelry increased by over 60% during pandemic lockdowns and the enthusiasm hasn’t slowed.

“Traditional rules regarding masculinity and femininity are breaking down,” Mintel’s retail analyst Chana Baram told Professional Jeweller magazine. Baram added that, “men are increasingly spending more and more on their appearance, and for the modern man, jewellery is key.”

Bracelets are one of the top trends, dominating men’s jewelry. Unique & Co’s founder Daniel Ozel reports that “one of the biggest trends remains layering and stacking of wristwear.”

Photo credit: by Christian Lucas via Unsplash

Get to Know the 6 Different Types of Men’s Bracelets

A wide variety of men’s bracelets exist to fit your personal style and budget. Here are some of the more popular options for modern men’s bracelets, which range from very casual and inexpensive to pricey luxury options:

  1. Leather bracelets for men tend to be understated and toe-the-line between casual and dressed up. Affordable options are available from the likes of Miansai and Fossil (via Amazon), while luxury leather bracelets from labels including Monica Vinader, William Henry, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Kimai add elegance.
  2. Bead bracelets for men feature precious or semiprecious stones strung together, can be elegant everyday or special occasion option. A number of brands offer bead bracelets for men including inexpensive options by JAXXON, Rastaclat, and Nordstrom and expensive luxury options from Tateossian, Detroit-based Shinola, Luis Morais, and Fry Powers.
  3. Cuff bracelets for men offer a minimalist and elegant option. Cuff bracelets are traditionally crafted from one piece of gold, silver, stainless steel or another precious metal and feature an opening, rather than a clasp, that makes them easy to slide on and off. Some of the best luxury cuff bracelets can be found via Le Gramme, David Yurman, John Hardy and Movado. For more affordable cuff bracelets for men, try Miansai, LOUPN, and this gorgeous brushed-silver minimalist bracelet from Podium Chicago.
  4. Gold or silver chain and link bracelets for men are simple, understated options for the office or dressing up. Labels like Emanuele Bicocchi and sustainable jewelry brand Brilliant Earth specialize in affordable luxury gold and silver chain bracelets for men.
  5. Diamond-accented bracelets for men offer some sparkle to a guy’s wrist. Companies like Tateossian and Messika offer simple and understated men’s bracelets that include diamonds and other precious stones. Ultra-exclusive luxury designer Shay Jewelry makes “lust-worthy” pieces, including a dazzling collection of diamond bracelets for men that can cost anywhere from $12,000 to as much as $73,000.
  6. Casual rope and braided bracelets for men: On the other end of the style spectrum, fabric rope and braided bracelets are among the most casual options for men. Companies like Miansai make affordable minimalist, slim bracelets made out of thin maritime rope fastened with a silver clasp, while Rastaclat specializes in braided fabric bracelets. Luxury labels Luis Morais and Le Gramme make some of my favorite colorful rope bracelets for men.

Chart: Compare the Cheapest vs. Most Expensive Bracelets for Men

The chart below compares the cost of select men’s bracelets, which gives a very general sense of the spectrum of prices from various jewelry brands:

Asos Design Festival Beaded Bracelet$13
MVMT Key Cuff Bracelet for Men$60
Miansai Mini-Anchor Hook Rope Bracelet$75
Oliver Cabell 2mm Silver Chain Bracelet$99
Manssion Gunmetal Cable Bracelet for Men$108
Jaxxon Cuban Link Bracelet for Men (8mm)$139
David Yurman Sterling Silver Box Chain Bracelet for Men$250
Polite Worldwide Pearl Bracelet for Men$280
Jam Homemade Safety Pin Sterling Silver Bracelet for Men$395
Luis Morais Gold, Bead and Enamel Bracelet for Men$530
John Hardy Sterling Silver Rata Chain Bracelet for Men$650
Fry Powers genderless Rainbow Sterling Silver and Enamel Chain Bracelet$925
Tateossian Nodo bracelet with red and blue sapphires and sterling silver$995
Louis Vuitton Paradise Chain Bracelet for Men$1,330
Bottega Veneta Large Link Sterling Silver Bracelet$1,350
Le Gramme 9g Titanium and 18-Karat Gold Cuff Bracelet for Men$1,440
Tom Ford 18 Karate White Gold Cuff Bracelet for Men$6,990
Cartier White Gold Bracelet for Men$9,900
Tateossian Black rhodium plated silver bracelet with white diamonds$10,250
Uneek 18K Yellow and White Gold Diamond Chain Bracelet for Men$15,000
David Yurman Spiritual Beads Bracelet with Pave Diamonds $39,000
Shay Jewelry Men’s Diamond Mega-Link Bracelet$73,480
Photo credit: by John Fornander via Unsplash

The Best Men’s Bracelet Brands for Every Budget and Style

Whether you’re looking for a simple $30 rope bracelet, an understated silver cuff or a $73,000 blinged-out chunky diamond bracelet, discover the best bracelets for men for every budget and style.


Best for affordable and casual leather, rope and chain bracelets for men.

Miansai stands out for its minimalist designs and high quality materials.

Esquire gushes that Miansai has made men’s jewelry “more accessible and diverse.” Many of Miansai’s designs are unisex, and sizing starts at XS (5.75 in./14.4 cm) going up to XL (8.5 in./21.5 cm.). 

Miansai is a terrific option for layering bracelets, as they offer dozens of leather, rope, and gold and silver chains that can be combined in diverse ways.

The brand is best-known for its hook and anchor bracelets, which feature its signature stylized fish hook or anchor closures. Prices start at $55 to $75 for rope or vermeil bracelets and go up to $950 for a 14 karat gold ID bracelet.

Miansai offers a number of classic rope and Venetian gold chain bracelets, with chunkier Cuban chain bracelets in Sterling Silver and gold vermeil. 

David Yurman

Best for modern and stylish bracelets for men that can make a statement.

David Yurman combines fashion, personal statements, and even the macabre in statement jewelry for men and women. If you have been dreaming of a bracelet made entirely of small sterling silver skulls, David Yurman offers the “Memento Mori” bracelet. Yurman has leapt on the spiritual/vibrational bead trend, offering many selections of hex, vibrational, and spiritual bracelet made from a variety of semiprecious and precious stones. 

Prices range from a modest $20 for a bright orange rubber bracelet supporting the Trevor Project to $50,000 and up for Yurman’s custom and artist-created statement pieces. (David Yurman is also an excellent place to shop for men’s wedding bands online.)

Worth a look: Yurman’s spiritual bracelets with the evil eye. The evil eye bracelet design and craftsmanship is impeccable and prices range from $395 to $1,650.


Robert Tateossian founded his namesake brand in 1990 in London to offer playful, “unique, refined and meticulously crafted accessories” for men and women.

Tateossian’s unisex bracelets come in a wide variety of styles and materials including steel, gold, and carbon fiber, and adorned with everything from macramé to glass beads to diamonds.

Explore Tateossian’s selection of men’s bracelets made with beads and macramé, like an Oceana bracelet in sodalite with Roman glass beads, which cost around $200 and up.

At the upper end of the spectrum, Tateossian carries a luxury line of men’s bracelets made from materials like rhodium plated sterling silver and rose gold paired with white or black diamonds, which start at about $4,000 and can run more than $10,000.

Luis Morais

Best for unique-yet-sophisticated beaded bracelets for men that come in both colorful and gothic motifs.

A handmade luxury brand with a light and a dark side, Luis Morais bracelets hail from Miami. Designer Luis’ ethic is rock-and-roll inspired, with some unusual materials, including bracelets made from recycled vinyl records and crocodile skin.

Although primarily comprised of luxury designs, Luis Morais also offers beaded friendship bracelets at a more accessible price point of about $240.

Unique items include a solid 18-karat gold zipper bracelet for $9,580 and rose gold handcuff bracelets for $5,100. Luis Morais issues regular themed collections focused on the designer’s ethos of a combination of fun and darkness/danger.

Check out Mr. Porter for an excellent selection of Luis Morais’ beaded bracelets for men.

John Hardy

Best for exquisitely chunky genderless silver chain bracelets.

John Hardy’s jewelry for men features some of the heavier and more elaborate silver chain designs for which Bali crafters are known. John Hardy also has some unique heishi bead bracelets in several semi-precious stone colors, including deep blue lapis and 925 Sterling Silver. 

The majority of Hardy bracelets have pusher clasps, which can lend a smoother appearance and more comfortable feel to the bracelet.

Pricing starts at about $250 for simple bamboo-look silver bracelets and leather station bracelets, ranging up to $7,000 to $15,000 with precious stones and 18-karat gold. 

Fry Powers

Best for simple-yet-unique genderless bracelets made from bright stones and enamels.

Allison Fry started her jewelry journey while a student at Parsons, which led her to found Fry Powers. The New York-based Fry Powers specializes in colorful-yet-simple, genderless jewelry made from bright enamels.

The label has a well-designed selection of Pride bracelets, with wavy stackable cuffs, studded pearls, and one-of-a-kind chunky ombre rainbow chains. Fry Powers bracelets don’t look like every other bracelet: even plainer chains have edgy details that help them to stand out from the crowd. 

The brand also offers some unique beaded chains, with organic bead shapes and natural stones, including turquoise, onyx, and coral. Pricing starts at $225 for baroque pearl bracelets, up to $1,050 for heavy solid sterling silver and 14-karat gold vermeil bracelets.

While many of their pieces are made to order, you can find an excellent selection of ready-to-ship Fry Powers bracelets for men via Mr. Porter.


Best for ultra-luxury diamond bracelets for men that will definitely make a statement.

Founded by mother and daughter entrepreneurs Ladan and Tania Shayan, Southern California luxury brand Shay makes pieces inspired by international travel, runway fashion, and the laid-back So Cal lifestyle. Shay offers pave rail link bracelets that combine comfort with a smooth interlocking design reminiscent of the Victorian era. 

Men who love diamonds will enjoy Shay’s use of black diamonds in tennis links, flat chains, and rail link bracelets. Shay offers an extensive collection of luxury statement bracelets for men starting at about $3,000.

Shay’s pave diamond mega-link bracelets for me can cost $70,000 or more.


Best for affordable personalized bracelets for men.

While Myka positions itself primarily as a women’s jewelry brand, they offer over 80 styles of men’s bracelets. This brand is the place to go if you’re seeking personalized jewelry, as they offer ID bracelets, customized bead bracelets, and watch brand bracelets. 

Myka has bracelet styles which can offer up to four inscriptions, including bracelets with Sterling Silver bars that can be engraved on each side.

Whether you’re looking for a 70’s style leather bracelet with an embossed name or a black stainless steel curb chain with your name on it, Myka makes something for you.

Prices are modest, starting at $60 and going up to about $115 for custom gold beads added to leather bands.

Aurum Brothers

Best for an incredible variety of beaded bracelets for men made from ancient stones.

Made for “men who have a desire for success, ambition, strength, and motivation,” Aurum Brothers offers beaded bracelets which blend ancient designs and even poetry (from ancient Persian poet Rumi) with contemporary designs and quality. The brand’s “community wristshots” sections shows a wide range of men wearing Aurum Brothers bracelets in sports, the music world, and with family and pets.

If you want to choose unusual precious and semi-precious materials and select from designs that might have adorned the wrist of an ancient Pharaoh or warrior king, Aurum Brothers has designed something for you. Prices depend on the type of semi-precious stone or metal used and range from $91 to the mid-$600s for stacks of three beaded bracelets. Aurum Brothers offers more round beaded bracelets than other types, but you can also find unusual options like rectangular Ashlar bracelets and tube bracelets in interesting colors and textures. 

Buddha to Buddha

Best for sterling silver bracelets from Bali.

Buddha to Buddha is known for its 925 Sterling Silver bracelets made in Bali, but the Amsterdam-based brand doesn’t only offer silver bracelets. They’re a good source for rhodium-plated 925 silver bracelets that offer a long-wearing dark gray/gunmetal finish. 

Buddha to Buddha has plenty of chunky, standalone ropes and chains.

Gendered names like Ben, Edwin, and George indicate whether bracelets are made primarily for men or women. Bali silver crafters that create the brand’s bracelets produce some truly original, intricate chains. Buddha to Buddha also sells elaborately-braided leather bracelets, with a curated selection of semi-precious stone accents, including tiger eye, turquoise, and sodalite.

Prices start at $195 and range to over $3,000 for silver and 14-karat gold combinations. Buddha to Buddha’s rectangular logo is embossed on nearly every piece.

Brilliant Earth

Best for shopping for sustainable jewelry for men.

Known primarily for its wedding and engagement pieces, Brilliant Earth makes sustainable, compassionately-made, and inclusive jewelry, and its 80+ piece line of men’s jewelry fits that ethos. Each piece is transparent in sourcing: with Brilliant Earth, men can be confident they are buying ethically-sourced diamonds and sustainably-made pieces. 

Brilliant Earth offers a nice selection of men’s chain bracelets and cuffs in silver and 14-karat gold, starting at $495 up to a $2,995 engravable ID bracelet.

Polite Worldwide

Best for colorful stone and pearl bracelets for men.

If you like pearls, Polite Worldwide has sustainably-made pearl bracelets starting at $250. Polite Worldwide is an earth-conscious, sustainable luxury brand that is handcrafted in Los Angeles. In addition to white and multicolored sustainably-cultured pearls, Polite Worldwide has several options in healing gemstones. Justin Bieber is just one of the celebrities who’ve worn Polite Worldwide’s healing and vibrational jewelry. 

The brand’s vibration bracelets are unisex and feature a variety of precious and semi-precious stone beads and 14-karat gold. Polite Worldwide will customize your bracelet to your exact measurements, with prices ranging from $300 to $900 for the majority of options. 

You can also shop Polite Worldwide via Mr. Porter.

Louis Vuitton

Best for luxury bracelets with that signature LV style.

Louis Vuitton offers a wide-ranging selection of luxury bracelets for men.

LV regularly issues special collections like its Lockit x Virgil Abloh bracelets which come in several colors and benefit Unicef. The LV Lockit collection also includes silver and gold chain bracelets with the LV logo lockit medallion. LV’s volt bracelets are instantly recognizable, offered in yellow and white gold.

Other bracelet mainstays from LV include Empriente designs which feature white gold, silver, or yellow gold medallions and silk cord closures. Pricing starts at about $305 for recycled silver and cotton Lockit bracelets benefiting Unicef, up to $8,000 and above for 18-karat gold bangles.


Best for solid gold and diamond-laced bracelets for men from a famed luxury house.

Maison Cartier is fully-embracing the energy and contrasts of the 21st century in its Clash de Cartier jewelry. A large rhodiumized white gold Clash de Cartier bracelet is not for the budget consumer at $63,500. It is for the distinctive collector as its detailing, design, and materials are uniquely Cartier.

The Maison’s workmanship continues in its Indomptables collection featuring pieces inspired by four classic animals: tiger, zebra, giraffe, and crocodile. Cartier’s designs and workmanship push the envelope in what is possible in fine jewelry, with advanced materials and techniques.

Classic Cartier Love bracelets start at about $7,000, Panthere de Cartier bracelets at $8,050, and statement pieces range up to mid-five figures for diamond pave bracelets. 


Best for colorful silk bracelets for men.

There are several ways to create color in bracelets, and while most designers choose colored stones or metal, Naples-based luxury house Rubinacci chooses silk. It’s difficult to replicate the smooth feeling of silk on the skin, and Rubinacci’s choices of bracelet not only feature brilliant and coordinated colors ranging from sunset oranges and deep reds to ocean blues and crisp whites. Sets of three bracelets retail for about $190, and they can also be purchased separately.

Rubinacci’s silk cord bracelets have silver lobster closures engraved with the Rubinacci Napoli brand along with a small silver horn for luck. These bracelets are considered lucky for the wearer and are popular gifts between Napoletanos.


Best for Cuban link chain bracelets for men.

Cuban link chains have been around for decades, but they broke out of Miami in the 1970s when hip hop began and today, Jaxxon is a great option for Cuban chain bracelets in several thicknesses and colors, including black rhodium, rose gold, yellow gold, and silver.

Jaxxon is a moderately-priced brand with some options starting at $59 up to $159 for the heaviest, thickest chains. They also offer a limited selection of beaded bracelets, cuffs, and tennis bracelets for men.

Caputo and Company

Best for inexpensive casual bracelets for men.

A great choice for rustic looks and layering, Caputo and Company’s men’s bracelets come primarily in dark colors. Among many of its rustic and classic-looking men’s bracelets, Caputo & Co. has introduced its HBCU bracelet collection. The HBCU bracelets are made of vegetable dye leather and nylon waxed cord, and come in colors for different historically-Black Colleges including Morehouse, Spelman and Howard University. 

Caputo and Company has a wide selection of leather wrap bracelets along with single leather bands. Prices are moderate, starting at $39 for leather options, up to $145 for semi-precious stone bead bracelets. 


Best for affordable braided bracelets for men.

Manssion, aka “Man on a Mission,” offers premium jewelry designed for daily wear. Manssion is the place to go if you want to stack bracelets, from carbon black beads and ropes to gold cables and gold/black braided leather. Stacked bracelets in groups of three range from $98 to $105. 

You can also find natural stone beaded bracelets at Manssion, including city and location-themed bracelets combining semi-precious stones with intricate gold and silver detailing. Bracelet names give an idea of the brand’s ethos, ranging from Louis XIV (jet and gold) to Stormtrooper (mostly white, with black accents). All designed in Los Angeles, Manssion’s beaded bracelets start at $58.

Although they’re often stacked with beads and leather ropes, Manssion sells individual cable bracelets separately in silver, gold, and dark gray gunmetal, along with gold and silver cuffs, all priced at $108.


A solid choice for affordable rope and braided bracelets for men.

With a chunky, contemporary aesthetic, Los Angeles-based elegatto has over 100 choices of bracelets. The brand’s chunky bangles are embossed with the elegatto logo and are easy to layer with leather bracelets and chains, and come in gold, rose gold, and silver (all plated over stainless steel). Stavros silver and gold cuffs come pierced with a keyhole cross design, and the line’s gold or silver plated feathers show some fine detailing.

Elegatto’s braided cotton rope bracelets feature silver and gold plated stainless steel closures, making them hypoallergenic and durable. Industrial, nautical, and automotive hardware styling are hallmarks of elegatto’s moderately priced brand, which starts as low as $39 for leather or cotton rope bracelets. Elegatto offers a 10-bracelet “mystery box” for $199 for those who want to try a different bracelet or layer different bracelets every day.

The 6 Best One-Stop-Shops to Discover Men’s Bracelets

These online shopping destinations are some of the best places to discover men’s bracelets on the internet:

  1. Mr. Porter, the online fashion destination for men, has an exceptionally robust selection of men’s bracelets. While Mr. Porter is known for high-end luxury labels and expensive shoes, the retailer also carries a number of more affordable bracelet options from Miansai, Mikia, Alice Made This, Paul Smith, Polite Worldwide and Le Gramme. At a higher price point, look for luxury bracelets for men from the likes of Fry Powers, Luis Morais, Acne Studios, Gucci, Lanvin, Givenchy and Gallery Dept.
  2. Mad Lords is a Paris-based curator of “subversive” jewelry founded by Caroline and Serge Muller. Their online shop offers affordable bracelets for men from M. Cohen, Roc, and Alberto Gallinari, minimalist bracelets from brands like Woodbury, Florence Lanzmann, Nomad, Tobias Wistisen, and extravagant luxury bracelets for men from Simone, Fanny Blanchelande, Alexandra, Abramczyk, Hoorsenbuhs, Sevan Bicakci and Shamballa Jewels. Mad Lords also features a large range of gorgeous, minimalist cuff bracelets for men from their house brand Mad, Precious and Ethical.
  3. Bloomingdales has a large selection of men’s bracelets from David Yurman, John Hardy plus more from designers like Miansai, John Varvatos, and Degs & Sal.
  4. Mayors, part of the Watches of Switzerland Group, has more than a dozen physical stores in Florida and Georgia. Their luxury online boutique carries a refreshing selection of unique luxury men’s bracelets. Look for glitzy brands like Roberto Coin, Messika, Uneek, Gucci, Fope, Di Modolo, and Bvlgari.
  5. Todd Snyder is one of my favorite menswear stores on the planet and is a great place to find affordable men’s bracelets from Brooklyn-based Scosha, M. Cohen, and Miansai.
  6. Nordstrom is a great place to shop a curated selection of men’s bracelets from labels like David Yurman, John Hardy, Le Gramme, Messika, and Monica Vanader.
  7. was one of the best places on the internet to discover an absolutely incredible range of affordable and expensive bracelets for men, but the UK company closed abruptly in November 2022. The digital native retailer featured affordable men’s bracelets from brands including Miansai, AllSaints, Ted Baker, River Island, Orelia, Simon Carter, Eliou, and Rubinacci. also sold unique luxury bracelets for men from brands including John Hardy, Luis Morais, Paul Smith, Mikia, Jam Homemade, Le Gramme, Miason Margiela, Alice Made this and Alexander McQueen.

These Options for Men’s Bracelets Have Shut Down

Podium Chicago

Direct-to-Consumer Entrepreneur Chip Longenecker founded a men’s fashion startup focused on minimalist cuff bracelets and link necklaces. He told me in an interview that, “guys are evolving, and so are their accessory needs.” After founding RompHim – male rompers, now sold via Tipsy Elves – he began a quest through Podium Chicago to help men find the most confident version of themselves.

Chip told me that, “in jewelry, the options for men to shop from are pretty limited, so we wanted to offer a much higher quality option” as guys move increasingly to wearing accessories like cuff bracelets and chains. Their affordable luxury bracelets ranged from between $85 to almost $200.

Sadly, their website shut down in 2023.


Men have more choices in wrist adornment than ever before, from rustic leather stackable bands to the highest quality of exclusive materials, craft, and design. Have you thought about a Baroque pearl bracelet or stacking rhodium-plated dark chains with onyx beads?

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