Micro-Review: Are Pact’s Organic Socks Any Good?

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In this review of Pact’s socks for men, women and kids, I explore whether the Colorado-based company’s sustainable and organic cotton offerings are worth trying.

I have reviewed a lot of socks.

Over the years, I’ve worn dozens of different brands of colorful socks.

Socks are one of the ways you can bring color and personality to an otherwise staid outfit, and a little bit of fun or self-expression to office attire.

I enjoy discovering new brands and finding cool patterns and designs.

My biggest complaint about socks is their durability or, rather, their lack of durability.

Socks can wear out terribly fast.

It’s a bummer to find a pair of socks that are comfortable and look good only to have them form a hole after just a couple of washes.

About Pact, “Earth’s Favorite Clothing”

Which brings me to Pact.

Pact is a Colorado-based clothing company that partners with Fair Trade-certified factories to make t-shirts, underwear and other basics from organic cotton and other earth-friendly materials using sustainable manufacturing practices.

Self-styled as “Earth’s Favorite Clothing,” Pact was founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs Jeff Denby and Jason Kibbey. (In 2011, Revelry Brands acquired Pact Clothing. Revelry’s Brendan Synnott is currently Pact’s CEO.)

Pact has quickly become one of my family’s go-to brands for basics for men. I love their simple, comfortable, tagless cotton boxer-briefs and their 100% organic cotton t-shirts for men.

My wife likes Pact’s go-to leggings for women, which, at $35 dollars, make an extremely affordable alternative to lululemon. Pact is also a terrific sustainable clothing choice as an alternative to cheap, fast-fashion houses like SHEIN.

Given our positive prior experience with Pact’s clothing, I bought socks for myself, my wife and my kids to try out.

Reviewing Pact organic cotton socks for men, women and kids

For more than 6 months, I’ve been wearing Pact’s socks for men in my rotation.

Out of the gate, the socks were comfortable, stayed up on my leg and hit right about mid-calf, where I like them. (Knee-high socks are not for me.)

Pact’s socks are made from a fiber blend comprised of 78% Organic Cotton, 20% Nylon and 2% Elastane. (The organic cotton in Pact’s socks is certified by the “Global Organic Textile Standard” or GOTS for short.)

Pact’s socks are soft and super-comfortable. They’re also pleasantly thick but not too thick to wear with dress shoes.

Most importantly, they have proven extremely durable so far.

Pact advertises that their socks are made with “durable organic cotton yarn,” which has held up very nicely.

The men’s socks also have a slightly-thicker cushioned footbed that wraps around the foot, which provides added strength in the sole of the sock where holes are likely to appear.

Look, these socks won’t last forever, but already they have outlasted several pairs of socks from other brands.

My wife’s and kids’ socks are similarly comfortable and durable.

My biggest complaint is the limited selection. Pact only has a handful of pairs of socks available on their website, including several pairs of holiday and Christmas socks.

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