The 22 Coziest Outdoor Slippers for Men in 2024

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Discover the best outdoor slippers for men, which are perfect for transitioning from the house to the front porch and beyond.

I find myself drawn to year-round slipper options that are easy to slip on and off whether I’m walking the dog or drinking coffee in the yard. While luxurious indoor-only slippers can be great, outdoor slippers provide a dual benefit: they keep you comfortable while still allowing you to being active.

The best outdoor slippers promise versatility and long-lasting coziness, combining elevated style with value, comfort, durability, and a less utilitarian appearance.

The Short Answer: My Favorite Outdoor Slippers for Men

My Sunday Slippers by Vessi are stylish, functional and super-comfortable. Vessi’s outdoor slippers for men feature water-resistant “vegan wool” and grippy soles, making them better than most brands for dealing with the rain, plus a collapsible heel that allows you to slip them on quickly in a pinch.

For a more unstructured and truly slipper-like feel, Greys Outdoor Slippers by Huckberry are also excellent. They are easy to slip on via a heel tab, and keep my feet warm inside and out.

My pair of cozy Grey’s outdoor slippers for men sold by Huckberry.

What are Outdoor Slippers?

Outdoor slippers have design elements that allow them to be worn both inside and outside the home. Like traditional slippers, the materials are always soft and comfortable. However, outdoor slippers include other features, such as rubber soles and waterproof soles, which provide added traction, durability and weather resistance.

Temperature control is also an important part of choosing a pair of outdoor slippers. Materials should keep the feet cool during the summertime and warm during the winter months. Since the designs are intended for outdoor use, the materials must be water-resistant and non-slip.

In short, the best outdoor slippers allow you to slip them on to get out of bed and keep on while heading outdoors for simple chores.

The Best Outdoor Slippers for Men

  1. Greys Outdoor Slippers by HuckberryGreys is a private label brand of Huckberry, one of my favorite stylish menswear retailers, that focuses primarily on outdoor slippers. Greys offers a stylish range of high-top slipper boots, slip-ons and traditional slippers for men that are made with temperature-regulating wool and leather plus rubber soles that transition well from inside to out. I regularly wear my pair of Grey’s outdoor recycled slippers, and love the tab on the heel, which makes slipping them on a breeze.
  2. Vessi Sunday Slippers are ideal for those who are looking for waterproof outdoor slippers for me while making eco-conscious shopping choices. The outdoor slippers are warm and cozy due to the crafting from waterproof vegan wool that, combined with a bit of elastic around the ankle, makes them more well-suited than most for keeping your feet dry in the rain. One of my favorite features of my pair of Vessi’s Sunday Slippers is the collapsible heel, which allows you to slip them on hands-free. Vessi slippers cost around $80 to $90. Check out my review of Vessi’s waterproof shoes to see why they are one of my favorite brands for stylish casual footwear for men.
  3. Subu Indoor-Outdoor Slippers – Subu specializes in indoor/outdoor slippers for cold weather. With a down fill, slippers are comfortable, but the shoe remains protected with the inclusion of an outer fill. Lighter weight versions of Subu’s slippers are available with a mesh overlay. Rubber soles make the shoes work well for running to the mailbox or bringing the garbage to the curb. Expect to pay between $50 to $75 for any of the slippers from the Subu brand.
  4. Allbirds Wool Loungers – Allbirds is an excellent example of a sustainable fashion brand and has the distinction of creating their outdoor slippers from upcycled materials. Upcycling is an environmentally-friendly practice involving the creation of new products from materials that are no longer used or needed. The wool slippers from Allbirds come crafted from wool scraps with rubber soles. The rubber tread on the bottom keeps the slippers secure on your feet both indoors and outdoors. Slippers for men from Allbirds will cost approximately $60 to $70. For more, see why I think Allbirds is one of the best minimalist knit shoe brands around.
  5. Minnetonka has a very versatile line of outdoor slippers for men. The designs are made from flexible materials with a lightweight feel that resembles walking barefoot. For the best traction, the hardsole versions are preferred for outdoor wear. Slipper options include an extra soft sheepskin lining or a breathable fleece type. Slippers will cost from $55 to $110.
  6. Giesswein offers a range of styles of outdoor wool slippers. Men can choose from the classic slipper look or choose a sportier style like the Vent. Clogs are now available with a durable and waterproof cork sole. With wool felt inside the shoes, your feet stay warm without getting overheated. Outdoor slippers cost $80 to $120 from Giesswein, which is also a fabulous option for minimalist knit sneakers for men.
  7. Ugg Tasman Slippers – features a very lightweight rubber sole and a cushy foam footbed for improved comfort. The lining is made from 80% upcycled wool. Ugg, which is the largest label out of the Decker Brands with sales exceeding $877 million per quarter, benefits from mass-marketing and high name recognition. Tasman slippers for men cost around $100.
  8. L.L. Bean, the Freeport, Maine-based outdoor stalwart, sells a range of cozy outdoor slippers including mule-like sweater fleece scuffs, “wicked good slippers” and boots, and mountain ankle boot slippers.
  9. Magellan has the perfect pair of outdoor moccasins for men in a range of colors and styles. Men can choose between the classic style or the slip-on version for easy wear. Magellan slippers promise high value at an affordable cost with pricing from $40 to $80 for most styles.
  10. Seavees is a luxury brand of casual footwear. Shoes by the brand are crafted from sustainable materials that are proven to be long-lasting. The slides are 100% vegan and come from fleece and recycled plastics. The natural rubber sole has good traction and durability for indoor and outdoor use. For each purchase of Seavees, the company donates to kelp forest regeneration efforts. The premium slippers from Seavees will cost $50 to $65.
  11. Walk on Air Slippers come from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and are available in either brown or black. The outsoles and insoles of the slippers are injected with air bubbles to produce a “walking on air” sensation. The Walk on Air footbeds are made from polyurethane and designed to mold to the feet. Non-skid soles make shoes safe to wear outdoors. On average, the cost of the Walk on Air slippers is between $90 and $100.
  12. Timberland is most often associated with work boots, but the company carries a line of outdoor slippers for men too. Timberland retails a moccasin-style slipper made from high-quality leather. With a cushioned footbed, the slippers can be worn for comfort all day long. The rubber outsole provides good support while on the go. The cost of the slippers range from $60 to $80.
  13. Olukai produces Hawaiian-themed shoes for both men and women, including a line of leather outdoor slippers. The Moloa slipper from the brand comes in a range of brown and black leather with a shearling lining. The drop-in heel design allows for the slippers to come on and off your feet in seconds. A gel insert is included to offer good arch support. The slippers from Olukai are one of the few with a removable footbed for easy washing. The average range for the Olukai slippers for men is $120 to $130.
  14. Mahabis – Making exclusively luxury slippers, Mahabis is home to a large collection of design options. Both the Classic and Breathable lines are constructed from lightweight materials and perfect for the summer months. With a heel cradle feature, slippers are designed to never fall off your feet. Quilted versions work best for those looking for a winter outdoor slipper option. Pricing starts at $80 with high-end options costing around $125.
  15. Acorn Slippers have a reputation for being one of the most comfortable options on the market. The company was first known for their slipper socks, before expanding their catalog to include indoor and outdoor slippers. Wool slippers and moccasin slippers are top sellers for the winter, while the cotton styles are waterproof and lightweight for warm weather. Prices for Acorn slippers average between $50 and $100.
  16. Romika designed their slippers to feel comfortable enough for a relaxing day at home while also durable enough to tackle any outdoor work. Men’s styles have a Nubeck leather upper design and cotton insoles. The arch molding feature allows for the slippers to conform to your foot. The cost of Romika slippers will average $70 to $140.
  17. Telluride Clothing Company is an outdoor apparel retailer that offers a line of shoes and slippers for both men and women. A moccasin style for men is popular, made from buttery suede and no-slip rubber soles. Expect to spend between $50 and $100 for any of the outdoor slippers from Telluride.
  18. Vionic slippers come in two main style types for men: moccasin and mule. The mule has a more traditional backless look, but has a durable rubber sole for indoor and outdoor use. The upper is crafted from suede and comes in a range of colors. The moccasin style is called the Adler and has a design that allows for wear inside and outside the home. Color options include brown and black with a rubber sole and faux-shearling lining. Costs for the slippers from Vionic are $100 to $110.
  19. Zigzagger (via Amazon) is a shoe retailer with a storefront on Amazon. The company is known for creating extremely affordable, comfortable and durable slippers at an affordable price point. Men’s styles include moccasins with low-back and pull-on designs. Wool slippers are also available and will work well for winter walks out to the mailbox.
  20. Sorel Slippers for men are ideal for cold weather climates. Linings are created from wool or faux fur and feature uppers made from suede or leather. Their footbeds are removable with cushioned support. Rubber outsoles provide great traction, even in poor weather conditions. Outdoor slippers cost around $70 to $85.
  21. Cotswold – The UK shoe retailer produces comfortable slippers that can be worn all day indoors or kept on for errands outside. Loafer and moccasin designs are offered along with traditional slides. Lightweight lining styles are perfect for the summer or choose a wool lining for colder days. Cotswold slipper pricing falls between $35 and $75.
  22. Haflinger is a German-based shoe retailer and the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in the country. Along with classic wool slippers for men, the company has also started to offer leather options. Soles are made from rubber, but are kept lightweight for comfort. Slip-on styles are the most popular option. Depending on the style, you’ll spend between $70 and $140 on outdoor slippers from Haflinger.

What Is Your Favorite Pair of Outdoor Slippers for Men?

Have you tried any of the outdoor slipper brands featured? What are your favorites? Cozy and versatile footwear is on trend right now with many more brands releasing combination indoor/outdoor slippers.

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