Luxury Neckties: These 20 Expensive Tie Brands Will Lend Interest to Your Outfits in 2024

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If you are looking to stand out, discover 20 luxury brands selling the very best expensive neckties to lend interest to your outfit.

Luxury neckties versus affordable ties

Men’s ties provide an important final touch for a suit. A man’s necktie is one of the very few places to convey some individuality.

While there are plenty of stylish menswear companies like Tie Bar and Charles Tyrwhitt that offer some of the best affordable neckties, if you can swing it, the luxury brands below provide some of the absolute best quality on the planet backed by houses like Ferragamo and Zegna.

Chart: How Much Luxury Neckties Cost

Before diving into individual brands, here is a quick comparison of the most expensive neckties from luxury labels.

Luxury Tie BrandCost
Drakes Handmade Ties $165-$225
Ermenegildo Zegna Ties (via Nordstrom)$195-$395
Salvatore Ferragamo Ties$174-$198
Turnbull and Asser Neckties (seen on James Bond!)$195-$480
Emporio Armani Ties$95-$175
Paul Smith Neckties$125-$155
Eton Ties$155-$195
Giorgio Armani Ties$195-$325
Sebastian Cruz Couture Neckties$195-$225
Gucci Ties (via Mr. Porter)$220
Rubinacci Neckties (via Mr. Porter)$230
Tom Ford Neckties (via Nieman Marcus)$226-$270
Charvet Ties (via Saks Fifth Avenue)$250
Thom Browne slim ties$170-$390
Hermes Ties$205-$320
Kiton Seven Fold Ties (via Saks Fifth Avenue)$295-$355
Louis Vuitton Monogram and Daimier Neckties$220-$455
Brioni Silk Ties (via Bergdorf Goodman)$280-450
Title of Work Neckties and Bowties (handmade in NYC)$175-$1,500

Where to Buy Luxury Neckties

Price doesn’t tell the whole story. Here is a deeper dive into the best places to buy (expensive) luxury neckties, and what differentiates one brand from another. (If you’re looking to score even more affordable luxury neckties, check out Modern Fellows’ guide to buying pre-loved and secondhand clothing from luxury resellers.)


Drakes is one of my favorite options for luxury neckties for men.

I love the sheer variety of Drake’s luxury ties, which run the gamut from quirky patterned ties, traditional striped ties, simple plain neckwear and occasionally-bold jumbo dot ties to square-tipped knitted ties and luxurious grenadine, cashmere, Shantung and Tussah neckties.

While the luxury brand doesn’t command the same lengthy history of the bespoke tailoring houses around the corner on Savile Row, Drake’s has a well-deserved reputation for quality and originality.

Michael Drake founded the company in 1977, which produces its handmade ties in London’s East End. I love popping into Drake’s shop on Clifford Street when I’m in London to look at their gorgeous neckties.

Michael Hill, who now leads Drake’s Creative Director, suggests that “we make things that people can and will want to wear, for years and years to come.”

What is the width of Drake’s ties?

Drake’s standard tie width is 8 cm or approximately 3.15 inches, though they have also made slimmer ties.

How much do Drake’s ties cost?

At a range of $165-$225, Drake’s luxury ties are expensive, but not as costly as other high-end brands on this list.

Where to buy Drakes ties

Purchase Drake’s neckties:


With roots dating back to 1956, luxury fashion label Kiton was co-founded by Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola. The Italy-based luxury brand advertises that its expensive neckties are “forms of origami,” produced in Naples using the seven folds technique with a history in Neapolitan tailoring. I adore the bright colors that often characterize Kiton’s neckties.

How much do Kiton neckties cost?

Kiton neckties generally cost around $300, though may be found at a discount from retailers including Farfetch.

How wide are Kiton ties?

At 3.4 inches to 3.5 inches in width, Kiton’s neckties tend to be fairly wide.

Where to buy Kiton neckties

Shop Kiton neckties at:

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo founded his eponymous company in 1927. The Italian house has evolved to produce a wide array of luxury goods for men and women.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s neckties tend to stand out for their bright colors and novelty designs. (Writing this article, there are ties on the Ferragamo website adorned with seal, turtle, soccer, puppies, teddy bears, golf clubs, elephants and whales.)

Yet it’s not all farm animals and sports equipment. One of my favorite ties of all time is a plain navy blue woven tie, about 2.75 inches long, which I scored from the sale rack at Bloomingdales when I was in grad school.

It has a bit of texture and just cinches up right every time, with one dimple exactly where it should be, which, to me, is a sign of a well-designed, properly-lined necktie.

How much do Salvatore Ferragamo neckties cost?

As of this writing, all of the luxury ties on the Salvatore Ferragamo website cost $190. I’ve found Salvatore Ferragamo ties on a variety of other websites for anywhere from $174 to $198 retail, and for as low as $95 on sale at sites including Farfetch, Bloomingdales, and Off Saks.

What is the width of Salvatore Ferragamo ties?

Salvatore Ferragamo neckties are generally 3 inches or 3.25 inches wide, though I have found slimmer Ferragamo neckties of approximately 2.75 inches in the past.

Where to buy Salvatore Ferragamo neckties

You can find a range of Salvatore Ferragamo ties at:

Tom Ford

Fashion designer Tom Ford cut his teeth as the creative director of both Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, where he is credited with reviving the fortunes of the Italian luxury house, before launching his own highly-regarded menswear line in 2005.

Ford makes a variety of traditional neckties, square-tipped knitted ties and pre-tied bow ties. Unlike Ferragamo and Kiton, Ford tends towards more muted colors and patterns. Tom Ford is also a fantastic place to find luxury designer slippers for men, some of the most expensive shoes for men around, and ultra-stylish sunglasses for men.

How much do Tom Ford ties cost?

Tom Ford neckties and bowties tend to cost $226-$270

What is the width of Tom Ford ties?

Tom Ford’s neckties vary in width and can be anywhere from about 2.75 inches to 3 inches to more than 3.5 inches depending on the style.

Where to buy Tom Ford ties

Ermenegildo Zegna

Founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna in Northern Italy, Zegna is one of the most recognizable names in luxury fashion for men.

Zegna produces a wide variety of expensive luxury neckties that run the gamut from tight and subtle designs to intricate paisley to bold patterns that stand out.

How much do Ermenegildo Zegna ties cost?

Zegna ties tend to cost between $195-$395, though you can find discounted Zegna ties via sites like Nordstrom Rack and Saks Fifth Avenue.

How wide are Zegna ties?

The blade width of Zenga ties tends to be 8 cm or approximately 3.15 inches.

Where to buy Zegna Ties

Louis Vuitton

Established in 1854, the Iconic French luxury brand Louis Vuitton is recognizable worldwide as a sign of luxury and aspiration and is best known for its bags and leather goods emblazoned with the LV monogram or Louis Vuitton Damier (checkerboard).

Louis Vuitton also makes a small range of neckties and pocket squares for men, many of which also feature the LV monogram or Daimier checkerboard. (Many of Louis Vuitton’s neckties which incorporate the LV monogram do so subtly.)

How much do Louis Vuitton ties cost?

Most Louis Vuitton neckties cost $220 via the luxury brand’s website. Several of its ties cost more, including a $455 Daimier necktie that features a slight gold sheen thanks to 24-carat gold thread incorporated into the weave of the tie’s fabric.

What is the width of Louis Vuitton ties?

Louis Vuitton tends to make slim neckties. Their tie blades tend to be approximately 2.4 inches, 2.8 inches, or 3.1 inches (or 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm) wide.

Where to buy Louis Vuitton ties

Head to the Louis Vuitton website to purchase their neckties.

You can also explore secondhand Louis Vuitton ties via luxury resale sites including Grailed and Poshmark.

Paul Smith

“A pillar of the London design scene,” Paul Smith is known for featuring bright colors as well as for his signature stripes that adorn everything from socks to neckties.

(I have long-adored Paul Smith’s cufflinks. I wore a pair of black, grey and white striped Paul Smith cufflinks for my wedding.)

How much do Paul Smith ties cost?

Paul Smith ties retail for $150 via Paul Smith’s website, but can be found for under $60 via discounters like Saks Off 5th and potentially less via vintage stores.

What is the width of Paul Smith ties?

Paul Smith makes ties in a variety of widths. Their “classic width” ties are 8cm or 3.1 inches wide. Their narrow width ties are 6cm or 2.4 inches wide.

Paul Smith Coupon Codes

Visit Paul Smith’s website to get 10% off when you sign up for emails.

Where to buy Paul Smith ties

Look for Paul Smith neckties at:

Title of Work

Title of Work is a relatively recent entrant into the world of luxury neckwear.

Founded in 2011 by Jonathan Meizler, Title of Work creates entirely unique bowties and neckties.

Title of Work’s ties are handmade in New York City and feature exquisite detailing, occasionally including embroidery or semi-precious stones or chains, which are integrated into the material.

Meizler told Elva Ramirez of the Wall Street Journal that,

the tie is the one area where the man can be more experimental. You have your jacket, you have your pants, whereas women can really go off creatively. These art pieces are like architectural jewelry made for the guy who will push the envelope a little bit.

Emerging Talent: Title of Work Jazzes Up the Classic Tie

How much do Title of Work ties cost?

Title of Work neckties and bowties cost between $175 and a whopping $1,500.

Title of Work Coupon Codes

Enter coupon code TOWOM to get 15% off your first purchase from Title of Work.

Where to buy Title of Work ties

In addition to purchasing from its website, you can buy Title of Work’s (expensive) luxury neckties via:

Thom Browne

Thom Browne pushes the envelope of fashion for men and women. Best known for his cropped men’s suits, which feature shorter sleeves and jacket and trouser lengths, his designs skew towards a younger, hipper demographic than many other luxury brands.

While he first made his mark in menswear, departing Club Monaco to start his own brand and landing a high-profile partnership with Brooks Brothers, his womenswear line received a huge boost when First Lady Michelle Obama commissioned a custom dress for President Obama’s second inauguration.

Business of Fashion observes that Browne’s “stunted male silhouette and his otherworldly creations for women have placed him at the vanguard of New York’s fashion scene.” Thom Browne’s neckties are similarly fashion-forward, and skinnier than most other luxury brands on this list.

How much do Thom Browne neckties cost?

Thom Browne’s ties cost between $170-$390 at the Thom Browne website, and can occasionally be found on sale via e-commerce platforms like Ssense and Fwrd.

What is the width of Thom Brown ties?

Thom Browne ties tend to be skinny with a width of approximately 2 inches or 5 cm.

Where to buy Thom Browne ties

Photo courtesy Sebastian Cruz Couture

Sebastian Cruz Couture

With a philosophy of “The conservative follow, the bold lead,” Sebastian Cruz Couture is out to make a statement.

Cesar and Natasha Cruz founded the fledgling luxury fashion house in 2013 in Parkland, Florida with an initial collection of pocket squares. Since then, Sebastian Cruz Couture has branched out to design handmade dinner jackets, wedding jackets, shoes, pocket squares, and some extremely bold neckties.

They have outfitted a number of celebrities including Russell Wilson, Marcus Scribner (of Black-ish and the Netflix She-Ra and the Princess of Power reboot fame), Mr. Robot star Rami Malek, and Randy Jackson.

How much do Sebastian Cruz Couture ties cost?

Sebastian Cruz Couture ties cost between $195-$225.

What is the width of Sebastian Cruz Couture ties?

Sebastian Cruz Couture‘s luxury ties are a daring 4 inches wide, which is about at least an inch wider than most ties these days.

Where to buy Sebastian Cruz Couture Ties

Purchase Sebastian Cruz Couture ties directly from the company’s website.

Who makes the most expensive ties on the market?

New York-based luxury fashion brand Title of Work makes some of the most expensive neckties and bowties with prices as high as $1,500. Other luxury labels including Hermes, Kiton and Ermenegildo Zegna make ties which can cost $300 or more.

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